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 This should really read "difficult" writing and unpopular texts. For this is exactly the problem of advancing a masculist view of men in a matriarchal and overly feminist world.

if you have general books of poetry or narrative to write such as novels and poems and lyrics and songs or short stories there should be no problem. If it were general commentary or general non-fiction on science or technology politics or current affairs around us all so there would have been no problem whatsoever. You could just publish anything you liked anywhere you wanted to.

But with masculist writing it is often taken to be very unpopular and objected to by usually female editors who act as gatekeepers in places such as Amazon Kindle and other places like that. To get past the gatekeeping aspect you would have to write in a very distancing academic and scholarly fashion to appeal to the upper elites in New York or some such place. However if your object is to reach a wide public with politically touchy subjects it is very hard to neutralise the language. So that it passes by their censorious eyes. It is not that they are a rabid feminists ranting and raving like glassy eyed fanatics. It is just that they are women I assume who have imbibed the result of 50 years of feminism as if it was perfectly normal fare and not to be questioned. So don't take it personally.The dream of top seller status on Kindle can still be yours it just has to be approached from a different angle.


There are other ways to publish books, e-books, PDFs, EPUB's and so on other than Amazon Kindle.
It has taken me a long time to find this out – and I bashed on with this for quite a long time before I woke up.

Of course, why I took so long was that basically at the tender age of 64 it was the anger about the lies that I first learned about from Dr Warren Farrell book "the myth of male power" when I was lost academically in my essays writing in reply to a mature students at Massey Universityand being force-fed such incredibly dogmatic and doctrinaire stuff that I felt intuitively could not be right. And I had to dig back into myself to see why. Before that writing essays for university never left me with the feeling that up that I would like to write. But in addressing the theoretical imposition of pretty gross feminist understandings and resisting them I felt I had to write more and read more in order to understand what this damned feminism was all about.I was appaled by the absolute hatred for men it poured out of feminist texts. This had to be intelonI will all are highlectual criminality of the highest order. It was obviously wrong. Why was this happening?


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do not rely on these for sales and distribution – who is looking there for masculist books? 



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