Feminism seems to have all the answers in our world. What is in it for men though? Better relations with women? What would an answering call from men be? Men's answer to feminism? Masculism? Menism? Or is feminism more competition for scarce jobs? Or is it some real transformation needed in society to be more equal between men and women? Is there some reason men might develop a unique voice too-for their gender? Are we allowed to speak? If women have feminism to speak for their gender politically, what do men have that is equal to it? Especially something that is politically equal to women's collective voice in feminism? Would that equal voicing be something called masculism, or the more awkward to pronounce; masculinism?

There are other names for us too, on twitter-like manism, or manist.The manosphere is another important concept gaining currency online. Perhaps something is up for men. Something long overdue. It is about time.

What if it weren’t equal for men? Now that is a scary thought. What if courts were being unfair to men? Because of feminism? Are there any down side aspects in feminism-or is it all just so OK we need never question it? Consider the old feminist chant ‘women’s work’ being 'never done'; what is that about? And is it true? I too thought it was something real. Something that women had thought about. Something women truly did know all about it. Something women had thoroughly examined and scrutinized, including all possible objections; were they not famous for empathy. Fair enough. Saves us work; they have thought those great feeling things all out for us. On our behalf. Good. Great idea.

Maybe men should do more housework; you know, help their wives and girlfriends. That is what I thought for a long time. Until I noticed how tired the men looked.

And men dying younger. Did you know American men lived just one year less than women in 1920; but have shorter lives now-after all this is a feminist age-by up to seven years less on average. If it were better for men it should be longer, right?

Something is wrong. Then you hear about almost all men losing their children in divorce cases. Have women no feelings? Imagine being that man; or, that man being you. It sort of hurts real bad just to think of it. Saying, 'Pity the poor man', just does not really cut it does it? Not much comfort to him. He has to pay for them in both taxes and direct court ordered payments; yet may never see them again. They could grow up hating or resenting him. mNo wonder so many men give up. Then I examined closely what women meant by the ‘shitwork’ that they alone did. Every time they mean the toilet or lavatory; exclusively inside the house! Is that it? That all? Inside the house? Only inside the house? What about the unpaid work done outside the house, in the yard, in the garden, in the garage? That men do? Nope. That was invisible! Whaaa? You mean feminism raves on about women’s work never done and they do not even see the work men do at the home but – outside? Yep. That is one of the first ‘issues’ stay at home feminists got themselves in a lather about. Circa 1972. Mind you. Though they still see things that way today.

It means poor tired men who die younger than they, who lose all in divorce cases, still think women are wonderful and kind to them by allowing us to do their work in the kitchen and carrying heavy loads inside the house. Tidying up, vacuuming, hoovering, washing clothes, dishes, looking after the children (as a 'reward') and so on as well as doing the work outside; like cleaning the pool, doing the lawn, digging gardens, fixing drains and plumbing, pruning trees, painting the house, fixing toys, constructing things, maintaining the car, van, boat, caravan, pickup, or mowing grass, trimming hedges, painting and repairing the roof. And so on; including some seriously dangerous tasks like electrical work, work under the house, high up in the attic, down ditches, up a ladder. ‘O, do come on guys, help us move this heavy couch’-you can break your back doing that. ‘Please rescue Kitty caught up the tree’-or break your neck doing so. All this is just hobby work, stuff ‘we like to do’-so it does not count. And we hold down a full time job also probably. Men thus commonly do one job plus half the work at home but outside in the dry heat, rain and slush, ice and snow. Plus nowadays half her work. That makes 1.75 jobs to her 1.25 jobs if she is working also at outside paid employment. One point seven five minus one point two five means men are working half a whole unpaid job MORE than their wives. No wonder men die early. Men are invisible slaves under feminism. Such is the price of feminism; it is killing men early. ‘O, do come on honey, and fetch that thing from the high shelf’. I’ve got the children, now just you go break your neck. There is a good guy. A new age guy. Transformed. Into grave fodder. Pass me that life insurance form please honey.

Where are the men today? Accessories to women’s lives. Getting the raw deal.

Support men as MEN. We can outdo feminism first by reframing its effect on our own minds. Read mentally attuned masculist orientated writings such as this book that performs that inner man building function best. Rather than workouts at the gym-its all in the mind right? Change your male outlook from the dependency upon women’s views to that view that includes the male ideas point of view from men themselves. At first-surrounded as we are by feminist thinking –even men thinking women’s thoughts after them-it may seem odd, even as the writing is ‘limited’, shall we say, that’s because there is so much to tackle and so few men on board yet to help out willingly. More money can be made selling the feminist view entirely; even by the quisling types selling out the men folk. The world is cruel though ,eh.

Time to begin then; get stuck in. To exercising things mentally from the male side of the fence. Fair enough, just try men’s thinking, only for a trial period-see if it suits; if not back you go to the skirt way of thinking; fair enough a deal. Let’s go! This book is a GREAT start to that.

There are way deeper issues than housework to consider.







Men's Liberation in Triumphant Freedom.

In respect of men, for men, by men and between men.

What to expect from this book.

A new benign Masculist freedom and authority for men, women, culture, peoples and families, including nations, in dignity and truth, can be established from these pages. How the economic argument completely defeats all feminist thought. How Feminism destroys itself when caught using outright lies manufactured blatantly to pursue destructive aims. How feminism causes unhappiness to most women, almost all men without any real overall gain. And how it also destroys western economies by putting massive pressure on society, increasing state tyranny, closing financial options, increasing punitive taxes, forcing business out of markets, lowering immigration barriers, driving down wages and increasing housing and living costs. Masculist men ought to have answers for these questions.

Men do not read women’s magazines generally, nor do they read women’s books, women’s websites, blogs or watch women’s feminist videos or attend women’s workshops, retreats or seminars. That is why it has taken men so long to critically examine the ideas, ideology and the political, social and philosophical attitudes of feminism toward men; we thought it was all about women for women, by women; but it is not-it is by a special subset of women; mostly Marxist, Zionist and heavily influenced by the Frankfurt school of social science and population engineering.

Mostly today, this is American (thus reflecting the cultural and social 'affordabilities' of such a wealthy society but probably a complete economic distortion of affairs in any other) How that elite small subset of radical lesbians want women worldwide to think about being female, even if that society



"We may take it as the rule," Comrade Stalin says, "that as long as the Bolsheviks maintain connection with the broad masses of the people they will be invincible. And, on the contrary, as soon as the Bolsheviks sever themselves from the masses and lose their connection with them, as soon as they become covered with bureaucratic rust, they will lose all their strength and become a mere cipher."

The above is what has now happened to the LGBT Mafia and the Feminist Movement- it has become covered in bueaucratic rust and thus, unmourned, like all other specious fashions that sweep over us, is now going down in the death of its own miserable dust.


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