the Roman presents.

One day a room flotilla appeared of the island coast. Arrow Kyle island appeared to be under attack. The Roman fleet grounded itself at low tide on the very flat beach. A score of men heavily armed trudged over the wet sand. Phew from the village appeared out there on the wet sand is.


The armed men went as far as a small hillock. This was a sand hill in the midst the dunes. Rising slightly and fairly compact it barely stood above the dunes. On the slight rise the Romans stood and put their standard. A few of their men turned about with a large pole and attached various flags to it. Signalling to the Roman galleys out on the water becalmed and run aground waiting for the tide.


And shortly after more mean emerged from the galleys: plainly soldiers and centurions. Also fully armed with spears and swords and standards and armour. At their head Was a centurions. At this point he was in charge of just 50 men.


Gradually he approached the mean on the hillock. The Centurian Agrippa began barking commands. Some of the soldiers were to immediately go further into the dunes and beyond into the island interior. They were heading for the village. The Danish settlement. They were about to move the Vikings on. This was Imperial Friesian territory was to declare the new governor of Rome and freeze your. Thus he was claiming all of the islands for himself. Despite that Danish Vikings and their settlements having been there for many generations previously.


The Danish Vikings were not very happy at this.


What was to be their response?


How would they react?


What of the activities would cease and how soon?


Should they continue fishing in the meantime?


Would they be able to gather would and fashion buildings and build long ships in this colony of theirs?


The Romans to take it all? Just like a thief? Stealing all the good work?


What should they do about it?


Should they resist