Jutland Denmark


Danes responses-wary acceptance removal of wealth.


Outward calm


Tobogganing, skates, Ships turning on a dime, ice skating, skis, competitions games al la Bruegel etc


Are yachting races, board games lovemaking rare visit of an ice flow along the coast of Jutland he goes out in the dinghy with his girl and another dinghy in tow with a bundle of straw and he sets up the skiff sale you're and this dealt steak he ties up with a rope the skiff dinghy to the ice flow and spends the night out there by the light of the candle and in the morning the account by the village as man and wife like the taking of Gabriel by David.


The fun side of Viking life Danish Norse Scandinavian highly fulfilled lifestyle just like today.


Are there machinery alternative technology gently introduced in this long – preamble setting the scene and setting the are parameters of in the speech through I Telix the names of characters a gentle introduction to the beliefs but not very deep, like easy believers, easy field is fuelled

are fast food Christianity fast food Norse religion

Methods of navigation, lodestone, shadow stick sun orietation alphabet Runes why downstrokes, thin slats of wood for text; beliefs, social organization etc.

Scholars, seers, rotating kings without force of arms contests and sports etc,

Reflections on our own culture,



our love






our launch Jewry laws and legal system and governance

 Muni Solomon

ten commands


politics and kingship who are the leaders the concept of thing and all thing


Are the food


The the beer and the wine and the drinks the fishing and ironmongery

the industry and the agriculture

the manners and behaviour of the people

and this speech and the very various characters in various incidents small scale very small scale suit that you like them and get to know them are.


Accomodations Trade trips