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9,600 words.


 Ragnarok Glissade II

 by Haavi Ostri


Once Upon a Time Ancestor Tales Poems Songs and stories.Such were the matters her cultures children were brought up on. Children! Ah, such too is lifeBCE 25 to BCE 5 or so…


Island off coast


Setting Characters







25 BCE to 3AD DANES & Romans



The Year 3 AD

AD3 to AD 12….

AD10 to AD25 or so….

AD 20 to


The Viking age overlapped the Roman age by several centuries. We hear of the people of the two-prowed ships (the two horned helmets are an urban myth having no existence in the world of Viking archaeology)- from the writings of Tacitus. He reflects on the year AD3 on a report from one of the Roman Galleys exploring Jutland that year. Jutland being the North Sea coast of Western Denmark. It is to be the land of Hamlet, both he and Erik the Red.

The Roman crew sighted these most typical of Danish vessels; hove to and out of range of their capture.



In the years before the boosters the ambitious and the corrupted governance came upon the Norse Nordic Danish Scandinavian people there were centuries of innocence of outward bravery and inward steadiness. There was no need to promote oneself in the sagas or to employ the poets and the scales to raise one's name on high. Each man was the equal of any other and all did take part in the decisions. They called this taking part the Democratic jury system of the thing. Their parliament was the all thing the old thing: where all the people assemble freely and decided matters.

It could be, as in one famous occasion a matter of a Seer, covering himself with his cloak and lying prostrate upon the ground a scarlet heaven. Anonymously under his cloak seeking communion with the ancient one. Hours went by and yet one man under a cloak held them all spell by now bound as if by a massive mystical event. Which it was. Moving heaven and earth and the cause of his people. Like a prophet of old. Like one of the old one. It would lead to a far-reaching dynamic decision. Involving all the people and their destiny under the sky of freedom.


These seniors were rare. Great men of the spirit. Great mean of the spirit world of the Viking age: before Viking's launching out from Vik became the Vikings of renown. The Vikings of history before they became these famous men. Before the Runes of writing came. Before the Fame game became the sport of Danish king.

Men were anonymous and did it for everyone.

When all shared all they had booty or produce and glory and story. No man seeking his place above another. All living in a jury of existence. A random jury assemble now and again to judge amongst them in the governance. For the Viking world was the source of our modern jury justice. Completely democratic and completely demotic – understood by all. So that not only was justice done it was seen in plain eyes of men to be done. It was seen again and again in a regular pattern government. The eyes of the people are upon you. You would judge us. They seem to say. This is real justice in its purest form – uncorrupted and uncomplicated straight as a die, as a good meal, as a well planked two prowed ship, as a good harvest, and as a good word of truth.