The parties are men were assigned. The road crew was much larger and included such men as Henry, John, Hasselblad, Nokia, and Larson senior. This last man, though older, was very strong and fit, and he was very large as well. Not fat but full of muscle. He would do well in the work. Peterson was appointed overseer but really they looked to this last man, Larson senior as if he were the boss. For he knew what to do. A very capable man.




(Account of how they fetch the wood – dressed timber on site – and drag it to the construction place – and what it is they construct and how they do it with pigs and nails and twine and rope and linen and flax and oil and wax and see which is staining is from the Marsh various such things – creosote? Or something like it)


They sent a man out along with some of his friends to scout out suitable trees. They went looking among the corpses in the small stands of trees just south of the wetlands and the swampy areas of the islands coast. There island was called AkoIsle. Some brief but high promontories rose not far from the southern end of the swamp wetlands. On the other side far from the village of the Promontory there was a thick rich stand of suitable trees. Skirting the stand were some fairly gnarled twisted and contorted trees. These warped bushes were blown about by the wind and twisted into shape. They were not suitable for straight runs of timber needed in the tower. So the men avoided those. And some two in the midst of the stand also suffered in this way from gaps in the foliage as protection from the wind. These other occasional but not so seldom ones also had to be avoided for straight runs of construction timbers.


Sometimes some twists of trees if they twisted exactly in the right way was suitable to be built into keel is as prows suitably cut for sculptural work and decoration at the fore and aft of the long ships. These types of timbers they were not looking for today. They may spend several days scouting out the best trees in the best timbers in the best long runs. And even short runs of straight timbers and lumber was suitable for the construction and the bracing they had in mind. The tower indeed was going to be the wonder of their little island. There colony would now have a new landmark. They were proud of what they were about to build on their Dane Land AkoIsle.


A few of the boys went along with the men. They especially attached themselves to the younger men who were more tolerant of the wayward behaviours. One or two went close enough along with the older men. They were intent on catching some of the longer lasting wisdom and teachings that came in a very understated way from the old Norse builders. They would give out small clues. They would say – the kind where looking for generally grows in the hollows. And things like – you will find these also on the shady side of the hills. Why you would ask? And they would murmur after a few minutes – these ones are straining for the sun on the other side of the hill. – They don't grow straight up or perpendicular to the horizon. – They follow the slope of the hill – per straight to the sun right enough. And once you account for the lean they are very straight timbers. But they're very hard to pick standing down here on the ground you have to climb up a ways and go along the slope. Then you can spot them, they said.

This was the wisdom some of the boys were looking for and which rune was among those boys. He was a different kind of lad there were few like him. And those few were his companions he had two best friends. Their names were a and B. One was a man of few words but very handy. Especially in turning mulberry bushes which were very rarely grown locally into usable paper. Mostly he he beat them and beat them and beat them again until the fibres of the wood mashed together in stiff sheets drying in the sun. This mulberry paper was very valuable. Once you found a bush to beat it out of. Sometimes you could find a whole tree of it. A rich stash for the parchment dealers shelves.



This burgeoning this life. That was their idea. To welcome the burgeoning. Burgeoning fourth was there cry. And many of his soul's son freely of the happiness of the full belly and the fall were combining together in the riches of the earth. From this they were much engaged in trade. They became known as a very busy people, busy in their work on the land, busy at their work on the sea and in trade. There was nothing now to hold them back. They could not leave the world alone. They loved it so. The wealth of the world was the wealth of their land. Trade became a watchword. And the lighthouse watchtower became the light that shone forth over the world. Their world welcoming ships and signalling a safe harbour. Signalling a welcome arrival.