Why Men Must Rule AND Restore Western Society


If I say 'I love your Irish linen, and your wonderful Irish manners' this is acceptable.

Many times though I've also heard "I hate your filthy Irish ways and your scandalous Irish bigotry"-etcetera, or things like it. This is just for example.

Both contain a race mention. Only one might be thought 'hate speech' or racist.

Extract the race word: Irish, and all you have left is two different statements; one negative, one positive.


So , so called 'racist' speech is just feelings we do not like.

The laws and the costly state apparatus should not waste its time on policing feelings.

This is the high cost of feminist government.

Masculist government would cut out costly 'feelings legislation' and lower taxes for every one.

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What we fear is the lynch mob that backs up hate speech. The speech itself is fairly harmless; merely plosive actions in the ear- non-deafening.

It is what it leads to.

There was a skin head demo here; white pride like gay pride or black pride.

An anti-racist mob descended in larger numbers and smashed it up; blooding several skinheads. One skinhead cried amazed, 'you hit her, she's a woman' Thus establishing some real moral value.

Who that day was the lynch mob?

Who that day were the bigots: how assume they that white pride is racist but not black or gay pride marches.

Who that day were the violent ones?

Who that day were the anti whites and racists?

Who that day were the fanatics.


Racism itself is racist, as a concept; if it is only what white people do.

Racism is what everybody does.

Racism is what happens when an entire race or colour of a people is totally characterised in the negative; it is only dangerous when further DEADLY action is is empowered in the context of the lynch mob.


That day it was the violent lynch mob who were racist.

( And sexist too, to literally boot a female skinhead)


It is this far far more than feminists claim for their 'sacrifice' .

When men struggle there is actual death and blood on the ground.

Men's claim to leadership is based on reality.

Not figures of speech.



Au contrare: men more sacrifice life more per year, up to a thousand times more.

Dirty demography comes into play here as women's birth deaths now include all death up to 43 days later: they are still low. But mens much higher are camouflage, disguised and Suppressed.  Feminist jeering; like 'thinking-Oh, It's our turn now' is criminal when thousands of thousands of men's lives are put at risk. As now only men's deaths actually AT the PLACE of accident are counted! (most men now die in hospital-at home, in the ambulance, on the operating table or in bed many weeks later)... yet counting very serious injury deriving from such injury also- as in leading to a kind of death; social, economic, financial and personal - that is worse than death; maimings, cripplings and the like - more like approaching ten thousand times greater than the female gender.


Feminists so called suffered more than men? By children; the delight of any woman's life? Giving joy and INCREASED life in the process. A powerful motivation to keep on living.

Meanwhile under feminist political matriarchy boys commit suicide in great numbers. As female teachers obliterate their lives and mark them down unfairly. So where is the EQUALITY again?

Rephrasing: Feminism claimed 'suffered' more and 'died in childbirth in great numbers.' or at least said the numbers were great. Or implied it; strongly. For there was a contradiction built in. As if having many children as 'prospect' were to kill them by that fact alone; well before they had the last few of them... so how did they have those last ones again if they were dead before that?

It doesn't make sense.


Biology 101: The discovery of the heterosexual male masculine men's gene.2013


Rousing men's consciousness to further the full independent empowerment of the male gender.

Masculism is the masculine version of politically aware gender consciousness.

Power to us as male gender people with rights: we too hold up half the sky.



How women stalk men and harass them based on unreturned 'feelings' that women have and do not take responsibility for.

We need a refuge for men away from the matriarchy.

As female perpetrators lie about men and make false accusations having no foundation in facts.

Men are not to be tyrannised by whimsical female fantasies.

Weaponised politics- armed by biased courts must stop.

Men join my mens group.



How the courts oppress men.

How this oppression and suppression forms a matriarchal matrix- a state apparatus for the subjugation and intimidation of the entire masculine gender.

Nevertheless- men are beginning to wake up to this,

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for more male orientated ideas.


William McGregor But it shouldn't be anti-women.

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Phillip John O'Sullivan

Phillip John O'Sullivan It is not. However it is against extremely bigoted, biased, discriminatory and prejudiced views of men, men's rights, men's human rights, men's gender rights, customary rights, historical rights and other lies abrogating our undeniable freedoms in law and policy put about by unthinking fanatics .

We do not want them back, we want them new and refreshed- for feminism as the dark shadow of men's understanding of themselves has helped us by such contrast to possibly redefine and define them for us for the very first time under testing conditions in a much more intellectual and theoretically tougher way.





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