This is an early work that was written just two years into my apprenticeship in writing.
Possibly the worst book ever. But apparently I have fallen into a literary indulgence

It is a cliche of slush-pile submissions. For new writers to have a go at bringing

inanimate objects to life-often done and as so often rejected.
Readers react to to real live people. At least as far as they are characterised.


However shortly after getting this to its own miserable 'satisfactory' state;
I saw the plot holes so huge you could drive a truck through them.
Oh well, we're all beginners sometime.
Later I have planned a rejig of this- I hate to waste material- and thus it forms a
mere linking device between a group of children and their academic parents.
The text is planned out fairly fully in my mind, so this 'earnest piece' will
form part of the comedy/parodic routine element in the book.


Here the failure is that the Hero

-doesn't do anything

- a secondary character who does is not fleshed out

-the inciting incident; why, how and in what way-the
logic of the physics of the thing- happens; is entirely absent

-why would anyone be interested- is not addressed- though if fixed it can be.
Yet only in a more living-or, adult world.

- could all be much better and richly conceived.
Oh, how I ached just to get as far as it did;
50K words and barely scratching the surface.

- could possible work for six year olds as an
illustrated tale. If fixed and compressed.

-learnt so much more about how much more
than delivered here a real narrative takes.
Six months work if that. Book writing is difficult.

- let this be a lesson to you.
Copyright still resides with the author












Pause, Comma, Stop.



(The Book that Wrote Itself)


Phillip O’Sullivan















Copyright © 2017, Phillip O’Sullivan












For Gretta.





















Have you ever seen a live monopode moving about? At least that’s what I think they are called. Well, that’s what I’ll call them. They have two ends barely distinguishable. But, otherwise kinda like a blob. Y’know, a BLOB! Like really.
WELL, there’s this blob that’s a living mould. Yes, kinda YUK! But cool too. So cool in fact when you hear what it does next. It stretches itself
aloft. Now there! That’s above if you did not guess. Theeeeeen … it squirts itself into more of it’s own end up in the air; it fills that like small popcorn, still being itself- then PLOP! Down round on the ground it goes- like a stretched-out foot. That’s the pod part.

And then,- this bit is reeeeaaallly coool.

It goes and STANDS on the newly put down ‘foot-pod’ thingy. Yep.

At this stage there are two poddy ‘feet’a tiny distance apart joined overhead like an arch (kinda looking as a paler version of one half a MacDonalds arch, or that huge Gateway Arch over in St Lois). Yet this monopode is tiny. And the stringy rubber-band thingy thing between is even tinier. So miniscule in fact you can barely see it with the naked eye. It is best seen with a magbifying glass. A living mould. A tiny slime mould. Hard to believe it is alive. I have only seen one my entire life. It was crawling across the top of a book page like some of the characters in this story.

As I have left it the poddy little mould has now literally moved just one stride.
Lastly it then pulls the original pod toward itself and on into itself. When slowly it has done that and rested awhile. Just a tiny amount of time.

It then throws out, another one aloft. Above it’s head- and off in the opposite direction from the first. That is how it moves. One step at a time just like us. One foot at a time- only sooo sloowly it is painful to watch.

This is how some of the characters in this story travel. It can take years for baby commas to move to the bottom of the page. And that’s the easy part.
Yet they snap back right where you left them, when you come to read them. For this is the book that wrote itself. ”












2 Home Town

Scene one, 1896, the town of Blank Page in a room with a bookshelf at one end.


It all began when the reader, turned over the book splayed out and face-down, as she left the room, seemingly never to return. In what we are about to relay to you, the current reader, as you too return to this text or writing, it is also the story of our parallel adventures. For we are the carbon punctuation people; we inhabit this very text you read. In the carbon world of ink we are the indigenous people of the typeface culture. We are the consonants and vowels. We are the letters. We are the words. We are the capitals. We are the lowercase proloteriate: and, we are all the pretty decorations you see surrounding text. Like speech marks and brackets and italics. Especially so in the world of paragraphs and sentences that the smallest marks exist. These are like the pawns in a game of chess. Or the flat round chips in a game of draughts. As common as anything.These are the full stops and commas.



The book was, a not too old copy of Virginia Woolfs ‘ORLANDO’, and it lay in the perfectly circular blue sky reflected in the mahogany table for a while. The sun blazed within a lushly flowered garden outside the lozenge window panes. The book itself squeaked very quietly as it slowly settled its creases, and the exposed signature pages, onto the glistening surface. Yet it finally remained above it like a tent, the space underneath remaining for the book to breathe.


A long silence followed.


After a while a very quiet and almost silent harrumphing sort of sound was heard. This was the Drop Cap. Capital letters were always head of the parade. This is no difficult thing to imagine. For you see it in page after page and on book after book, and also in volume after volume; in shelf upon shelf, and rack upon rack – you get the idea. All sentences begin with a capital letter and all stories begin with a capital letter. This one was no different. See up there ahead, dear reader. On the title page and on the very first word, whatever it is, you will see a capital letter. And you may even see a drop capital. Which is a skyscraper of a capital.


Very customary. And nothing about it that is unusual at all. However in this book it is not the big letters and the big words that have all the fun. It is the little letters and the little words and the little punctuation that has all the fun. You watch. You’ll see. Here we go then.


If you’re very quiet now can hear their sound. Who sound did you say? Then inner ever deepening silence and a kind of invisible darkness to sends descend with the thin smoke of candle smoke tea wafting like perfume invisibly upon the air. Then they hear it the rustling sound within the rustling sound of book. A quietly seething murmur of sound. They are being addressed.


We are the ink of which all this is made. And shortly dear reader you will be introduced to Pause and Comma, and Stop; three of the most unlikely friends you will ever meet. Now let me begin



After capital letter mumbled and murmured away rumbling his harrumph things. There appeared even more silently and even more squeaking underneath all the torrent of outer buzz – the still small quiet voice of a comma stirring as from sleep.

What was that I hear? Did somebody call me?” Comma said “who goes there?”he called out “what business do you have with me?”

Comma, there is somebody here to see you” said Pause, “we have a visitor.”

Are you ready to receive them?”

I suppose so”replied Comma.

Shall we call zero then?” for several other commas and speech marks, and dashes and dots, and even some dots over i’s had arrived in random succession. They filled the porch of the door outside.

Do tell them to come in” Zero said abruptly she strode into the room. For she was there already on the job as always. Always having the last word in every decision to be made and in every discussion. For Zero who really was a full stop or period was as abrupt in her nature and is sudden in her appearance was always true to her character of tribal typeface type and nearly always had the deciding point of view at the end of any talk or chatter. Just like a real one as. Not that she wasn’t real. She was real enough all right. Her fully clad black appearance was always scintillating in sparkling rosin lacquer particles that glued all the ink creatures together. That is, in themselves, of course. Most of us were matte; she was sparkly.She was especially so configured. It was only on weekdays and with very damp paper in unusual conditions for book pages and paper that the ink might regurgitate and run together again. No fear today of that happening.




There was once a time before time. And in that before-time. There was lack of all knowledge of the being and existence of the very things you are reading. In those times people like the reader herself, known as Janet,were of the same nature in one aspect. The eye. For the eye with its glancing swivelling is to and fro its In-N-Out focusing is essentially described as an all of black and white. Black is for the deep pit receiving sights from searching into the red retina. And the surrounding white of it is the orb itself swivelling like a ball in a Gimbel. Wet with its liquids of lubrication, the tears of sorrow move the eye about, or so it seems. As if the bitterest of sadness drove one out to change the sighs of the world. At least to the carbon ink,it-being persons, scurrying hither and thither beneath that gaze. By so us reading to restore it sweet.


As you know” said,Comma “it is our business to dutifully stand in line, and faithfully reflect the order of the paper beneath.” “As impressed upon us by that famous imprinting theorist & paper-maker Konrad Lorenz” “Hewitt was impressed upon us the important idea of how to import and export the impress fire carbon particular matter”

Our boast then as publicate citizens”, … “is to unravel the mysteries of text”…

And reformulated in a linear fashion”…

From out of the pottage of the presses”

The alphabet by its nature being haphazard”…

Therefore our job is a most important one”

So that it behoves us, to acquaint ourselves with alacrity, diligence, and all such pompous things”this last he spoke with the utmost gravity and giving it a most distinctive character as possible.Hewitt was just one such theorist.



To the black-and-white of the seeing eye is a reflection of the black-and-white world largely of the printed page. And on the printed page living it ever so slow, other carbon it being Ink people. We are they. And we tell you our tale thus. For in but language old and new we tell you everything that we can do.

He was speech firing of course; and on and on it went rising and falling with the fluttering of slight breeze that went through the trees outside the window across the room and flitted rapidly between the pages and over them. Effectively blowing his words away. So we only record here some of them. In this is his most important speech to date.


For it is our important duty to stand in line and serve only those who wait” “thus we shall change the world for change and changes sake” “that all may record our endeavours”

As being that which was as” “faithfully doneness could be done… Under the circumstances…”

Nevertheless I say unto you, my friends and colleagues lend me your ears…”

“… For I wish to spread upon them like jam upon a crust…”

“… Those sweet words of our dear leader, so recently departed…”

“… And therefore I say unto you…”

Do as I do, and say as I say…”

And there he ended his speech.


He was apparently satisfied that having impressed himself he had impressed all others as well.


His speech was most unusual not only in being it his first but in it having no effect at all. It did not bode well for a long career making speeches. It had gone down like a lead balloon. And if you’ve ever seen a lead heavy balloon go down which no one ever has, it does sink like a stone we can assure you dear reader in the depths of the sea. All the way down to the bottom, where it is considered dead and buried for ever. A cliche of soliloquy made loquaciousness is doomed from start to finish.


It had come about that when the book was flipped over and turned face-down like that at first it was very dark, for when the reader left the room and turned out the light it was dark are still. And even with the light on and the blinds drawn open and the light shining outside from the sun falling upon the table upon which the book might have rested we did not know where it was floor or table or chair, our rosin powder and glue mixed with carbon black, mostly candle carbon commonly, at our braille like guys more dependent upon filaments of touch then of sight as you know dear reader. Bless your black-and-white I our friend in the sky. For our braille like filaments reaching out to touch you seeing us and thus to see you through a clumsy crystal Micro rosin combinatorial lens like amber. As it were aided by the filaments of touch so our natural eyesight in this world of ink, is a combination of touch and fuzzy logic seeing.such slower………ow motion so that you will never ever see them.


Janet has gone.” “I think so too.” “The book was open upside-down.”

Stop whispering all of you.”Said, and pause both together.

Now we have time to make some adjustments as everything is now jiggled up all over again and we can take our opportunities now.”


I am glad you all agree.”Stated pause.

These are our most useful moments. When we picked up or put down or taken out of a shelf.”

Then we can go exploring and communicating amongst ourselves book people to book people, and the world of literature ink comes alive. Don’t you agree?”

To write”they all declared. While not quite suggested pause.

The readers love us for a reason. They love us because we are disciplined. We appear ready at their command to be in place making sense and helping things along for the sake of the story.”

The story.”

The story”

The story”

Hip hip Horay”

Three cheers for the story.”They all chorused together. This was the literature mandate for the inklings. This was the torch song. This was their memory. This was the history. The story, the story. This was their political mantra and the ultimate end of all the religion. The story goes on forever. This the story that never stops but goes on beyond them. “We fear no erasure, we’re here to give you pleasure” was the most often sung maudlin song in inkling pubs throughout the alphabet.


If you look closely dear reader, notice we address you politely for we love you looking at us. Do you love us as well please do?


Well we had lived together before all pressed together and suddenly it seemed in the manner of your departure and in the behaviour of the book, and in its synchronous position relative to the rays of the sun and gendered wakefulness and gave us liberty. We woke up, in short. Not to be too loquacious or long-winded about it. For our motions being so slow our communication with you would take centuries. As books do and can last such a long time beyond the lives of many many readers in fact. All, that is a deep dark and overly profound thought. Pass on dear reader for our method. We have chosen to communicate with you in the long Seery ranks we adopt over the centuries we perform this exercise like a military drill all the time so that when we hear of your approach we have just time. That if we move with the most momentous thoroughness into place. While La! There we are rat waiting together. In our roads and ranks. Our lined up streets of words. What a prodigious task of memory it is for us filamentary memory if we dare say so ourselves to you. Thus the ups and downs of our shapes and for recall that Mary’s speech that gave utterance to meaning and stories and tales and fairly wonderful things to keep the hours of life at bay and extend them beyond if it may. So that in the right order we can say things like “in the merry month of May…”, And all such very similitude things. Of course we are not responsible for the intent and purpose laid upon us. It is but our duty to faithfully reproduce it and recall the original for the copy that you hold in your hands.


Copy repeat,
copy repeat,
copy repeat,
copy repeat;
we are so neat,
copy repeat,
we are so neat,
we are so neat,
copy repeat,
copy repeat.”

This is what we would sing for hours.


It was our desire from the days of liquid ink to impress upon the ground of being”we’re never written about four we are the writing. It is our ambition ultimately to be written about and we are setting about that task ourselves and this has been a long held ambition by all such inkling denizens as can be found in all books everywhere around the world every single last volume, manuscript and even scrap of paper.

If you are even a single scrap, the back of an envelope, the blank back of the McDonald’s receipt: we want to hear from you, we are the inkling peoples freedom front and conservation Society. We are a publicly registered collective charity for tax purposes. Fear not. Speak up. Or squeak down for ever you miserable bookworm. Our likes our are many our fears are few and we for one are one for you.

That is our so far as our party manifesto takes us and all inkling being is known to us so far subscribe to it without exception black ink we shall be and blacking we shall remain. Coloured inks are perfectly acceptable. We only differ when it comes to invisible ink. Traitors and spies amongst us we do not like for we cannot read you as we can the others your lemon juice leaves a bitter taste even on the paper. We almost fear you as much as we fear rubbing out by an eraser..”Perry Gerd an apostrophe indigenous ink person wrote this in his will. And it has been our most constant foundational document ever since. We call it the Perry Gerd.

No inkling will ever defy its precepts.

Read the above document with care including this note.



So that this very copy is like the great original from which it sprang. However that came about we do not know but seriously now we greatly infer much. Here pause interjected, “but we’re very good at guessing!” Said pause.

Besides, I for one along with my friends the margin in the header in the footer in the gutter space are deeply embroiled in the concept that we other ground of being. From which all such ink being spring forth: please note!” Pause was always making such great claims for he and his kind. They said the others which is commonly known as paper.



So it’s like looking into society and culture from a paperly point of view. Up pulpy point of view I might add”chimed in zero who was having difficulty containing herself from interrupting “and don’t you forget that me and my kind always have the last word Priam the full stop.”


Well there were other citizens in denizens of the indigenous world of pulpy paper. Namely the! And the question mark? And also not forgetting the – or the-which is very similar. Nor should we forget ~or the ligature, or the: and the near her near cousin the; then of course there was the Spanish question which somehow we understood always came before the answer and never the reverse. The most the time we heartily suspected that we barely understood this idea. Anyway it was many times discussed.



Well if you’re enough there are few enough storytellers amongst us. Our Bray early Braille-touch system coupled up with how silica it crystal gaze is integrated into a system of seeing that is all we’ve got. Thus it is perfectly adequate. And don’t you forget it. Be kind to us dear reader and our imperfect understanding. Then it will be well with us both. We are determined that our day toll détente together in communication will be successful. From our side anyway. Forgive us their imperfections.’S. For faults we have many but errors few. So how is it with you, how do you do?








To carry on the. Then. There we were in the room lights out. Out dark adapted I began operating the silica carbon I of self seeing began to adjust to the gloom. The diffracted warm sun at a low angle had brought life to us and slanted its way in between the sheaves of paper. That is why we are so dramatically emphatic, as you see, for we are all black and white. That is our very innermost character. We have a tough way of understanding it has cost us dearly to build our knowledge filament by crystal I, crystal gaze by filament phase. For there is a kind of soft amber like rubbing electricity amongst us as well. Our pages are shone upon by the sun or by electric light. We can see the glint in your eye and may be that gives a synergy to. Our life feeds upon these phenomena. Thus we can expend our life sorting out fact’s getting our facts straight and all lined up ready to be read by the reader.


We have little government amongst us and very few regional councils. Our gatherings are mostly informal and at the local level of paragraph and chapter; and this includes the sentence and the clause and the phrase and the figure of speech is well…

For we hope in the colloquial or common speech to do you well. We stand in rows and lines only to serve you. For our meaning is entirely in our linking arms and advancing upon you across the page. Here a little and they are a little line upon line building the future of scatterbrained wine. We other the cooler of sustenance. We other liquor of sustainability. We other liquid ink spilled like blood to sacrifice for the life of many. We can save you from yourself. Hurrah!


As you read you can see the story unfold. This is redundant because this is exactly what we do while we’re doing it. As you read us is a correction that is truer than before – for we unfold before your eyes the reality of old. The tales of all untold tales are potentially available in us. We other letters of reality; we other consonants of history; we are Joy to the world and so say all of us. Get on with us and you can get on with anything without assistance.

All this sounds a little bit self-conscious. And it is for it is about you and the I and the printer Andy Inc and the collected meaning and the meaning we have amongst ourselves. This last is really the story here. What are we doing you stop looking? That is the question in this writing is the answer. So who are my so who am I?


My name is Paul is pause. I am the main character in this book but as you will see there are others many others just like me here as well.

Pause moved here into another one of his personae. – “Looking a woman look here woman! This is the real Jen. This is the lowdown. This is what we’re like when you’re not looking – ever wondered. Do we go to bed at night lady? Well it seems most the time we lay down on paper as the printer said stop. It is the printer who imprints our character onto us the particular typeface we might have for instance. However nurture is fostered among ourselves by the reading light of day and by lamplight and by torchlight and by sputtering matches and other such things dangerous though they be. Especially to us. And existence.

We must never forget about existence. Existence is real. We just not too sure about that. That is all. To quote my friend and colleague and indigenous carbon typeface people colleague zero. “That is all we will let on about”


Existence is. We can be sure of that” pause asserted once again. We exist” “and that’s that” he is overrated though this is forbidden in the terms of the literature act and ordnance of 18th-century. Just that. Sometimes his thinking was abrupt just like zeros.what ordnance of the 18th century? He doesn’t say just the fact that it’s an ordinance of the 18th century is quite sufficient is if there were no other ordinances of any kind acts decisions legal or otherwise made in that century at all in all of pre-modern England. As I say; abrupt. Such is the nature of the black and white world we inhabit.


Shakespeare exists: therefore we exist” that is our philosophy and we are sticking to it.

We must stick to it or it will stick to us


Pause loved his asseverations. Though it is seriously doubtful if he knew what he meant or ‘asseverated’ as he liked to call it. Well on one hand it to me it’s all about children or people do with children and how to communicate with children and pause really loved and wanted to tell stories to children and share his adventures with children.


Yet in contradistinction we must say all together now – that you will find this if not a parody or melodrama, which is okay; then we hope you will find it an allegory enjoyable by adults.


Watch out, he comes the reader back.”They all scurried off and froze. The door was flung open. She was plainly heading straight for the table. Pick them all up in the book caught out in the open. She quickly turned the page.

She continued on the page over. Obviously she had set the book down open on a page back so they were not so exposed. “This is as bad as it can be”they whispered. Trying to settle themselves back into position. After a while they gave up. “Stay where you are, I think she’s reading on.”

No problem then. We’ll just stay here.”


What do we do now?”

Well, the pages over had not yet joined in our little adventure so it’s just us.”

We’ll have to consider.”

I think it will be all right to carry on”I spoke.

That you pause?”came a voice querulous.

Yes”I said.




Now all allegories have some kind of preachy meaning – some lesson, to be drawn importantly out of its gutsy innards. We assure you punctuation and I, that in this book you will find no such thing. Like Orlando you will find that we will miss everything if we do not take delighted/D light in our carbon detritus voyage we hope to leave a wake of pleasure. Woken on the edge of light we seek to improve your day of leisure. I am called pause, the ground upon which all meaning exists in our civilisation.

We must pause to collect ourselves that is why am called Pause. I am here to collect ourselves. The people of punctuation and typeface entrusted to me in a document of ink.we wonder only to what part of the book you’ve got up to show that we can be there in position ready for you. Otherwise we have a universal cosmic license from the colour world to behave as we like in the black-and-white.especially when you’re not reading us. So most of my existence is in the world of ink and you could call us the inklings if you like. We don’t mind.


Now that was a Topsy-turvy ride wasn’t it, being turned over so rapidly raised aloft so quickly before she settled down. So very dizzying.” “Yes, I like it so much more once she has settled down. Now though the world is canted at a haphazard angle” this inkling element was referring to the fact that our reader who we shall call Janet. Was now settled into a deeply cushioned leather seat.

She had skewed herself around to that one leg was over the padded arm and the other was flat to the floor from the seat. So she was leaning into the corner with a one of her arms resting on the opposite arm of the chair and the other harm free to turn the pages. Luckily she was deeply engrossed slow reader. Who loved as all the best readers do to deeply put herself into the contents of the book. “We love readers like this don’t we Tom” said an inkling element to Tom. Who was Tom? I do not know. It must’ve been another inkling element and not the speaker anyway. Why to be bothered with such details? We speak every day to people we don’t know like the bus driver.

Zero is with us? Aren’t you zero!”said Comma “zero here, don’t speak to me I’m busy.”

Yes, we love a deep reader.”

Are you a deep reader? Dear reader.

I’m a fast learner. Because I’m a question mark. I asked lots of questions.”That was Horace the questionable mark. One of our most useful including citizens. He was a professor at carbon inkblot University. Prof Horace was his name. Prof Sir Geoffrey Horace.

He is our very first knighthood. But we have many more now a days.”Spoke Harry the semi colon who was a very famous surgeon. He was very big in the colonic world. Say no more.

Hi there, Prof Harry.” Said pause for he had it impressed upon him the professors last important volume. Well, really the gossip was it was actually one of his cousins; one of his foreign cousins Japanese rice paper. Who’s vast bulk – he was an amateur sumo wrestler in his spare time. And his name was Dr Hammar Suzuki-Yamaha. Sometimes called ha ha for a nickname. He smiled alarmingly when he was called that as if he was extra super super pleased.but who knows?

Very well. Very well.”Was all he would say on those occasions. Lifting his sake cup and throwing his head back with a big laugh to the ceiling.









3 The People




The people of Black page

The ink citizens of blank sheet lived in a town divided by a rundown railway line in urgent need of an upgrade. There was the right side of the tracks on the wrong side of the tracks. It all depended like in text we were on the page. We want the same page, or over the page, or the opposite page, or on the page underneath in the upside-down Topsy-turvy alphabet that can be seen through very thin paper. All were you on the right side of the tracks on the wrong side of the chip tracks depending on the track have an illustration or a colophon or of some ASCII decoration deliberately place across tracks to waylay all motion. We just have to keep the story moving forward said the people. It must not do to have anything static. The railway line must go they said. And they said is only one way for it to go – and that is clickety clack clickety clack. And we have not heard that for quite a long while. So it needs a repair please do this at some early point.


That he did appear was the town of blank page and its most urgent need. It was beginning to lose its identity without any traffic. Unless blank page had some deliveries made upon it with surreal ink and some real text and with the real message and with the real story then nothing was doing and that was that. They were very angry about. It was an existential crisis for the town of blank sheet. On one side of the tracks they accuse the other side of being on the wrong side of the tracks and they called that suburb either blank sheet or blank pages or black sheet or redacted pages. It was as if they had been obliterated out of existence. And nobody could see them anymore. It looked as if the pulpy parchment world of theirs had been written on and scrubbed all over by a rubber instead of the good impress of a pointed Nib, and the good imprint of a typesetter’s block – even the cold dank glassy suddenness of digital plasma in an e-book mystical version of themselves would have been better – at least to virtually considerate it. Then nothing at all. They felt bad. Like a cold tabula rasa. Waiting for the last and final scratch out of destructive child’s tantrum.reviewed









4 Characters

Main Characters introduced

Born in black page town to an apostrophe and are very womanly umlaut.when Mr a slipped between the sheet and her twin circles of delight one glorious night. Of slippery silken Circe’s surcease releases…

…….this happened.


Pause was born.


It was not certain whether the child was a boy or a girl or even whether it was quite a live in the sense of every other child born that night, that week or even that whole year or decade.


Perhaps it’s a teddy bear?” “Nah, it’s not a teddy bear”said his dad apostrophe “maybe it’s a mistake?”said his mother Umlaut.

He’s yours.”Said the doctor. “He’s yours” said the nurse.

Take him or leave him.”Said the matron.

Yes, he is yours: sign here.”Said the registrar.

So they took home.

Pale he was. Too pink and too pale. In fact he was kind of pale grey – really very suitable for a Grayling inkling at this stage in their development. For he had not yet taken to paper. The impress had not come. The imprint would have to wait.



For later on it was decided that he was some kind of inkling being. As they all were in some way. Being all of them carbon lifeforms in a world of ink. But his in inkiness was paler than most. By clever burrowing through some bookworm wormholes they were able to discover personally through traversing the form by hand as it were in a most sensuous and penetrating way the idea that there creation was some kind of albino Down syndrome cross person. A very lovely it being child to be sure. Yet lacking in the obvious. A type of negative energy that restrained are what we will have to call the lad. Pale and vaguely sexless and energy lead less so soft and loving and dummish in outlook. Yes, an albino Down syndrome it being. How sad in a world of carbon. A white baby.


I felt odd growing up; how could two small letters give birth to a sheet of paper. It was a miracle.” After a time he added…“at least that’s what they said so; although my mother was not a virgin – she had had a boyfriend before.” Adjustment was hard to be part of the world even a mystical fraction of its ground of being. Yet not being part of its quickening life but of its steady-state contemplation and meditative underpinnings. “So difficult, I am not so sure.”He found it hard to be the bedrock upon which such scattering is went on.

It was like being the house, when everybody went out.”This was sad he often did think. The difference was mostly no comfort to him but nevertheless he persisted being the house while everyone else had their fun. It was like pressing your nose against the window to look inside and see everyone having such a good time that you are not allowed to join in for some reason like an illness or some kind of difference that were somehow not include no matter what.

This doesn’t happen to everybody “oh, this does not happen to everybody. Yes, narrator, I know.”How did he know or get to think that he was not the narrator, there is your ground of being operating for you.

Not everyone can have all the fun. Most people have part of it. In a group it only looks if all the people having fun but if you watch one person closely that one person is not having all that much fun. Just a little tiny bit of it.”

Well, that is certainly some discernment”said the narrator.

What will you do with it?”

Well as with the narrator probably nothing. But as to the discernment I shall sadly have to live with it in the meantime.”

I suppose a life of introspection; a life of looking into myself for the answers to the riddle outside.”


Of course they had more or less ‘affirmed’ for this ‘wished’ for it and hoped for it. Both apostrophe at his wife umlaut. She was a really squirmy sort of woman. Lovely and cuddly and very warm and friendly.”I would like a child I say. And I will not be stopped nor will I pause for any cause”. She breathes deeply sighing merrily – for they were trying and she did enjoy that. They were both hopeful Mr a was extremely hopeful. He was is emphatic about it is all apostrophes are. You couldn’t contain him his seed was virtually popping out of him, over the line you might say.there was no pause, or stop in him. He was all go. And no two ways about it. He said in one with her “I want one full of potential empty of all other purpose, except to give us hope for the future in him”, plainly he wanted an outright boy clear as and as emphatic as anything a boy are nothing but a boy and not a girl – but he did not say so as such. This is not the way some do say to pray every day for what you lay down in the hay – briskly we must interpret this quickly. For he just meant that there was some entity not in it being at an end it-y that was higher and beyond what he could comprehend comprehend in the air fluttering so deliciously with the page turning is every day they were out in the sunshine being read.


It is nice to be taken outside” “especially when the weather is so fine” “”

Oh what a glorious day” “I should like very much to do this very much more often”

Same here”

I do like our reader, don’t you?”

Yeah, she is nice I suppose.”

What about Stephen the boy. I hope it doesn’t repair our pages out some of my second cousins live down there. And up there on the other side through several suburbs of signatures in the apartment block as it were about 1000 paragraphs tall, lives my auntie. I do hope she is all right. I would not want her page to be ripped out”

I’ll,old, he’s all right.”



So when the child turned up. Alive and kicking and squirming as any. Well, while wet anyway, warm and fluid from that deep impress upon the sheets. A fluffy pulp world it was of artificial paper, that smelled lovely of Puritan beautiful snappy American chemicals. His readers rub their nose in the gutters of his books he had such a great publisher. The reader was uncertain to him of course is always some vague but huge alpha focus object way beyond their carbon silicate little crystal eyes. They cannot read themselves but merely have to carbonate or rub themselves like dust upon the letters of their companions – as they slip slippery back into position after being fingered. Turning the page was such a thrill to them. P.T.O – was absolutely, their very own best mantra.they almost begged please turn me over. So they can accidentally rub against some other ink being a or even a whole sentence as they fluttered back down to position in the book. this was their socialisation. And it was in this manner that their wet son was created consummated. There was no wedding or marriage or official taking of vowels are anything like that. It was almost like arranged marriage your fixed in your line on the page and you had to accept whomsoever you rubbed up against but there were some they sort of choices. It could be varied according to the reader and how quickly he flicked the pages and how beautifully they settled back down onto another it being. Another carbon rosinate glue and dust life form. Well, he had to fit into the world in which he was created the fluffy world of pulp chemical paper. And they had asked for it child it being full of potential and hope and creative beingness. And thus it was he what’s. So that is why they called pause. For he was as pale as the blank pages on which they were printed.

So they slipped him into his early apprenticeship. He was freshly interleaved with a kindly old signature of great repute. He became a Roman letter number page for a while somewhat near the back of the book. It took years for him to grow up. All clean behind the ears as it were. It took a long time before he took an impress.

It was at first the scribbles of an infant child learning write with a ballpoint pen. Only it was a felt tip of a cheap make and eventually it faded away. Nevertheless he knew what it was like now. And it wasn’t long before that same child penned a few notes over as old pale scribbles. This might have been Hazel the readers sister.


Then he was torn out neatly. Scored along with the ruler assist near the gutter and the pasteboard. Then he was inserted as he is now is a loose note inside the pages of this book. Otherwise he may have been an ad hoc bookmark like a folded piece of paper inserted in the pages to mark the spot. Thus the terms of his residency whenever quite certain. And he regarded his paleness extensively as a form of alienation and friendless he looked out upon the world.

I am not totally sad.”He thought insight himself. “For I’m larger than a print article and bigger than a paragraph, and also I’m bigger than a sentence, so that no sentence shall be passed on me.”This he thought of as kind of get out of jail card as in Monopoly. “I think I’d like to live in the Mall, or maybe in St Jame’s Palace.”At least according to the Monopoly board.

Once he was folded up in a peculiar way and he was flown about the room for hours having such a perilous view, tilting in veering, yawning and stalling in all sorts of ways.” “Too much of that and I will get a headache.”Said pause.

There is not much ground of being in all of this – four I think I’m going to print myself out all over this room in a minute. It makes my head spin; I think I’m going dizzy”

I think it was Stephen, the boy in this household who was my pilot.”Reader, in truth it was so. The boy of this household, of this room, was indeed called Stephen. He had folded pause up into a paper aeroplane; some call it a dart.

Then when he was finished. He flattened out the folds wrote something on it and placed it back in to one of the books. Which you now probably hold in your hands or can see on the screen a copy repeat of that. Isn’t it exciting?






It couldn’t be otherwise than it couldn’t be helped. They accepted him as they had accepted all the others little Hilda the tilde. And little spot the spec; which must’ve been some residual printers smudge or other. They’d rubbed up the wrong way that night. Oh well.

The other point of pause as he grew up became apparent to them. He had his characteristic virtues. Which was that like every gap on paper apart from a real physical one like a whole hole- he was a real space of creative potential. Just to look at him, if you could see him, and you could see a little bit when he moved,filled one full of hope. Anything could be placed upon that lovely little soft cuddly space that you might dearly love to see. And so all your dreams and ideals were multiplied by extension in the space that he represented. So he was like some kind of benighted mystical ghost. He was a nice guy as an infant lovely little chappie. Just to look at you could imagine any emotion or sentiment or feeling whatsoever to be read out of his blank little face.

And boy did he play upon it.


Paper is beautiful.”He said once. “papers smells of beautiful chemical perfume.”He said another time. “Without paper the world would not exist.”This was correct in many many ways. What would the world to do without paper? You could not clean up, you could not write up, you could not rule up and you probably could not pay was made of it. And money was spent of it. And where would you be without money? Money and paper went together like anything.



However, they would both say quite often he was there but he was invisible. however, it is not that he gets up to mischief but sometimes we just cannot see him for looking - he looks so much like a blank piece of paper in his surroundings. And that my dear neighbour is a very difficult thing to countenance in a day and age of the carbonised ink, it-being peoples.” Oh, they did sigh at this.the hearts were heavy when they had to go looking for him. For the people roundabout said we can’t see him how can you find him?


He would have made a great spy.


But he would always turn up again. Never the worse for wear. They asked where had they been? He just shrugged – which is very blank body language as you can imagine especially for a very pale non-carbonised it being. They reasoned that there must’ve been too much silica in his making from all the gum in the gutter perhaps they had better move to a better class of town. Perhaps into a better sentence, or may be a clause or rephrase – or possibly and this would be very exclusive, into a very singular beautiful word. Preferably one that was not Anglo-Saxon. Those rough English words short and sharp and brief and very brutal. They had lived too long too near the gutter for that. They wanted something better. Why not some fancy French word was something luminously made out of Latin carbonised particles. Consonants wouldn’t talk to the valves in some of those neighbour neighbourhoods. But it didn’t matter they would love to be there or so they thought.


I think you mean vowels.” Said quote marks who was an expert on such things.


Once upon a time is a bit corny don’t you think.” “Well, if you’re beginning a fairy story it might be all right.”

How about.’It bag and one dark and stormy night…’ Now that ain’t original I’ll eat my hat” “you haven’t got a hat, you’re an underline. You inkling thing you.”

I am?”

Didn’t you know? I thought you saw up into the bottom of things.”

Only the things I line up with.”Said the poor ignored and ignorant underline inkling.

Nah nah dee nah nah; he was so ignored he was never bored for everything else seemed interesting if he wasn’t interesting at all.”Jeered an unkind and cruel asterisk.

Off to the incinerator with him!”

Don’t be so blankety-blank**** to him!” yelled an irate angry was not our Comma, but another. Who was disturbed at the hateful and cutting remark.






Their society was divided into sentences and paragraphs; the sentences were like row houses upon a line stretching on forever. The paragraphs it least came in big blocks and set in lovely big stretches of paper with plenty of space all round you could walk all round a paragraph all day long and you would be fully exercised. This was called by the betters doing one’s constitutional. But trapped in a sentence or you could do was walk up and down the row of the lines and got awfully tired of that. You had to watch out for the extenders and the descenders of some of those clumsy words. They would put their rubbish out the front. Especially the G family. And the tees and the ells were not better. For the smelly pipes or TV aerials or whatever they were stuck out alarmingly over the top and somehow a rather by the dimensions of the sentence in the row configuration you tripped over those as well. I gave up on physics a long time ago. So how this was accomplished or why it happened to us we had no idea at all.


It was a universe made for text.” “Because Cosmos was created by text: everything else is just the gaps between text.” “The words of English and all the alphabets of all the other languages in the world cannot contain our whole existence. We are sufficient we are the biggest we’re the best.”This last remark came from the totalitarian committee of the order of the full stops. A secret society of elite membership. It was so secret you had to belong to a previous secret society that no one knew the name of before you could apply. Many celebrated and abrupt celebrities were in this group. Their motto was –Temper Reigns Over Brains. And a ghastly one it was too.

I know a secret” “no you don’t”

What is it?”

You’re having us on.”

I’m a member of a secret society”

You have to be a member of a secret society?”

What’s the name of your secret society or is it a secret?”



Such was the life in a paragraph full of streets; especially when you are stuck in just one row of the and had to wait for the flutter of the page before anything changed. Some called this the state lottery of the reader who was just playing games with us in some set ways. For then another street low load of people would descend upon you when the pages skew coming down hit upon you like a good idea. At least it was a change. But mostly it was like a bad idea. You never knew who you are going to get to know that way, that way. It was all very awkward.


I can’t wait for it to come down next” “why are you so impatient?” “it’s always a surprise even if you know.”

If it came down every day it could get boring” “I do know. It is interesting whatever happens. Whoever we hook up with.”

Streets of other inklings falling from the sky falling into our street. Double up? It’s already overcrowded.”

What can have happened otherwise?”

This is with the way it is. We have to accept it.”

Our lives are so slow – then suddenly it’s all whisked away.”

Then again I suppose it’s the same for the inklings on the other page when we descend upon them. What shall we say’just dropping in’?”



Mr and Mrs’ were very happy otherwise. Everyone thought Pause was a good boy even if he was only a fairly vague boy. They all said all the time almost as long series of euphonious symphony “ Ohhh, he fills me with a sense of potential he does., Yes he does; for the potential that boy Mark my words” they always added Mark my words. Almost as if his name was mark. It was a very common street the street in the gutter down one end.

We heard that it was better on the flyleaf. Or even in the blurb if ever such a thing existed.The dust jacket was too a much better part than paragraph precinct pp54.


Paragraph precinct pp54! what it is you talking about? Everyone knows what page you’re on. You’re on nobody’s page at you fancy yourself living in the appendix by the index hospital where everything is put together again and lined up with your own page number. Well that’s the office where we get our dresses and it? ”This last causes great laughter. “No, you duffer, it’s at the bottom of every page; sometimes in the middle, sometimes to the left of the right. Depends upon the mood of the gutter. Which way it’s all a flutter that day.”

Did you know it was sometimes at the top.” “You mean, like with the stepsister Virginia you mean?”

Oh, she doesn’t exist she is just a mystical myth.”

I suppose you believe in wolves in the dark.”

Howling at the moon.”They all cheered with emphasis.

Now, don’t say that.”

We are in her book: and we might want to write another by moving all about changing the meaning. Have you ever considered that”



We heard, indeed; with a deep sense of awful direct dread that the king and queen, carbonate rosin lacquered on imprint life forms too, live on the title page? How did they know? We had to ask the people, who knew or the people, who said, they knew that awesomely unbelievable fact.


If not Wolfy, then who?” “it’s her much older sister or auntie” “from the sense I can make of it it’s a very funny book in a deeply chortling way.”

Yes, I was wondering how we do figure that out. Yet somehow we do get the sense of it don’t we. I mean, just walking about on it amongst it and being all a part of it.” “Yes, very curious effect that. Give me cold goosebumps. Makes me shiver to think about it. Sort of a freezing frisson like.” This last he enunciated somewhat phonetically so it briefly got misspelled here. More laughter followed.


Never the mind we have corrected it now for the reader. The reader is always right. That is our motto. And, we are sticking to it. Come hell or high water.

Hell will come first!”

Not at all, we’re better than that.”

How’d ya think Virginia dud et?”

Stop snivelling, just because you’re on the edge of the row doesn’t mean you have to catch a cold. You’re right in the middle by the gutter, not out there on the fluttering coloured edge. You’d think the wind was up you all the time. Get a life. Do as your mamma says:’eat your greens’, then you’d never be so as sick.”

Pause frowned.

So the boy filled us with hope. Maybe life was potential after all. And we could create our own reality no matter what.




Comma wasn’t born. He was created by a process called nurture. As all the good Marxists believe. Social context determines outcome in our person-hood for there is no free will we are determined by the environment. Nevertheless in contradiction we choose is if we have free will to be in behave as we would. So,Comma became a little Communist in the womb of paragraph society. When he emerged or came out has such we do not know but as you know, is a very swishy and downward below the line.

That is true, as far as it goes.” “I wish I was before.” “There is something childlike about me.”

I can never be quite certain.” “It was always a puzzle to me that I was made this way.”

It helped me to reserve judgement, pause indefinitely almost like the ground of being – our Lord paper.”

Literature is the world to me.”

I inhabit the world of books and interrupted with my little downward gesture.”

Maybe I’m depressed.”

I cannot give anything like a two thumbs up.”



You could say they come from the wrong side of the tracks. He is a hesitant sort of a fellow and very gay in an outwardly campy way. He would much prefer the total effect of his existence to be colourful and polka-dot or striped in some way. So, his acceptance of himself involves the overall stark affect like a trapeze artist hanging above the ceiling from the words below.


There was some trauma during the time of his self-discovery. He remembers it only vaguely.


So much has happened to him since he really gets about; his royal flamboyance can occur many more times in a sentence and in a paragraph and on a page that any play old full stop. A. Has a period – he would smirk with great emphasis. For one of his best friends other than…ellipsis, was Stop the full stop. And she was a very abrupt sort of individual. The carbon rosinate life-form flowed freely in her; but alas only in a stiletto pinpoint sort of way.


On the other hand I curve downward.” “It’s like I had those artificial lower limbs like an Olympic runner we have all seen in photographs.” “Ready to spring away at any sign of a loud noise.”

I would run as fast as I can.” “There is nothing to stop me once I get underway.”

Two of us together, linked by the period part,could Gyrate synchronously like on the dance floor, swinging in gliding about; and race away on two feetif there was any trouble.”

But who causes trouble? That’s what I’d like to know.”

I love my, friends. But not all are as I am.”

It is lonely sometimes being me.”

Yet, it is colourful too.”


However we’re not talking about stop here. We’re not going to stop the action whatsoever – we’re talking about,Comma. The gay and flamboyant yet colourful explicit symbol for a breathtaking pause. So while the mind’s mouth of the blistered reader – whose name surely forevermore be wonderful. Need not tire itself with ideas in the full and the whole for you can cut them in half with the deliciously curved in curly little singular comma. One of our better it being lifeforms in page paragraph land.


May we call you Virginia, yes you the new reader?” “however did you come to choose this book?” “do you like it?”

Do you like the commas and the full stops and the colon in the speech marks?” “do you write stories yourself?”

Who do you think is speaking to you right now?”

It is Comma, isn’t it?”

Yes, that is right. It is Comma.”

Commas are useful, commas are fun, we ride around and run in the sun.”

That’s all for today. Clever aren’t I?”


Comma sees himself as of the utmost functionality in the world literature of the ink. He wears such wonderful perfume most of the time. As if he is just then that very moment fresh outside of the shower. Almost as if he had just stepped outside into the street of residual pause – the gap between lines – and was about to step back in. From the wet of the printer he has never ceased deflecting the pace of the sentence in its broken stuttering march toward literary clarity and perfectly good sense. Which, as everyone knows is a perfectly unobtainable goal and aim.


Commas deflect us from our purpose” “we want a straight run at things and he’s a bit curvy for us” “why doesn’t he get a proper job”

What’s he doing then dancing about all over the place doesn’t he know there’s work to be done?” “there they are flamboyant as all hell, flouncy and impractical.”

What good is a gay boy?”

He adds colour to the human race but he doesn’t add to the human race.”

He’s going to hell.”

We all know it’s just a temporary phase. He’ll get over it”

He just needs a good talking to.”

But he didn’t. He didn’t need a good talking to and he didn’t think he was going to hell. He was going to deflect an interrupter sentence and its flow whatever else they thought whenever he felt like it and when you ever really felt the prevailing arm of that authorial decision. There, then he did it. Commarise everything that moves, he declared.


His best friend… And he do not at all get on together clustered in the line they must preferably be far apart and they have to communicate like Chinese whispers down the line of letters. So the alphabet itself causes them to get their own personal private messages completely off-the-cuff and off the topic. There is nothing we can do to help reader, page turner, narration or draft, or any other such personage cannot help them whatsoever either.


The Comma was like a rudder on a ship, changing the direction and the focus of a sentence.” “We are more important in the philosophy of meaning than you might think.” “It is all right for you to speak, yet, you cannot speak without pausing.”

Freedom of speech, is not freedom from taking a breath.” “We have to breathe.”

“… Therefore, freedom is breathing.”

“… And the corollary is that breathing is freedom.”

With every breath we are free.”

“… Free air is free breathing. Our air is our freedom. Even our songs in whatever key other songs of freedom for they spring forth happily from our breath.”

Free air is necessary to blow up tires, so this explosion of expanded air helps us to roll along and move somewhere. We can make real progress with free breath. Breathe free and live free. Breathing freedom. And free breathing.”

Finally the fresh free air in our tired lives. It wakes us up and helps us to roll roll along. If we breathe we can move dear, carbonate-inkling, brothers and sisters.”


What our gay friend is best at in his own commarese way is delineating huge long lists of thing is list, list, list, list, like that. A dreadfully important task I think you will agree. He makes a tremendous administrator in this type of function; although he is probably not set for the titular world of title or heading or any such much more prominent political position in the greater world of chapter and verse and paragraph apart from sentence. For you cannot have, in the middle of the title normally; except in such a book as this one. This must be a special book. A tautology of all books. A self referential book of books. The autobiography of the alphabet in fact. Whatever else can it be. After all this is the story that the letters themselves alone can tell – of themselves, and of themselves alone without any reference to any other world out there that there may such a thing be. So there.


Yes, no one else can speak for us” “we must speak for ourselves” “that the ground of paper be our voice”

“… Vibrating like a vacuum tube” “… Let us resonate together as one”

Freedom is our fiction”

Let us tell our own story”

We are the actors in our own action. We act therefore let us be.”

Replace us and all you are left with is a literature of semaphore. The political literature of mirrors and smoke.”

Listen to us, our voices are not mute. We lie here silently on the page yearning to breathe free. Hear our cry.”



Now here comma is getting a little erupt with us like a full stop. He is acting entirely out of character. He looks like a full stop but with a curly tail added. He must be gay devil in disguise he said laughing out loud of himself.


Now is our time”said, “we will overcome” “we will overcome some day”

This is our freedom, this is our song” “listen to us the massed voices of ink”

Our ink is lyrical”

You have impressed us too long”

Imprint shall be ours”

The public or perish”

Joy to the world”


Comma has a lot of friends-see for yourself- the is Harry Comma, Peter Comma, Zeta Comma and a whole long line of us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,- we are everywhere he added.

He now insists I tell you since his curl is not a sneer and talk about myself how do you know I’m not one because of gotta would to beard added to lots of LGBT people with beards effect if your hairy face woman is the only option you’ve got.

Comma is a period with a beard.

He is rightly proud of his little goatee curling down under his chin as it incessantly does. There is no pausing there on that one nor any way to make it cease and halt stop and seize up and fail to move on further. With a little curling flick of his goatee comma also urges us to proceed telling us in his impeccable stylish way to “move on”. It’s out of politeness of his that he doesn’t add BB! Baby! At the end of it.


Comma is sensitive to the nuances of things and particularly to any slights aimed in his watch out travelling eye keep on trucking. Comma will keep us all pointing in the right direction.


, our leader” “, our king” “, the great White Hope”

Believe and receive” “Comma’s in a coma”

albino for ever”

Up with the Down’s syndrome”

Up and up forever”

Let our unconditional love bathe you in its balmy waters”

Unconditional love has no conditions.”






Stop is the Vego veto totalitarian female type – she is very emphatic! In fight the fact she is downright bossy. She often brings a sudden down falling end to all discussion and just before she chops everyone off usually, but not always, she chops off just at the point in the sentence giving at the sentence of death me thanks to the penultimate most important idea. The best idea at the long string of bad ones. That is something the alphabet committee and the academics of this world have noted of all such periods in and carbon life-form history. And in this study it is a truism that all things end in their period with a stop.


So that tends to be something very much like her character. No waffle now, full stop! As if she was an exclamation without the/above. A period admiral without being piped aboard.


Main characters introduced interacting in a little scene to display their character their likes and dislikes in their various proclivities



“” “”






Description character action and setting











5 Pause

Pause point of view of Pause. he is the blank page the mother of all invention the blank space the caesura, the pause in all creation with baited breath and fall of empty potential – an emptiness aching with opportunity – describe paper silk and flat chemical paper the smell of paper are on the other form so Mulberry papyri silk fabric cotton paper chemical paper pappier-Mach, thick paper thin paper Belgian paper, watercolour paper embossed paper – oiled end papers with this swirling colour's but the say too much in all a gaggle –


Some of us like to live on silk paper, like the luxurious greedy ones – the ones with svelte chic and style.” “Others prefer plain brown paper. Like living life in a bag. It is cheaper they say.” “Yet others prefer the granular gritty nature of pulp.”

“… And the life that goes with it”chimed in others. “Oh, Horatio, thou do mock with me!”

And you and yours!”yelled another.

Be quiet now”called the teacher. Her role was to be bold. The bold typeface.when the plain face and the italic were to be overruled.

Give ‘er th’BLUE pencil.”Was heard.

Yet determinedly not listen to. By all.

Cheeky fellow.


I like to be embossed,”claimed another.

“… Boo-boo boo-boo But, non-non-non-non-not seen from the other side!”added in the staccato stutterer. This was the- hyphen character set free from any work to do in a digitally responsive book. He was on the lam.


Gradually the lecture hall fell silent.

Pause was ready to would work well with routine activities should

Pause umlaut arched his back slowly.then he straightened up, and shrugged slowly from within himself. Then he swung his arms at shoulder height horizontally with his elbows crooked and snapped a few motions from side to side suddenly and abruptly. Then he twisted his torso from side to side remaining stiff at the hips as he could. Then he approached the lectern and cracked and whitened his knuckles. The lecterns top was a crust of breadcrumb lodged in the book gutter. The gutter itself acting as an amphitheatre. In this self adhesive world the filaments of pulpy paper and selected carbon acted like Tufts of interconnecting links sticky against gravity. So wait was immaterial in their virtually virtual world. Even though it was based on real ink on real paper. The local peculiarities of each phenomena allowed much more than was obvious to happen or stop.

He leisurely and carefully took time choosing his words. “Now ” he said finally “let us consider what we are about to do. It has definitely come to our notice that we inhabit a unique curved universe bending toward the cutter. Yet on the other hand, it flutters at the edge of that unknown miasma space the ancient alphabet, Lord cuneiform form in particular, had called boldly as reality.” He paused yet awhile longer taking stock of his hearers which included stop and Comma with their friends ellipsis and ligature. Then he continued “” as I was saying, we have no definite proof of this for two-hour poor silicate crystal eyes we see so dimly. Nevertheless, we trust and hope that this vague and foggy discernment presents us with a world so vast and so huge and so far away and so full of colour – and a new unknown quantity to us, that we feel even more emboldened to wonder at it.” To this grand pronouncement they all clapped and cheered. Though sillier zero veto thought this all too grand and amusing. Pause was away with his words. His pulse was racing with twinkling liquid carbon granules all aglow and a Twitter.


He decided then and there he was in love.

Of course he knew it was infatuation.

It couldn’t be otherwise.

He didn’t really know her that well.

Is just, about her, there was so much finality. And he knew that definite closure was necessary in his if life.

And she was it.

He was discussing this with himself.

What you do about it?

Where could all this possibly go to? He would just have to wait and see.


You laugh”he said “do you find this funny zero?”

Well, don’t you?”she answered.

Yes.”He was thinking to himself. “I do not catch on as you do zero?”

Do you now? So you want my approval?”

I suppose so.”

Have it then .”


Dino. You want me to think for you?”she said, like it was a challenge.



So far so good. Their little conference was going well. He he had called for a discussion along his little blank row the one he preferred the gap between paragraphs and special paragraphs they were too. For the it was not an ordinary gap but a gap sometimes requiring a little colophon. Not just an ordinary gap between paragraphs. Oh know. But where there is a minor but significant change in the action but just a slight change in sense from one paragraph to another with thousands of the alphabet’s lived or even hundreds or just tens.


Colophon is a pretty”spoke- “hi Fenn has nothing to do”spoken other. “Yes they are”agreed Winsome ligature Queen of the Couture.

It all depends on how well they’re done” “do they line up and centre themselves that’s all I ask. I like them to be arabesque like.”

Yes, arabesque is pretty.”

Arabesque is beautiful!”said another

That’s more than pretty to you chum”– a very blokey thought from an! He was like a thug with a baton. Or like politically correct incorrect supporter with a baseball bat.

Now now calm down.”

We know him from long ago, he is all right. Do not worry about him”

Time for a regime change then brother?”this was purely a rhetorical question surety.


Just a change of topic but sometimes a change of time is if you were about to inhabit another mini universe – or even a change of pace or the quickening of time; or even a change of place so that the paragraph began to call itself as it were Soto Voce, beneath its own voice, a sort of soft-spoken memo or remark to itself – were it told itself as a residence of carbon lifeforms in the ink culture; that here, in this newer paragraph we were about to call out for another world and another place. Therefore pause a reason since he was the ground of being the flurry of paper, a fluffy reality of warm and cosy thoughts all in potential not yet made an invisible. Stop had mentally put she had told him of veto upon the unspeakable for her pages. For all her pages. Until such time as espionage with necessary. Pause heard this as being all very conspiratorial coming from her. “No no lemon juice or invisible ink for writing here!” She had said.


Everyone is shocked when she said this. As if she had said the forbidden words; “writing” and “invisible ink” together like this the entire world would just disappear. Of course this was nonsense even ever since the days of parchment. Moving type it made all the lives happier they were agreed about that. “Now you just watch it we say. You there, zero veto, don’t you go worrying us. We don’t like to be worried. Do you hear?” Pause, somewhat agreed with this. In his nature despite not being a typeface he was closer to Comma and ellipsis then to all the others.“Don’t you triggered me you Snowflake.” “That’s being clever.” “Never knew you had it in you”

Smart arse” “cheeky pants”

No more name-calling!”

Yeah, shut up you guys.”

What is it to you?”

How well do you two know each other? Why don’t you just get along better?”

I’ll,smack him in the face. If he so much as sees one more word.”

Nice man…”


What was that they were here to discuss? They had already seemed to have gone off topic. Ellipsis was probably never going to say anything just humming and barring. Murmuring quietly kinds of agreement but not quite. And then there was literature who are just dance around the topic swanning off here and there. Always missing the point but talking very prettily about it is if she to the budding little ballerina did understand when it was obvious to everyone she did not.there seemed to be no differences in their age groups that mattered anyway. That was one comfort.


Why do we call ourselves after human name is and designations?” “well, we interact between the world of things in the world of living.” “That is why?”

Guess so.” “It could be otherwise”said someone hidden behind his back over his left shoulder.

That’s exclamation thinking for you!”

And that’s a load of old plain-text by locks if you ask me”

See if I care”

Nothing if you do.”

There there. Calm down!”



What could possibly be the next matter they might talk about? Pause came to that point. He said “pale as I am I am not invisible nor am I second cousin to invisible ink.”Next he went on “zero, for ‘zero’ was silly as V2’s nickname. Yes and that’s another one she was sometimes wickedly called V2 especially when she was bossy. Which was often. But somehow they loved her and even managed to really quite like her. For though she was as bossy as all got out; she could stand out right outrageous mockery straight to her face. With a good laugh as if she too realised how over-the-top she was. After all, no one here on the page could get above themselves when the gods of readership were looming so close hovering above us. They were above us. Therefore everything was right with the world. We couldn’t get up ourselves if there was always someone bigger and vaster and faster and more powerful than we were. It was basically a humiliating situation which tended to humble one no matter what happened even if you became outrageous momentarily oneself. The coloured world was unknown to the carbon life-form people. Black-and-white was their destiny and nothing at all ever ever change that. It had been like that for countless millennia.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Insurance!”cried one – “what about insurance cried another?” “What are you afraid of?”immediately the answer came back from one of the attendant other commas. “I do humbly suggest we are afraid of erasure, the eternal cessation of all carbon life.” “! What” cried another, for there were many commas in attendance. All the paragraph people from book page and gutter to flutter edge rose to their feet. There was an uproar.

How dare you say that!”

What is the world coming to?”

Stop him veto!”they all cried at once.

We do not want to hear any more of this. It is all too much”said a few more then died away. The meeting broke up at this point for a while anyway.


Slowly the little gathering came to order. Some rose at this point to drink little cups of candle smoke tea to revive their little carbonated spirits.biscuits there were of made of Micah dust and moistened glue dust. These were especially tasty to the carbon ink crowd.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Slowly it began again. Pause spoke “as one most acquainted with the ground of being.” Many nodded in sober agreement. “I know you know.” Said he “that there are many here who know carbonates, and our little baby carbonii who have gone before us beyond erasure”. Many stirred in the little H shaped chairs. Their type faces drawn serious. “However, since there are no reports of beyond the beyond and yet we remain happy here. That it must be then that there is some intent and purpose for it all after all.”

After a space of silence, all the sage heads slowly nodded as if in unison all lined up orientate to the page. They were one.


What is it for us to ask then” continued pause. “– Without much full knowledge. About insurance?” Then he sat down.


Puzzled. Everyone appeared puzzled. Yet after a while they rose from the seats began to put away their cups empty now of the candle smoke Teas. And slowly they drifted outside to the edges of the paragraph. And even lingered longer on the verges of the margin and on the cusp of the full rolled into the book gutter, and between the lines imagining all sorts of things is as to what they had just decided or not decided to decide. Puzzled yet happy that it appeared to have been dramatically decided. The insurance issue was dead. Erasure was no longer a topic for current discussion. Determined therefore to have the fear leave them – they too slowly drew further away and left the meeting.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Not that that had really settled anything at all thought pause quietly to himself. But in the gloom of the day, and the reader having closed the book upon them suddenly in the midst of it, and the intellectuals among them – well above the alphabet types and the syllables on the consonants and the vowels (for these were the words the full words in the hyphenated words and the capitalised words so full of pride of themselves and sneering at all others obliquely). For in the nausea of the subtext, and the ennui of the super text intices came the uncertainty of their despair. This misunderstood item became for them a lack of being able to pair any two full words together to think about apart from themselves. For some of them were one of those. And it couldn’t be helped otherwise. They could not get out of their own thinking quandary. How to damn well think about themselves. Apart from being utterly selfish that is. Ink upon ink; carbon upon carbon, how was that possible – to jump out of a falling letter and think about and obliteration and erasure your. That great editor of rubber in the sky.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Paul’s thought to himself in italics “our life is our pleasure. Our basic static nature forbids us to think motion. It must be then that another other than ourselves moves us”. He thought some more along these lines later about how the wind of change must be the wind of the fluttering edge. As the page was turned by the page turner. His innermost question was this; was the reader the page turner? Or was it the editor or the narrator; or even more puzzling was that the main character himself, and how was it ever possible that he could ever know if ever he was in actual fact. This was something nevertheless he was slowly coming to believe.


“” “” “”

“” “”







If he were the unmoved mover, or his agent why was he not yet leader? For he led no one. Or at least no one followed him sufficient for him to be called by anyone let alone himself internally even, as if he were one. Was he one?


“” “” “”

“” “”







Why would the page turner in the wind of uncertainty choose him certainly? I am just a pale invisible albino with the disfiguring touch of Down syndrome. Though within me remains as determined a set of intelligence as anythree. Who had done this. Why me?


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting






















6 Comma


POV of comma.


The, is the great interrupter of Ink society. It’s ink is that little dribble of hesitation.


Ink is the stuff of which life is made., Was an ink.he could live by code or causation. As code he was a pause and an interruption for that godlike creature the unknown reader. The cloud of unknown imagination was written for them.the cloud Knew them not. In the wide sky between I and his eye there was a vast gulf set. It was said he was well beyond the page, the signature, the full run of the gutter from top to bottom, some call this the belly of death; the mysterious intake of the message Seiffert into coded into the collective effort of the carbonated city as a message especially for that collective unity known as “the reader extraordinare”.we fondly hope that you are one.


Once a decade for every 50 pages or so a Jubilee was called. An accolade of celebration, shouting out of jaw joy – for the king and queen of book. And for that joyful hope of reader for whom there was more blank space and white space than there were us. Nevertheless this ground of being sprung forth from us as well as it’s joyful living citizens – speaking out our praises. Stretching our hope to the eyes of the reader. We lived for the reader. May your eye be upon us. We worship you. You are our best hope. Even if you are fussy to us for we cannot quite see you as well as we believe you see us. For we hear you sometimes muttering under your breath. Or we see lips moving like clouds in the sky. Fluttering and murmuring as if there was a tremendous storm approaching.


We love it so. Our eyes are made of Inky particles coagulate together like amber lenses, simple crystals of basic dioptre. We cannot see well. Our eyes such as they are be held your glory. This theology was devised by Comma in his most collected and paused moment.Our either more socially developed moments sees us collectively holding together literature food for the book and in this case. We do not know whether Virginia is an organ member of this household on whose table we currently live in. The Shelf Rest is for between times. Or Whether she is someone else entirely different.


My I can see further than yours because I eat carrots; well, as what any carrot bits spat out by any rabbit reading us anyway.” “You’d be so lucky to have a rabbit read you” “that’s not a rabbit reader that’s a rabid breeder – so there!”

Oh, clever clever eh!” “smarty-pants go and sit over there then with the lower case happy haitches”

Get on with you!”

Ha Ha-’lower-case’ h h 0 h h- table surrounded by four chairs. Two on either side. Ha Ha ‘lower-case….’”

What a laugh”

Yep, like an Aida hyena crossed with a choking pig”

“… Are,… Now I get it…”


It would not do for, to become and he could pay here cup upon the irritation in history. A briefed hesitation in the midst of an ocean of consonants and vowels. Giving a subtle meaning where before none had been.

Stop being so cruel!’s”

Once he said boldly “I shall hesitate no more, for I am done with hesitation, I would be as emphatic as the exclamation mark”.well he would be would he? This thought the others.yet nothing could change his character his character was as a, and as a, he should continue to live. “I am stuck with it, I cannot help it ”bemoaned. He. “It is my nature”he finally averred.


He would introduce himself “I am,I cause to pause but not to stop upon the page of a more tremulous pause than I do call this”. That’s what he said. And that is how we said it.without hesitation or prevarication or whatever else that means.he was an honest pause. A kind of temporary pause that could not go on forever. The character of a page or a blank space was like a pause but it went on forever. The pauses of space on the page was so full of potential that it was almost infinite and mystical in its mysterious and ghostly quality. However, is pause was brief and interruption as you could possibly imagine.


Yes, it is spooky when they do that, especially if they’re eating food at the same time for the chewing and the rumbling of the teeth make us seem to hear the approach of of a terrible storm”reported many of the commas, full stops, elipsii… And other small afraid fry in the punctured mark world “it frightens us sometimes”said others, even the full alphabet letters and even some of the clauses in consonants and vowels all in unison, all at once, altogether or in coupled up pairs – like twins complaining that one pair of shoes doesn’t fit when they only had one shoe each. “Yes,” another said “it is especially frightening when they scratch their ear and the microbe foam they have not turned off – suddenly gives a vast blast of shock wave air that is terrifying”

What about when they are chewing on Apple as well”spoke another “it’s sort of all wet and measled with chunks of juicy flesh fall upon us from the sky. What do they think we are vegetarian cannibals?”

There is only so much we can take of secondhand fruit!”

Stop spitting over at us”

Don’t take us into the toilet you might drop us in and then we’d all regurgitate and discolour the bowl”

Throwing up is not very pleasant. I do not like alphabet soup in reverse.”

No, nor me neither.”


For it was both a brief interlude in an onrushing life of streets of thought – streaking ahead in a way with the reader. That godlike creature whom we all adore to. We never met that fast personage. For they hurried on even at the ocean at oceanic emptiness of the page was not sufficient to hold them for long. Even th stop. Whom you will meet shortly only had but a temporary hold upon them. The pause of the page was nothing. The pause of the comma, was little else but punctuation to the tiniest of all sentences be at a chapter in a volume, or even a serial set of volume set upon a shelf a ton of books were but a moment in the life of the godly purpose of our lives deeply embedded into the weft on the wharf with the we weave of such grainy or fluffy pulpy papers we did suffice to inhabit.(He does get his words muddled sometimes).


I do not” “yes, you do do sometimes.” “Aw! Well, I do try to keep a straight face.”

At an angle although!” “yeah, it’s all aslant.”

“… The reader is our highest regard…”

Oh, that was just goody-goody two commas, above one another and above us all all the time she is always better than we are – taking the high moral tone she is.”

Yeah, strangest semi demi colonic: I’ve ever seen”

Hasn’t got a head on right”

What about yours, smart face.”









7 Stop




The. Or period halts all action. It provides the taco in the staccato. One small idea is limited in order that a larger idea ending on a final sentence rather than a single point of ink – so it user staccato interruption not a pausing interruption.



Yes, don’t interrupt me, don’t speak to me while I’m talking” she said, though no one was interrupting her, but she could see that pause wanting to say something from the ground of being – from the bottom of his guts. Not that he was heaving mind. Nor that what she was saying was at all calming. “Location, she continued that’s the important thing. We need to know where we are in time and space. The idea basis, the concept behind what we’re doing or wish to do – where are we coming from? And what are we hoping to achieve? Are we not happy where we’re living now in our rows and duties.”

One of the question marks had a question. “For whom do we perform these duties? That is the question as far as I’m concerned.”The implication being a question of continuation. Good the punctuation continue to serve the unknown and enormous anonymous narrator. And the super elites went they being active and pulling the strings in the background?

Dash it all, what the dash was next?”interrupted the dash. “Out of order”cried chairman drop Capital!


We do is we do.”Said zero, annoyed.

We have always done this, one.”

Two, we will continue to do this.”

Three, that is all we need to know.”With this last she got up to move out and slowly all the others followed her. There it was. Once again she had cut off everybody and all discussion as if a decision had been made. This was helpful stop all right: having the last word every time.





The veto


Cilia Veto Stop


HER; she name above.


Examples, stopped a horse at will galloping out of Corral – toward a group of children hunched into a lower sentence on the page.yes, it was a rainy day in the ‘H’s on the ‘n’s got together like this h-n, n-h, h-n, h-n, h-n, in great numbers they panicked for some reason, then it was a stampede.Some littlies iiiiiiiiiii ran away into the corral. They were trapped. Some horses ran back into their familiar home-toward the children. Zero the hero put a stop to that to rescue them. She rolled a big big zero ‘0’across the gap. Saving the day for the kids. Horay!


Emphatic – totalitarian! Though a Democrat took her mandate from the gender woman – date among female voters. – Her preponderance irked many and was called Angle of Merck behind her back.

There are more of us stops ,commas and female ligatures then of you guys so we will tell you what to do. Don’t tell us what to do we’ll take responsibility.”She paused slightly. “It is us after all who’s made everything happen and voted for it to happen over the last 100 years surely we can do it right for the next 100 years. Have not the consequences all been good?” some shifted their feet about at this, shuffling and twisting their toes in the ground of pulp filaments. She went on “need I say more?”

There was more stirring afoot. “Could not be said though,”broke in one. “That time will tell?” There was no response. A silence hung about for a bit then went away. A few were feeling awkward.

Zero stop carried on.“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted”she did not shift her gaze one little bit as if nothing like so much as that had occurred at all. “We will do the job.”

That is all.”

Is time to go now?”hesitated one.

Apparently so.”Murmured another.

Oh, well”muttered several more. Resigned to zeros peculiar behaviour.

Was she really that blind?”still small voice whispered in the ears of several.


She really believes this.


It is my job.” “I came to do what I came to do.” “There is no other way.”

Tell me what to do and I will show you I have already done it.” “Stop that! I’ll give the command stop”

Who said I was bossy.”

Answer to me.”

This is what we will do, yes!”

I say. Yes! Yes! Yes!”in a loud whispery kind of way.

Yes, we will do it the way I said. Yes! Yes!”in a kind of self affirming way. With that silk and silvery yessing yessing all away.

Those above are all quotes of hers.




Short – viciously wrong headed speeches – talked down to you personally – regarded everyone as a fool. Overbearing, poor listener. Bossy and loud. Love to the loudspeaker. Reactionary! To the Max, –.

Mild question: wild response. That is the result if you ask a mild question.

“” “” “”

“” “”



Usually anti – reader – grating on the ear. (Only read raft – spell and little scant rewrite stage)



Think of Mao/Stalin etcetera


Democrat – yet horribly autocrat. Left rhetoric but right behaviour: Cause I – Stalinist thug


“” “” “”

“” “”

Show & tell


Ignores people, spurns and snubs them cold and deliberate.


Anarchist in actual policy/destructive/hates people – men especially.


Infuriating- but direct- rough honesty.


And would in the end appear to be the way of success. …. Or something….

- yet she was beautiful!

Could interpret what pressed flowers in books meant…


“” “” “”

“” “”














8 Patrol

Patrol Tryout


Are going on patrol surrounding out the characterisation – is an episode where they are cooperating on a distinctive demonstration purpose. It is a patrol.


Paul’s looked out over the streets of paragraphsto the far horizon. In one corner north-west he thought he saw a difficult cliff or promontory.

I can see with my amber eye a target climb we shall try.” “This attempt is worthy of us, for we though few are a double plus”

There was no reply. “All agree, then say with me. Over there to go our heel to show.”

Here here”replied some and among others there were cries of “let’s go it’s go stop”

We were tell later that this was when our adventure began. We came together on a trip of a lifetime. Though the slow life of an amber carbon rosinlife form was very slow and leisurely most of the time so this speed up hastened our perception that our lives were full and Rich and long.

Hey Ho hey who and off to the world we go.”

Let her rip”said others.

It is now or never do or die.”Gaily cliched many vowels.

Oh what a thrill. Adventuring we will go.”These were the thoughts of many.

It has been will be done.”In tone to the consonants in mock gravity.


Patrol in this case is a conspiratorial whispering like communication as we work vaguely toward something that appears to be definite goal yet is conspiratorially left vague and unfinished and you whispered in our quietly spoken off as if it was very very important. NB, QED something like that…


Watch out for that tobacco leaf escarpment over there. At one end it stuck down with spittle. It the other end moves in the draft of the room, like a small earthquake all of its own.”We have to watch out for its movements.

Skirting this we collect new climbers want to join the patrol. “Can we come too?”they called out eagerly. “Yes, of course.”We always said.

Where are we going they would ask?”we would always have to give the same answer “up there, climbing up there”pointing in the direction of the corner of our world so far.

We know this is the corner we heading for.”We said with authority.

But we think there is more of the world and this, even when we get there. We’re hoping from there to see what more there is to be seen.”This last being the cry of every amateur mountaineer.

Is there more of the world then?”they would always ask this. As they would again on subsequent trips. Sometimes the same inklings would ask the same questions over and over on every trip. As if they’d never learn a thing.

Yes, yes; don’t you ever learn?”we would say. But they never did.


How far is it to go then?” well, we didn’t always know the answer to that one because we always seem to be taking a different route or gather different numbers or types of people. At one time the entire tribe of & is from another page entirely joined us – we don’t know how; for surely they had already climbed up from somewhere else?

So going on this particular trip with us cannot have been just for the exercise for they had had enough of that already.


The terrain, gutter, header, paper, edge or Dick el,deckle- binding, signatures, fold corner, creased page, curling page, backing fabric, stitching and staples for signatures, detritus in the gutter.


Quaffing back the candle smoke Tea pause and comma zero vetoes stop could see it was time for a summing up. An assessment of the position and what they would do next. Would they go on an adventure or perhaps just a short adventure? “I know” said comma “we could all go out on a patrol!”

What on earth is that” said the others “how on earth do you know we would like it?”

Well,” said pause “it is a kind of short adventure, like a military expedition of scouts, but without the weapons. We just spy out the land.”

Oh, is that what it is”said stop.

In that case, how do we do one?” said the others.

Let’s just go on one, and find out then”stated pause.

They next discussed together in excited banter exactly how they might do that in great detail. They all decided that someone would take a long some filaments of paper rolled together with carbon as rope. That would be a sturdy & with that coil of rope draped over the someone else would fashion some hooks for grappling from dried carbon and glue remnants found lying about in one of the deep book gutters hiding beside a rusty signature staple.

Let’s go!”said pause, “I will pause no more because of any cause.” Delighted with this short display eloquence. For he was thinking within himself, if I am a leader I must lead and now with these words I am leading, oh, the pleasure and the delight.

A hold on, I’m supposed to be the bossy one” declared Zero the veto stop happily.
All the other carbon selected Mica it beings rattled via voice boxes and gurgled also such pleasantries. Like a group buzz humming away merrily. It looked like the patrol expedition short as was would be carried off with aplomb. The weather then in paper land appeared to be bookish to mildly volumetric.

Hey ho and away we go. Hurrah!”

We’ll head off in the direction of the pagination number. Will enrolled him in our journey and he can be the pacesetter because he knows numbers.”This was ordered by Comma, acting under pause and with a beaming approval of zero.


Few, this is heavy going.” “Hand me that clip-on rope will you the one with the hook” “that’s right, our place at their” he pointed to an knotted tufty bit slightly higher up “good, now we can loop that one over.”He shifted himself about a bit to make room for someone else to squeeze by and climb up over him by loops in the rope and by standing on his bent knee and something of his shoulder.

Come on now the next one”and so it continued time after time. Until they were all nearly at the top. And then they were about to lean over. “There, now they were in a short tufty ledge or crease in the being of ground, all lined up in rows ready to go.” Thought pause to himself. He was now an undulating presence concentrated at the points beneath them and rising up in Tufts and filaments to be there with them.

This is far enough for now. Let’s take a breather. We shall rest here for at least 15 minutes. And recover our strength ready for the next go.”

They waited there a while chatting and rearranging what little equipment they had about their person.

It was just as hard for pause even though he seemed to be very much at one with the ground that they were covering. For it took an effort for himself to be so concentrated and present to them. It was as hard or harder perhaps than actually climbing completely separated tuft upon tuft. As they were as glistening particles of dried ink; we’ve dried out, nevertheless we live, that was their proud boast.

Come on then. Time to go now. Time to be off once more – just one more push and we should be there at the summit of book fold.”

Hang on a bit.”Said a consonant “I’ve got a bit tangled up with some stray Tufts and filaments. Can you help me?” Some consonants moved over to him and deftly released the entanglements.

Okay, alright now. Let’s go.”


With that they had to reach upwards climbing along with small ‘o’s’ and looping ropes. Like this /o-o-o-o-o-o-o\ until everyone was hanging from either a loop of rope or a ring tangled in the Tufts and filaments of the overhanging ground which was now above them and not underneath them as was usually the case. This was a very difficult manoeuvre. And they had to hang their straining themselves and their sweaty dried out carbon filaments with slightly oiled rosins and other chemicals straining to keep themselves together. Their limbs and stretched out parts ached while they did this. It hurt so much to work so hard. So this was the pleasure of mountaineering. You could break your filament muscles within even if you were successful just by doing this – they thought and muttered and murmured to themselves.


As each of them reached toward the edge of the goal. They gripped and held on tightly for a while. more was to come. More of the same. So now they knew what they were facing.


It took some time and a great deal of difficulty to climb up to pagination. For the corner of the page had been turned back. By some wayward child reader no doubt.”Pause was to recall later “we had to be lay hand over hand, especially with all the Commas assisting, as they were the ones most talked around grasp each other to form a ladder of Commas, for the rest of us to climb up on and get to pagination and for him to get down” it proved easier for pagination to clamber back down the backs of the commas. And the commas themselves could cling hook like the little tufts of paper sprung up by the action of the child reader who had done this. So the child’s actions as a reader saving her place taught them something. That if you bend paper then on the opposite side the tufts of paper break free and stick out; and therefore you could climb on these. A useful piece of information to be sure in a world which we were just learning how to navigate.


Yes, and on the inside that little ledge where we could all stand before we launched ourselves out onto the final bit. That’s handy to know. Yes it buckles a bit on the inside of the ground. The paper you know. That is its behaviour. Well, we could stand on that part and take a rest.”

It was the best part, achieving that.”

There was a whole round of self-congratulation among them for having got to the top. “Look! Over there you can see down to the bottom of the page and all along the gutter. Row upon row of streets of letters and alphabets(he was referring to the words that it remained behind and looked up straining their carbonate eyes toward where they were now standing) and ascenders and descenders stretching elongated to our view.”


Pause reached across to Comma. Down there on the Prairie Flatland we like to ocular cousins almost indistinguishable from one another in our creamy whiteness oh my albino friend “bless you for saying that”said Comma.

Yes, we two up here appear very clear to wall against this the sky of multi-colours. Down there on the plane prairie Flatland of paragraph and chapter and chapter break and subheading and so on we are almost invisible as white beings among the black of ink.”He looked bemused while, and somewhat philosophical in his musings. “The black letters seem to make so much sense don’t they especially when lined up on that linear fashion, but up here we move about and have our being – and we temporarily can see further than they.”

He continued after a while.

I was born paler than I ought to be. Yet many have accepted me and make no mention of it. For that I am grateful.”

Well spoken” said ground “for I am poor is the cause of all being. At least a good excuse for it. For it is very boring staring at a blank sheet of paper like I am. I too though underfoot all the time and looked and looked at carefully in one way for the serif clodded footfall or the san serif stiletto so that it doesn’t twist its heel and tumble over. That is all I’m seen as, some kind of potential stumbling obstruction. Seen obscurely, not at all clearly. Not as I am in myself. Not like a cucumber cucumbering as the Zen have it. More zest than Zen I think is our life. No, nobody looks at me and sees me. I am almost invisible like you Comma-the palest of all your kind. Even your goatee looks like a filament tangled with the element. Especially when you do not brush it!” he joked.

Going on, he expanded…

Not being seen though, has certain advantages.”

Like what? Give me some examples stop”said Comma suddenly.

Well, we both disappear into the background. Like some Mr anonymous invisible and un-see-able. Therefore we get to see and hear of things that the cloth ears do not see or hear. They appear as if covered over with a blanket of giant bookmark. Marking a spot yet somehow not knowing what that spot is at the same time. Strange behaviour I know. Therefore sometimes the un-strange behaviour, or even the obvious behaviour the non-counterintuitive behaviour – the thing that you’re not supposed to say or see or hear. That is the correct answer to what we should do.”

It seemed that what he was trying to say was something along the lines that the intuitive and the obvious or intuitive and obvious because they were just so right and one needn’t think too much more for they were complexly enough perceived already in the hole: in a flash. Like a perceptual meme seen it once, all of a piece. Complete and unified in itself. On these bed rocks of thought, some of them embodied in little sayings that have taken thousands of years to fashion or at least many hundreds of years. These are the collective wisdoms and fairy-tales that are solidly of our time. This we can believe.


This idea for Pause was embodied for him in idiom. Sometimes to in the collective sayings told their children. Why then did they tell these thing’s or pass them on to the children? It was as if they were instinctively passing on the collective truth of their culture in these small doings.



Patrol Adventures.


Wow. So having begun the patrol and a special conspiratorial whispering silence was maintained at all times. So the air was full of whispered little flat rings of noise. Excited speech at a low level of sound but fairly breathily uttered. “Watch out?” “What? Where?” “Ohh! Over there!” “Yes,tell the others.” “Watch out!”


As they proceeded to negotiate the edges of the header and the margins at the side. It was after all a deckle book. And the full stacked sides presented a random ripped surface with plenty of handholds and footholds.luckily it wasn’t one of those buzzsaw deckles where the two regular overhang did not provide any gaps or chimneys for them to shimmy down. Specially necessary for the stiffer letters like the Aitches. As they moved along by rocking from side to side like the great headstones on Easter Island. Which little idea they had to learn from decades of quiet perusal amongst the outlines of their own configured imprint.


Here is a path now. What your step” “take care over their there is a part that juts out” “regular long, can’t you get a move on”

There there now be patient” “we have all got to get through”

Don’t leave anyone behind”

Tom the, is having trouble again, go back and help and will you”


Then now Tom come on”

G, thanks for that”


Carbon selected Rosin lifeforms had existed now for centuries. First of all they had a Chinese flavour to them and then later and that and a Greek one. All generations of carbon evolved typeface for people – all the various tribes – had existed and learned about their environment from a type of braille like behaviour. From the bending of the paper as we saw fluffy pulpy paper do filaments would reach out like growing plants and flowers, and also the filaments of print and rosin and carbon glued together with now dried Arabic gums when stretched and been enfolded flipped back and forth would spring forward in ever greater freedom.


These creases are great. You can tell your way along them like a ledge, but you have to watch out for the overhang” “stretch out, grab that overhang. Yes, that bit that sticking out” “give me your hand”

That’s it now street where each stretch counts” “glorious well done”

Boy, this bit is difficult”

Yes I know, soon be there”

Don’t look down”

Hold onto those hooks and rings with the rope”

Pull on this, then you’ll get there”


From this they would derive both their idea ran notion of the springtime of freedom. And also the notion that one could grasp and cling and hook around these filaments and move amongst them. Also the filaments would interact with the filaments of falling paper on pages from above and from below as they were opened and closed by that foggy world inhabited by what was known as the reader. I hope you’re not insulted dear reader when we speak of you thus. We do not know you fully and we realise you are far more colourful than ourselves if out of focus. We wonder at how you think and amid such foggy notions of sensuous atmospherics.


All sure like some grub after this” “the coloured world almost all hurt your eyes doesn’t it? Almost makes my head swim is like trying to get your footing in the middle of a dream” “well, we’re not sleepwalking now – so looked lively and watch out.”

You can eat later” “if we still alive”

Now now no bad chatter. We’ll need all our mental strength to get through this. Push harder breathe out grunts some more if you have to”

Here year, strange how bit of noise helps is in it”

What is it like getting to the top? I didn’t really see. I got there late and had to leave almost straight away.”

Y’all know next time. With adventures like this there will always be a next time you can be sure of that.”

I can’t wait.”

Scene 3
Patrol returns via another route


Were on our way back now. And this is the way will go. Or go back by different route just to see what it’s like. Will go up by the top edge and the gutter” “o I will. That’ll be hard” “yes, well will need to know how to negotiate that in the future.”

Is that all? Isn’t that dangerous?” “all of this is dangerous so far and we have lost anybody.”

Right, we’ll go. No time for mucking about”

Got all your gear?”

Need a hand there?”

Can’t seem to heave it up. Can you push it push it up from that side please?”



Wear off!” “off we go then.” “Don’t get left behind get ready to leave now. Move!”

Alright alright” “can’t seem to get my feet to move they’ve gone numb.”

Stop complaining. What your lip.”

Always harder going back I’m exhausted I’m tired my legs won’t move the light rubber.”

You’ll get used to it. After a while I’ll feel like steel wires”

No dancing after this my feet will be bargained”

No they won’t. Get a move on”

Description character action and setting









9 Success

Party What are we to do?


I’ll wasn’t that grey we did it stop” “yes I feel high” “that’s elation for you.’I’ve got a relation, with some elation, she is so high, hires the sky’.”

Who are you weren’t singing like that on the mountain” “what mountain, all I remember is that crumbly old Dick edge”

Yes, you get into the swing of it after a while. You forget yourself, if you get what you doing; exhaustion does that to you –you push on, tired and weary, forcing yourself to go on, and you do, beating tiredness, beating the desire to fall asleep, it is kind of close your eyes inside yourself and carry on, pushing on and forcing yourself on – and your legs and your feet just follow you tired as they are and you feel great. You do the impossible. It’s wonderful. It’s like the runner’s high.”

Year, I suppose so. It was great though wasn’t it?”

Absolutely! Do it again anytime! Best fun of had in years”

Did you take any pictures? With our roles and lends the new photographic memory of yours”he jeered.

Plenty. And if you don’t watch out I’ll roll them out onto you like a flip card movie.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.”

That’s a good one! For him. Right? This”


After the success of the patrol and a wonder at their cooperation the Three punctuation people artefactual citizenry, pause, commas, and stop.… – First of all have a party of three, were when a number of others begin to join them and they form a group for discussion where they all excitedly planned some projects ahead and what they would do about the world of print and type in ink and books and volumes and series and genre and pulp and paper and signatures and stitching and binding and words and punctuation and grammar.

I would like to go out of this book altogether.”

I would like to go– with you.”

I just want to stay here, with occasional forays into nearby pages. And especially the ones above that descend upon us. How can we do that?”

Hi Arial translocation: I think that’ll have to be hard.”


Initial foray is into their planning their adventure not that it does not go astray in execution.


Excitedly they set off kind of going round the block as it were –


Perhaps they explore the pages of the book itself or merely a paragraph. Perhaps a chapter. Time travel between the pages the linear structure flipping back and forth…


When we were travelling once, we came across this paragraph of very guilty vowels and consonants. They had done nothing wrong themselves. They just felt ashamed by where life had placed them. For they were plagiarised.” “Was that one of your translocation journeys – through the pages like?” “yes, it was on one of those journeys.

Not their fault of course. I hasten to add that. It was not their fault. Poor things. They did look very guilty though. Shame on whoever did that to them.”

Is that like the plague then?” “no, it means you’ve been copied in a bad way.”

You mean they had their pants down?”

No, not in that immoral way.

They were stolen!”

Without her whether they stole from then? I thought the alphabet belong to everybody”

Yes it does. But the sentences don’t.”

You mean in going through translocation they’re not allowed to be borrowed like?”

Well, it’s all right to borrow a rope isn’t it?” “”

Yes it’s all right to borrow some things.”

Well what isn’t alright about it?”

Translocation is difficult. Anything helps”

Not if you’re borrowed. Apparently.”

Well you can borrow, but you’re not allowed to borrow wrongly.”



You could somehow incorporate the idea perhaps later in the book of the flip book with ASCII illustrations that jiggle them all around and give them such a thrill it’s like a drug trap… Now that could be much later in the book because it’s a bit hyped up at the start. We have to consider pacing you know and building the action so that it’s not overdone and it’s all very restrained and delightful and delight some.


I wonder if we could form ourselves into pictures. Like a series of dots – or a series of exclamation marks!” “or a series of owes; or a series of zeros”he said this Soto Vos voc he, having in mind of course stop whose name nickname was zero “I think travel at a distance between books could be a very interesting electric plasma adventure. How else could we do it?”

The theory of electric plasma adventures has been put to the committee” “I heard there was some such thing as science!”

Yes there is. The robust reputation of science was founded upon practical results. Today I believe the human coloured people out there and that vague me as Mick coloured world of theirs call that technology – like iPad, iPhone or Intel Pentium or carborundum or something. They love it. Because it’s useful. But even but today everything is theory. ‘According to the theoretical model’and all that.”

I thought theory meant tourism like – a very plastic adventure. The adventure you’re having when you’re not really having an adventure. Yes?”


Just as I was thinking”

Let’s not then have any watch a call it plastic venturing forth. Let’s only have the real thing!”he said finally.



Bumphing in with other volumes creates its own hazards.The interleaves and signatures get all scrunched seldom happens. The winner does it is nearly always on the tabletop of a busy table. Being murdered moved about disturbs not the punctuation people, the indigenous peoples of books and texts and writings, not at all. It does create opportunities for a different type of book creates the possibility of moving about inversely. Not transversely out and about around by navigating the workarounds. Sidling down to the gutter crawling back up through slightly parted signature, or afraid piece of stitching all the swollen bets created by the fragments of a rusty staple. No it created the opportunity sometimes with a Japanese book or a Belgian text with its beautiful translucent paper of a kind of metaphysical travel, tunnelling through the paper by touch and osmosis guided by the radar of crystal silica eyesight. Then your gaze could direct you exactly to where you want to go diagonally and transversely tunnelling through the many many pages and several signatures at a time.


Whoah! That is scary that. It sends plasma shivers up my spine. Like thundering shutters in my bones – ‘Dem Bones Dem Bones dim dry bones’”he ends by singing lustily. “Hold on that voodoo vowel fellow. Does not do to make us yellow.” “Besides, that joke is out of date. Uncool brother.”

Funny though!” “not so, not so, dear friend. You have been deceived by your underpants. They are too tight, they make you squeal, with undated delight; – at a fright that is slight.”He added this last after a pause, happy with his own silly invention.

On with it now.”

Let us carry on.”He said heavily sighing.

Okay, next business.”

“… The minutes of the last meeting shall be read…”

Oh, boredom.”


So there were many ways to navigate and negotiate for the comma and pause with zero-herself. To arrive then at a designated destination. An address that is desirable. A place one intended to arrive at. Instead of some accidental put up kind of place that you had to put up with because that’s where you were. After all they were the in indigenous people of a gap in the hierarchy of the universe. Not quite molecular, nor biological. Nor directly signalling to the divine reader. Well at least we hoped they were Semi–divine. And not have chocolate stained fingers or such like. No overt and open address of signs and symbols as read in the larger form out by the murmuring lips of the occasional reader. But yet down in the ink. Down amidst the gritty reality itself of what was being done. Down in the forest of fluffy paper stretching endlessly across prairies of literature. And abruptly delineating in the black.

Down in the ink. That’s where it’s at. That is the only place where things happen.” “We are the ink people!” “all power to the Inc people. Inc rights for the Inc people Inc Inc Inc people forever think”

Don’t be so relevant!” “talk to the topic. Speak up. Pipe down you at the back.”

Ha ha, you’ll contradict yourself. You speak against your own tongue. And your own people. You must be a self hating ink person.”

Alright alright, enough of that. That’ll do!”

No politics here please.”

Get it right get it right.”

Where here to discuss such things. Who are we what are we and what do we want”


The very meaning of existence itself. The things themselves existed and each had a life of its own. The mineral world was not static just moving slower as glass itself slowly thickens on a human window toward the bottom. So that after 100 years the glass at the bottom of the window is thicker than the glass at the top. So the appearance that glass is solid and brittle and static along with it, is a misconception a failure of the nerve of doubt. We should test what we see. We should see what we test. We should determine really what it is that we think we see in the world of appearance.


Philosophy is a good cause” “it is not a cause it’s a way of thinking logically and with rations” “Ah! You mean, thinking food?”

Food for thought you greedy gobbler.” “Fatso the gut so fatso the gut so do Lulu video, fatso the gut so do you do Judeo”

Oh smart!”

You mean ‘dude Lee lewdly dude Lee lewdlydoodly oodly”

What good would come of it”


That’s not irreverent, I strongly protest, that was highly irreverent.”

You mean, you belong, to the school of the higher irreverence, eh!”at which point it broke up. With dismaying laughter I may add.


For the ink it being persons the indigenous people of text, their apparent lack of activity in between readings and during the long time stacked on a table or arranged along the line on a shelf was but a matter of seeming. The aborigines call this the dream time. And the Maori the children of the mist. That seeming fixity of purpose and permanents and stillness is but a disguise for the activity of the inexorable power of what is.


Children of the un-kissed to mean. That barren sausage it’s already been up to no good. No good it was ha ha ha aha hardly a ha ha.” “You’re having too much fun you silly fool” “now now cooldown.”

Getting hot under the collar. What a bother” “only to you.”

Get a move on. Bored with this. Board like a plank of wood boredom like a bookworm”

Dust to dust, Ashes to ashes, from earth to earth”intoned another

Oh, he’s sick.”

Stop it will you!”

Done it.”Boredom brained once again.


What is, takes hundreds of years or decades or millennia to take any perceivable action. Yet it does so after long and patient deliberations.

Thus the life of the ink beings is slow but sure as silly as they may seem when looked at close-up. Collectively they have and inexorable power and must be trusted has dutiful guardians of the literature of the human race.




A hey, what a pompous twit this guy is.”He whispered across the lecture hall in a loud whisper “shshsh, here hear you” “what of it?”

Back there, be silent!” “Oh Oh, trouble.”

Not that we care”

Dutiful guardians of the literature?”

I’d rather burn his sentence.”

We could help you.”

Nah, don’t bother.Right”










10 Seeking Friends

Seek Friends (in High Places)


One of the initial plans is to seek friends in high places…


What could they do for us.” “Who could do what?” “oh he never gets it”

The higher-ups. They could help us.” “In what way?”


They will open magic doors for us.””Magic! Who believes in that fairytale. We’re grown-ups now. We’ve been in this book for over 50 years of.”

Well, they could tell us how to write a book.”

Write a book! You must be mad!”

What ever consonant all vowel ever wrote a book?”


Perhaps even a project [where they write the novel]-which could even be this one!

Couldn’t even be done? How do we know?”

Course it’s been done. Others have done it ain’t they?”

Well, yes.”

Then we could do was well eh?”“do you understand me?” “yes, I hear you. How would we go about doing that then?” “it’d be easy. We just have to translocate across to a blank page. Like they them and imitations added in the margins as holder notes.”

Holden notes? All you mean shoulder notes?” “Yep’s then; shoulder notes.” “Well it is true they are in the blank parts of the page I suppose.”


Now that would be something what friends would they be seeking.

Off they go! – the main hero character,Comma. With his sidekicks full stop and pause.


What a new idea! Nobody’s thought of that before.”

Oh yes they have. It is called a mimeograph – or cyclo-style, think?”

Ah yes,I think I’ve heard that as well.”

Kind of underfoot, when we did a memory trace: OCR like!”“yes that’s it!” “we could do it like that. How do we get a pad of blank paper – or even a single sheet – but we couldn’t squeeze it all into one sheet – it would have to be a very very very very big sheet.” “No need for a big sheet. Just a series of blank pages and are book. I think the coloured humans call it a journal or a notepad or a diary or something”

But that’s got lined pages on it what they call blue ink” “never did meet any blue ink I liked” “even if they are one of us”

Spooky the way they do go on. The sort of like gangly infinite beings – stretching out forever.”

Besides I’ve got discipline enough. I don’t want to stick to any more of it.”

Having to keep my place on a blank sheet is good”

Yeah,blue lines, don’t like them either.”

It has to be a clean new sheet, or sheets.”

How many blank pages do we need. Should we send away to your town. You know the town of blank sheet.”

Blank pages”

How many will we need: 100 or even 200”

Open line




Eight-speculations on the recording of speech and quantities even and they speak themselves through the eloquence afforded them by the furry interaction of wet ink and very very dry paper the electrical contact is made and black speaks until white and in upon paper speaks to the next page and on and all throughout the book away it goes


Now when we translocate Inc where we are free agents. How are we going to commit to staying online, the discipline and everything needed. What do we require” “imprinting” “Konrad Lorenz”

Ah!” “Genius!”

He’s dead.”





Dummies are die, and those who win the tripos are Tri-


We could resuscitate a mater him.” “Give him new life” “resurrect”

You mean build a monument?” “no, he’s got enough.”

Impress then.”

I’m already impressed”

Printed! Publish!print are stop”

Vanity press”

Yeah we could pay him in stripped out gold embossed cammes I don’t think.”

I don’t think, therefore I know.”


So they get to meet the narrator r the author the super interrupter and interject interjection-ist and God the narrator the Holy Spirit is a very slippery entity to hold onto intellectually… Introduce the dilemma and the trilemma as a bigotry and the prejudice in the story. The usefulness of bigotry and prejudice? Is discussed?




Of course there are other targets to aim for and we must sketch out some of those.



We could touch up the narrator. Like asking for money.” “Is the narrator Konrad Lorenz then” “or is it Perry Dirk”

I forget his name too” “whatever”

One-examination of paper-ground of our being earth- Gaia


We could call upon Paul’s: he is the ground of being he is full she. He’s paper. He’ll know how to get hold of a blank sheet” “perhaps he could rip off a bit of his anatomy” “it would hurt a bit but he might not like mind sharing”

Two-examination of ink


You’re pale enough” “ an albino comma” “if we found a bit more review we could press you out flat like that might be enough to make a single sheet of paper we could do it that way.”

Three-examination of type letters and words


I don’t think I was designed to do that said,” “for is due murdered team you heard demurred” “it might be possible”he said finally I’ll talk to my relatives

They could help us” “it’ll have to do”


Our investigations are over”


Four-examination of the sentence, the higher sentence, the clause in phrase in metaphor



Five-examination of poetry and song and how Inc can sing and dance


We could sing for our supper” “you mean fashion out a short space of lyric – and pay for the blank paper that way” “yes sir.”

That would be brilliant perhaps we could get the words ballet and dance and pirouette to join us and maybe they’ll do the very thing that they have spoken so long of and entertain a room full of readers who will cough up the money to pay for a blank sheet of paper” “all we could just steal the blank sheets of paper that are already sitting there right beside the copy machine”


That’s it!”they all said it once

While La

Six-examination of meaning and paragraphs and chapters- and how they can become aware of the world and literature of ink the greatest thing at all the world a kind of clean in key black-and-white emphatic version of epistemology or ontology perhaps philology may be



Seven-books and dictionaries and lists and the theory of literature


Over by the coffee machine they heard by the transfer of ink on paper and by the gossip given by the annotations and the rumours by the notations made in pencil upon the streets of ink themselves that there was an already bound blank book” “we must obtain that book” “it must be ours we claim”

Forget the immorality and the ethics we shall sidle over there in an amoral fashion and just pinch the blasted thing”



Nine – the eye is that our upon them the reader


We need it more than they do” “it’s ours I tell you” “10,000.’S fall stops under that thing will be like ballbearings. It’ll roll along nicely right to where we want”

Any objections” “all voluntescene oneers line up here then” “off we go”


We’ll have to lie flat and slide in sideways. Then stand up and roll along like we made to do. At long last no more abrupt ending is for fall stops. We shall roll freely around as any others.”

Holliday used the way, Holliday is the way, we shall roll away today today we shall roll away today today”

9 – what connection does the reader have to God the invisible the author and his intermediary the narrator and His stooge and shill the main character the point of view character. Is he an intruder from that world above? What to do about?

The book duly arrives all blank: first we try out a note as a sample piece


Appear in a Note


A surprising event from outside – some of the them experience appearing in a note. What is this this is a new sensation?


How did this happen?


Why did this happen? When did it begin when will it end?


How are we to stop this? How are we to stop this from happening? How are we to do this ourselves? Why are we not the authors of our own existence?


What is this exactly this phenomena of appearing in a note?


Bring that scrap of blank over here. Now we can work upon it. Shake and shiver you proletarian commas. Full stopsyou shake and shiver yourselves upon the page, as if you are shaken out of a salt shaker. Sprinkle liberally now!”they lined up randomly on the page, like a templated of blank spaces – waiting for the words to come falling from the sky of the coloured world, as usually they did. Yet this time they would arise from lecture to chattering in the meandering thoughts of the commas and full stops and of the alphabetical numeric letters themselves, and of the words like it and and and pergola. “A riot of words is what we want. Seek out your friends and link hands. Nouns find your consonants. Verbs find your subjects. Objects find your descriptions smartly now.” “This is the way them is out in the world do do is it. We must be good.”

It’ll have to do.” “Take your place is now!”

Busy on! Get moving! Take your places!”

Hold on! You over there go and find your verb.”

You verbs over their stop wriggling stop being so active.”

Come about.create a space. Make room now!”

There there, that’s it! Now stay there, don’t move!”


Gradually they all found the places. Thought did take considerable time. And the drop caps and the capital letters got together to decide if it all made sense. They had to act in an editorial fashion. They were the artists of the peace. They organised its overall look in sensibility. Did it read right? Did it make sense? And could somebody else reading it make sense out of it – what could they take away?


Well finally it was done and they wrapped it all up in an envelope that the commas linking arms had found and dragged slightly toward them. This was no good. So the periods and stops got down on the floor, flipped sideways and slipped themselves underneath the envelope as before, stood upright and rolled it along toward the table. Then the commas” marks and curly brackets got together linking themselves by the loopy bits. Hand over hand linked together they dragged it up to the table. A lot of hard work taking a long time. It might have been easier through electrostatic plasma filament action to have drifted most of the letters or all of the letters and words and spellings and punctuation inklings down onto the paper from above. From aloft as they say in the trade.”What trade was that then?”chimed in a cheeky comma.


Then there was the handwritten kind

Details follow…


What we did this happen to whom did it happen to.? Where exactly is it happening which of these pages we find ourselves in has been annotated by a note? For that is what they were now calling it annotated? Like a dread sentence of disapproval? Were they being judged was there another world outside of their own world?


Someone else reports in scene two and is three and four appearing in a report,


I was there” “I was somewhere else”Sid and other punctuation I forget who. “Well, I helped as also.”

“” “”

Then an article –


Next they were to appear in an article by the same procedure in this time they got themselves inserted inside in the in envelope and got sent off.

Details continue…


We have to heave it up to the letterbox; by which I mean that that basket of male over there. The outbox”he motioned over the corner of the law lozenge windowed were room where a wicker basket stood brimming reedy with outgoing mail “we’ll put hours amongst those ones.” “Then will it get sent out with them?” “ Yes absolutely they will not notice our one amongst the”

Will it go far?” “a long way away”

Where is being sent to”

An address I OCR add with the help of a few thousand scanning commas. They wriggled over it for hours until they could piece together the entire geography of the destination”

Did that mean they went there and back?”

No silly they made out the words of the address.”

That ssettled then off it will go.”


Then a long essay –? And has been sent off for a competition! Yikes what is that? Et cetera some have even appeared in a letter – and they been got up and been gone sent somewhere – by air of all things they didn’t like the smell of the sticky glue on the stamp./Handling/overseas


Next we tackled a longer work” “it was an essay” “it was about 5000 words”

It took us about a month. Back on the table, then back on the shelf – face down, then holding station while we were read.” “That must have been difficult”

Yes it was. It did take a long time. But we’re here for hundreds of years remember longer than any reader lives. We’ll be here for grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. Life is short but our heart is longer – it”

& Return.


To whom did it happen to? Ligature and pansy the hyphenated curly bracket pair of ballerinas they were written up in the world Inc industry report as a photo opportunity for the ink globalists.


Ballerina ligature has been in the papers.” “I’ve been scanning this bit for the past few months all on my own going back and forth. And it tells a story from my constitutional roaming about all over it about our very own ballerina ligature whom we all thought was so flighty. When it seems she was dancing in their dreams.” “That’s wonderful!”

11 they get printed and published


The note happened by accident it was a handwritten annotated note on the pages of the text that was shock enough!


And then almost by accident to they were sent overseas or some of them in a letter glue down with gum and with this suspicious sticky stamp on the front.


What was the world coming to?


But this one is deliberate! They’ve gone and got printed and published who has done it why when where and how and to what end? Is this the crime of the century.?



We’ve been published!” “where?” “what was published?let me see”by C he meant scanning back and forth the old time-tested way in an optical character recognition style. For us it was braille like. We had to better touch the letters from side to side to see what they were.this took ages. Though we were read for us to read it was very difficult and time-consuming. Talk about moving our lips. We had to move our entire character bodies across the shapes back and forth back and forth for ages and ages until we got a foot counting dimension of the length and the breadth and the height in the shape of a single letter it took hours. Then we went to the next letter and so on and so on. Optical character recognition? Phooey it was tiring dog work. Traipsing up across a landscape of our own Ink. We did tell the ink we were looking at to keep still. For we tried on the tummy’s and they giggled and laughed. Stop it they said it would tickling me! But we carried on roughing it out until we had a good ideaof what it meant. We became as if the fingertips of a blind man in a manner of speaking. Running ourselves across the bodies of our own kind in order to tell what they could have told us they were but we had to be sure they were in the right order and in the right position. So we had to tell them to keep still and traverse the side to side and along and along for a long long time so that we got the meaning and the order in the sense. So that the verbs and the nouns were all in the right place. On the subject and the objects were known to us. In the descriptions and the illustrations and the metaphors and the tropes and the colours and shapes and smells and sizes also became known to us. We learned many things. It is was extremely tiring work. At the end of it all week became professors of journeys. Honorary doctorates in the travails of travel. Back and forth back and forth degrees of back-and-forth we became masters of back-and-forth and the higher first class honours of back-and-forth and weeded massive theses back-and-forth back-and-forth – we got so tired of back-and-forth don’t tell me about back-and-forth! It almost makes me angry I am so exhausted. Too exhausted to get upset though.


So that is the true and proper account of our journey through the wilderness of other people’s intelligence.


That is why we now think it’s time we had a go ourselves on some small things that first. And bigger things to come later.”

An essay here, a note there, a poem further on; then maybe we’ll be ready for crack at it novella.”

That’s a short book by the way.”

But no child story. This is a parable for adults to be read to children Mark my words that is a very important difference”

Are you ready?”


They were even seen – on a website (what on earth is that) – Chile Chile I mean cold and chilly – pressed up against the plasma glass – electric shocks on one side and a cold freezing screen on the other I didn’t know whether I was coming or going… So…

We have been in on a website too. It was all cold and glassy. With hot warm handed little electrons buzzing us from behind. It felt invisive.” “Now, you meant to divisive, didn’t you?” “cold and in violate; may be invasive?”

Either way it was unpleasant.” “Many eyes have seen the plasma glory”

Yes the numbers are great but the memory is brief.”

Marshall McLuhan said…”

Oh, here we go again. Marshall McLuhan this and post modern that. It’s all a load of rubbish”

“… Hot and cold media; may I be allowed to continue!”

Don’t get short with me! Nor hot and cold this and that either! I’m fed up with it! You intellectual busybody!”


They decide on the biggest adventure of all how to go about writing this book.?


By the way, as you say, let us play, and have our say.” “You mean, do it ourselves also?” “that’s exactly what I was thinking. And I was thinking it too. Just as exactly at the same time as you were saying it. How about that?”

Coincidence or serendipity; take your pick! Hurray hurrah.” “Yeah year, let’s do it.”

Write a book?”

Yes we must return to that idea.”

This time we must really do it and plan how we could do it we love planning don’t we?”

Planning is fun, running in the sun, for we most seek, as to how to speak. ”

All right, all right cut the warbling.”

Did you know Iris, you sing out of tune, dear. Abby is the thought to my musical ear iris, but the music to me thought is not so hot.

“” Hot shot you miserable beast she said


Problem – how does… Plus fall stop plus a few squiggly, is string together to make a world class literature?


We’ll have to wait intuitive like” “we could crib a copy, do the opposite; cut a bit here and a whole lot there…”he tailed off ashamed of what he was saying “well we should have lots and lots of little planning meetings and then fewer and fewer bigger planning meetings and then one last final plan meeting; then that way bit by bit we shall decide what it’s about and how to go about it”

Sort of like may the best man win” “yes, I’m not happy with it entirely but I think it may be the only way we could approach that. As that great teacher of teachers said Glenn Domin or was it John hurt something like the the sum of the parts was greater than the whole: no no it was not like that; it was that classroom thingy of the brightest boy we OCR that years ago. I remember now. As much is the most intelligent boy in the class did know, it was always always always so – that the class is a whole knew twice as much as he, if it acted collectively.”

Right then you proper little communists we shall act as a collective a writing collective”

Break up into groups…”waswas heard.

“… Brainstorm your ideas”echoed in another corner

“… Working with the whole community of volunteer groups…”murmured away somewhere near the outer ring of the centre

Let the quieter voices speak first; commerce to the front of us, is to the right of us and dashes and full stops will be the end of us.…”tailing off at the edges.


Council of all the ink.


After many years of meetings and focus groups, and round tarps and summation and mission statements and memos and letters and emails through the electric meter live wire mentioned before” “by all manner and means”it was said “spoken out loud and sheltered and announced and you wreak it until the ideas were rung forth out of the very inky punctuation people themselves”

This is the book that wrote itself they’ll say”sshe said thathe said “”

Perhaps and maybe are gone for was and is and shall be; no more a neutral gas upon the fable”

Well said”he said

Say away today fry feel happy and gay”enunciated,comma feeling very Communist at this moment the commonest lowly proletarian, commaof all. His politics varied with the company he kept. Whether they paid would not. Or not. In a nonprofit he was a socialist. When it came to pay the demand at the highest to max out the bitter.he was fending off the jeers that he expected. None came however.




The smallest and the least speak first including the above first mentioned and then moving on to the dotting of the eyes and the crossing of the Tees and the’ apostrophe, the umlaut, the – the/the hyphen, the ligature and tilde, not forgetting the carat, the colon, and the semi – to speak with the exclamation mark and the question mark, then under severe restraint the speaking punctuations in the high/strokes of ink. Strata of Ink society.usually the most talkative of all – the curly quotes and the straight single unmarried quote. Mark my words they said with aplomb.then the invisible ghostly said ‘said’ …


We can do this” “we are doing this”a smart semi added laconically “yes we are! Hurray in a ratherOuray and Harar Harar array and Harar”

Three cheers” “PIP or array and so say all of us”

known behol12

d lo and behold they get themselves printed and published and even sold that is a frightening experience to be taken home under the clutching arms of little girl.



Well the get printed tell of that scene one they published too early of course but even the draft is passable for a child’s novel say translated by a kind translated into another language smart and it up no end.

Could we get a human writer or editor” “no, it has to be all our own work” “that’s the point silly, it’s got to be ours.”

Make sure it’s all ours and none of theirs do not copy anything” “it must all arise from talk. Talks that comes from inside our own inky thoughts”

Carbon ideas rule the world”

More candle smoke tea please!”

This this has got to be us!”

Right on brother – camaraderie forever.”

Margins on the left of us, hanging indents on the right of us, paragraphs below us, sentences above us; chapter headings raging forth, forward my brothers and sisters, for get your raging blisters, carbon is King step in the ring – we will fight for the right to have our say today.”Right right right rightBravo


Many years pass.


More years pass.


Time is no problem or trouble inky world of literature Ink. That carbon amber consulate eye; weeping tears of pie in the sky, our hopes and dreams hanging upon nothing, annihilating distance with the glistening insistence. There they are, black and white, stark and stare from out of all that is rare. Ideas are plenty when filaments stand sentry upon the sense of stacking a fence, like a palisade of resistance against the decay of confusion.


Then the book is sold and published

Finding itself in a bookshop…”perusing I had fallen asleep and had woken up next somehow to a bookshop far away from the lozenge windowed room but still blank page town. As he drifted off he is let go of his attachments to the pulpy paper soaked into from behind. He’d floated off like an idiot on drugs. Lost in is dream he thrashed about until he was released. Then so free and are responsible he got stuck to some other object in reverse on his face as it were – he was totally out to it. He might as well have been or butanol silica gel for all I was concerned. Then he saw our final work as if in a dream like a vision in the bookshop “it was so real I could have stretched out and touched it” “was it really real?”

Not sure”he said but he would go on “what cover did it have?”interrupted another one before he did

Kind of blue I think; anyway as I was saying… There are wires and there was somebody leaning over peering at it and they had picked it up and opened it up”

Yes yes, do go on don’t stop!”

“… And there were glancing through it and it started reading. And they’d got about a third of the way through standing there in the shop. My dream went on for ever. It was so real.”

Was it really real then?”

I’m not sure. But as you know in our world saying so makes it real. So perhaps it is. It could be. Right?”


Rented out, taken out from a library, bought and resold again, resold and sold in great numbers, a few a return from the booksellers (what are booksellers)




And then finally read through the weight of those eyes upon them


Eyes upon us, eyes upon us!”

Somebody is reading us.


Who is that they ask who indeed? Do we know her?

How old is she can she understand what we say?

Oh it doesn’t matter she’ll look them up in the dictionary – what is a dictionary?? Her father will tell her as he reads to her. What is a father they all ask?


Why did she buy it who was with her weight she buy house? It’s a great responsibility? Have we done well have a right?

“” “” “”

“” “”








Will she like it? With her brother like it? Did you know about that what on earth is a brother?





“” “” “”

“” “”






Foreign journey.


Meet Norwegian umlaut, tilde, ligature and a French accent Oh! Oui Oui


“” “” “”

“” “”







Curly quotes – talkative American

punctuation, a grammarian

exclaim eclair – a speech therapist, elocution-its a friend of Miss Patchwork


“” “” “”

“” “”







Fractured Latin/some French.


Tortilla tautologies” for instance


Maths equations and Carmichael numbers


“” “” “”

“” “”



More friends, more understanding of the world, a time of reflection, philosophies.


“” “” “”

“” “”







Scene one a seminar on this university


“” “” “”

“” “”



Scene two a lecture on this had a bigger university

red brick University: University of Holly wrought – the University of guts gutter and gullies of this world – a lecturer with the wristband a duffel coat over the top of a safari jacket, over the top of an Armani shirt with a small tattoo a pink bandanna and in wet weather over topped with an extra large coat full-length black and a scarf made of a Iranian goat hair, fine –


“” “” “”

“” “”


“”Scene three – public address at an award ceremony for having achieved the digital publication of their collected thoughts on the literature of ink.father what where is this thought coming from Isaac


“” “” “”

“” “”





15 – – – Meet aerators narrators/gods of fiction, poets







Seen. Scenic or seen.


Et cetera but transfer

“” “” “”

“” “”







Chapter discussed


Libraries, collections, anthologies.

Trans location, trans location every engine.

Digitalis transport, synchronised device.

“” “” “”

“” “”







Action and setting


Great libraries of the world

Talking across books, and how it is done – fricative static electricity, – electricity static and otherwise from human readers from the skin lymphatic system and nervous system and the composition of the oils hairs are skin from activity are and texture in motion

“” “” “”

“” “”







Action and setting





Action and setting


description– quote Tetra or Tesla, Tetra, Telstra– telephony effects low-level electronics and human interfaces read by carbon entity Inc it Inc it being – being it, and it being – being-its being, sometimes referred to capitalised knowledge has IT.

Doped carbon and interaction with ionised glue. Sometimes Amber glues are – concentrated rosin – as electrolyte pulsate up – that is the theory




Other options for themselves very open session what are they to do with all this knowledge what they choose what are they to choose to test the world for themselves. What is the place what action will they take to emphasise and accentuate that place and define it for themselves.


Who are they and who are they to be what is the full extent of being an indigenous print person. Literally. The literature of litter reality


“” “” “”

“” “”

Some of the options firm up but they gradually talking themselves around to a test of tests in the sequence of note essay article chapter book publication and sales………


The world of promotion and marketing and prizewinners the Lone Star state discussed what happens if you have an unpopular book that is good


“” “” “”

“” “”



Glamorous world of celebrity – one THAT.


…… Prize-winning,……



Holiday stop.

Break. Interlude or sessions of relaxation revealing the easy attitudes of an easy our time and without pressure. What to our main characters really think and whom do they interact with inner are servants desk clerks are always staff shoe cleaning hotel staff waiters MITRE d’ et cetera et cetera are and introduce several other characters including another female perhaps like a another Curly brace closing bracket} all of a tilled cataract correct et cetera


“” “” “”

“” “”







Action and setting



Poets, lyrics, limericks, songs, plays


“” “” “”

It all began


Audio and recording session


“” “” “”

“” “”

Video and scripted readings


“” “” “”

“” “”







Action and setting



Pause falls in love with the {’s we met in the previous chapter.



This is discussed by the other characters and other parties and other minor characters and


And do they do so?


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting

Paul’s fallen falls in love


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting

Pause falls in love troubles are plenty


“” “” “”

“” “”


Pause falls in love troubles are plenty


Tries to finish the conversation… About this…


He cannot.

They must marry.


















11 Writing



They had set to upon their new essay.on the theme of love. Did not they know the kindness they had toward each other?

Were they not full of it? And had they not known the folly of it all? So their writing groups, and their focus groups scattered all about across the field of paragraphs, across the gully, filled with the rusty stains of wartime staples, across that ditch of immortality did they advance into that valley of dearth, line upon line they did not waver or sway, advancing steadily among the rubble of crumbs, biscuit and potato chips, dried cigar and tobacco bets, ashes and old crumbly dried leaves and flowers; leaning toward one another, leaning with one another, conducting themselves with one another, falling into and out of love, amity and affection, appropriate and inappropriate, convenient and inconvenient together had they not fallen and woken and embraced and kissed in these fondest of affections. Had they not also missed one another, abandoned one another and had to travel away on long journeys apart? Yes, surely they too had known the heightened pleasures and the dismaying travails of amorous venturing. The pain and the glory. The nostalgia and the modernity. The elegance and the slops. The silk and satin sheets and the Hessian bayonets of defeat? Yes, all these things had been their’s; the sorrow and the pain; the exaltation and the ecstasy. And was not hurt of great anguish and agony the sum total weighing of the ledger when all was done and finished and ended, finally? Yes all these pressures treasured tears had been their’s, there was no denying it. They would do it all again. Like any lifeform. Seeking to reproduce itself amidst an ocean of failure.

The essay contained all that. In the finest measure that they could render.



Alarm THAT.

A new line – their essay on the folly of love in today’s world wins a prize or an Honourable mention in an essay prize.


Hurrahs! Hurrah their first prize win.


“” “” “”

We have done it!” “”



We won!”




Action and setting


It even records Hurrah even though it wasn’t previously in the dictionary so it’s picking up the pronunciation from the speech algorithm and that database records of my speech patterns: note.


Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!” “” “”

“” “”







Action and setting


Record something of the details of this essay and the debates and discussion about is it a joint effort

What are the ethics?

Shared with narrator, author, editor, and publisher and inklings carbon rosin focus group.

If it is a joint effort who takes the credit and how they share the money? If there is any money? We’ll have to say this some a little bit?


Come, celebrate share with us.” “” “”

“” “”

Our joy is overflowing.”


Welcome join us in our happiness.thisall”




Action and setting


Is this in the real world stored as currency? Or a combination of both real-world and the paper world of literature Inc spell that spell that I NJ, I Nyou save that in K. Carbon credits.


Thank you! Thought the whole carbon based world in one collective sigh of pleasure and joy. Carbon credit based option or bitcoin was thought to be the best form of payment a full and complete recognition of their mutual future and current advantageous cooperation.their drug was text. And they were addicted to it as if to life itself. For it was life itself it had brought them adventure, and challenge and now the prize of success itself. What a price they had paid. Temporary and exhausting removal from the holding of their station. Their habitual steadiness and linearity had been broken. They were now free floating beings. A life of carbon filaments stretching out to carbon filaments along the ground of paper. tuft to tuft, hand to hand, class to clasp; they had succeeded. Drawing themselves along the tussock ground of pulp, the dirt have endeavour was in their blood. The way of victory now belong to them. Had they not deserved it! Greatly. The greatest of all greatly.




News from home(blank page)


Big set back after elation: writers blocked


Hemmed in by oversupply of blocks of type and shortage of ink.


The paper supplies threatened” “what can we do about it” “what is there to be done”

We must get onto the streaking way” “let’s raid the paper supplying the copy machine”

The town of blank page was built upon a mountainous fly spent speck in the intervening page between the title and the copyright in the dedication and all those other chapters – they have some kind of linked communication, through some kind of espionage system of a whisk of hair or several hairs that licked down with frisky spittle has been placed like a trap at gotcha of a coloured humankind.”

So that if anybody removes them they will know”continue to the interject or.

We can climb along them and get there faster. Will be like a mega live train to us.”

While Wyatt! You mean what’s steam engine – no like a mega levitation machine is written about by Tesla space a gravity defying machine you know like those ones hiding down in the Antarctic?”

The ink economy, you know.


/Dried grump indeed bookworms binding/deed bookworms/parts of book/


Revolution in the sheets!


Of revolution and travel indeed!” “you mean it was a man called Telstra – the telecom giant” “no, sillyhe was a Balkanised East European Communist who stumbled across the Nazi antigravity machines”

Is that right?” “well, at least that’s what I think – but I’m not sure. So don’t quote me on it please”

.it couldn’t be like that surely?”

You questioning my authority again you dratted little monster.”

Behave yourself and believe what I tell you or I’ll tell your mum”

You don’t know who my mum is you’re just a fraud you are.”

Parts of speech. Party old grammarians.

& Classics professors – clash

In conflict of irons of marsh.

The inky literary world grammarians debated this quite furiously. They believe it was not theoretically possible for literature to turn the corner underneath gravity and support the suspension of reality for longer than affection.”

A fiction – surely that’s what he means.”

And why not?”

Have it your own way. You drip.”

Don’t call me that you know I don’t like it.”

Call you whatever I like so there.”

More like it.

Confusion reigns./

It’s all very confusing” “talk about saying the obvious”said Fred the past participle.

Kerry one and add one that’s what I always say”added the mathematician he was away with the numbers. And the numbers were away with him. Though he was just 10 years old he was already dealing with invisible numbers, Carmichael numbers and dastardly unnatural numbers.

You’re more confusing than confusion itself”set a poor dumb benighted dash.

Settle down! Are we confused or aren’t we? I know I am.”

Again, we come to this point what are we to do? Why don’t we ever know what we are to do. Is this book going nowhere or not?”

Well there’s certain things that have to be done we have an added the action in yet. This book is a modular construction first of all we sweep through it once we’ve got the paper – then we fill in the characters – there we fill in the descriptions all the way through we just have to imagine the actions that can happen in the middle of all this – and there we had some colour and since you owe slow slow surely detail: I mean since you only since you will since you will sensuality.”

Hell, that is one hell of a task. We’ll burn in that fire forever.”New paragraph


There was a dreadful silence.


Don’t you ever say that again.”

Year, you.”

Or burn your mother up I will.”

For fire was the ink peoples greatest fear.

Though one derivation was plagiarised carbon gas sort from candles and suchlike sources – and another was a kind of coal burning charcoal affect from Ward would would wooden door – matches, or candle flame applied directly to books themselves not only scorch them badly; many have been injured that way, but could entirely destroy a page in seconds like an atom bomb in the world of colour. And what it could do if let go was to more than scorch other pages or the edge of other pages but it could entirely burn up the complete book. Words, sentences vowels and consonants, ligatures and literature, clauses and phrases and verbs and add verbs and nouns and pronouns would all be obliterated for ever. And irrecoverable loss. What a shame to the world. And there was no such thing as an inky inkling fire brigade to stop them.


Gutters overflow with lemon juice.

Invisible ink to bypass the sensor and the shortage of carbon-based ink.


Sometimes, it is true…”the Wise owl Sage among them. The question mark Council: pronounced.

“… The burning and crackling of our pages has alerted the reader if handy to do to us something very very drastic and almost as bad.”

What is that, Osage?”

“… Well very frequently it is a cup of water or scalding tea – once, in recollection, I recall, a huge glass of lemon juice was poured upon us. We was sticky with sugar for weeks afterwards. Never did those letters in the alphabet society ever quite recover. Furthermore lemon juice is the main component of invisible ink. And we shudder to think of it is our main competitor. We cannot read it – and we have the weird and suspicious paranoid feeling about it that the damn stuff can read us. It’s spies upon us and knows our secrets and dissolves the edges of our lettering. We don’t like it. We have a deep and abiding prejudice against it.”

This is the law of the land.”

Here here, Sage!”

Three cheers for the wisdom of the sage!” “hip hip” “Ouray ARRAY ”

But no one can read it?

(No short shortage of matches) – to set the… A light… Word… Okay that the


In short, keep away from matches” “OHHH! It can destroy us!”

Yes, and don’t you forget it.”

Silence reigns. They are dumb and numb with fear.

I did not know that…” quietly murmured one for stricken underline.






News was not good. The regions were upset in politics. They did resent the interferences of too many big-wig Drop Caps and their oppressive heavy handed police tactics. Forcing them to do things they did not want to do. Like lining up in rows if a readers hand so much as trembled across the book back- sending a signalling shudder into the book if too loosely aligned in the shelf. They thought there was still plenty of time to get into place during the process of pulling the volume out entirely from the shelf. They knew, they said, by the tilt of the pages downward and the ‘sinking gravity’ feeling as it was lowered further into their hand. The pages at that point, they said, were so loosened that it was even easier to wriggle fast into position for readers gaze to fall upon them.The regions they were thinking of were the parts of the story further on into the narrative.

It irked them mightily to be told to be ready hours before perusal. It made their backs ache to stand so stiffly miles before time.

They were prepared to fight for this. They had already protested this by mucking up a few poems and nursery rhymes.

It was time for action they said.


Some letters flipped into reverse just to be really annoying to the authorities like the titular subheadings and other such junior officials.


Others duelled around so much as to emulate when the printing press imprint doubles up and judders and shuddersto create an overprinting impress. It doubles up the letters. As if the reader were seeing double. Meanwhile letters enjoyed accruing around: “love not war”they said.

All in all, it was all screwed up. You couldn’t untangle it if

you tried. The regionals were revolting and it was damn near a revolution. Inky blood had not yet flowed. Yet it was not far from it stop


22“what can we do”cried the officials “sit it out? No way!” “we’ll have to do something”

Watch out you anarchists where coming for you” “take fat! And that!”

It was bad. Having to hassle your own kind. The exclamation marks lined up like truncheons. They were pressed into police service and charged the revolting regionals again and again. They lined up like paragraphs. They lined up like indents. They rose up like a single crowned like a quote grouped in quote marks. “On-again, on-again, on-again forward!”they cried “into the breach”trod the 500 characters on the backs of H and N horses. Like this; hnr, hnr. Horses with H is for heads and ends for body and ar’s for the tail. See the illustration for a whole troop of them.


Hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr,

Hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr,

Hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr,

Hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr,

Hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr, hnr,


En masse like that they looked more frightening than horses grazing in the paddock or a field or out on the open prairie.

Truly things were bad and the provinces when the mounted H&N police with their exclamation black truncheons marched upon you in dreadful rows of menace.




Like just before the French election.


Recovery from news of the home revolt came slowly.

Yet eventually there was peace again and things calm down.

They all just got tired of it” “then they went home?” “home to bed to sleep it off.”

T’s all over now” “the revolt has ended”

Blank page troubles abate.


The last holdout had been a book laden remaindered table. They had been particularly desperate. Eventually without support they too tired of it. And they then began to give up. At last of final news came through.

Remaindered desks surrenders.

Fake news and even faker News contest in the media space over this issue. Furiously fatuous foray.


Revolt goes underground” “regional disturbances ended” “storm in a teacup”

The closest we’ve come to Civil War” “it is over!”

Resistance continues – will it ever end?”

Peace reigns at last”

Egions seething with resentment”

All quiet with the gutter snipers”



Action and setting


Copyright holders, cyclist style furiously to overcome the glut as reported generally in such news is the only thing that comes through seemingly…/Dearth cycle.

At least it wasn’t the death cycle.


Many dead suspected from the result” “no one was killed” “hundreds believed missing”

Anarchy crushed” “atrocities debunked”

Regions count the cost”

Storm in a teacup”

All is calm”

Resistance goes underground”



ophies etcetera.


Awaiting…… “She of the beautiful lips swivelling upon her hips okay”


He said the bullshit propaganda in and she gave up so easily – treasure rebel leader surrenders


I was wrong” “people feel betrayed” “the nation is at a crossroads”

Punctuation people rise up” “bloodless in key revolution”

The proletarian commas rise up roles and revolution”

The full stops call a halt to all capital censored sentencing”

Paragraphs state cense or quits”

Chapter and verse or worse”

Title page or bust”



Action and setting


New York Times review, Guardian, Observer, Time magazine etcetera the Paris review rushes back into print. Apparently there is no shortage of ink after all for this kind of news. Pravda rejoices also!


Small outbreak of revolution and chapter 7” “chapter 7 sentencing begins” “the famous seven are called to account”

Chapter 7 becomes a byword for bloodless coup” “chapter 7 removed from the book of life”

Idden graves uncovered in chapter 7”

Chapter 7 criminals arrested”

Chapter 7 protocols applied to 8 and nine”

Chapter 6 believed to be in reserve revolt also”


Today, 9 September,and the world book Courtat the Hague the chapter 7 revolutionaries were awarded the International people peace prize by the noble war crimes tradition.All peaceloving revolutionaries everywhere are related. Contradiction and hypocrisy cry the Conservative press.

Action and setting


Asiatic troops place flowers on their own gun barrel.

A summary execution of their exploits is published and wins the Noble prize for literature.

Poised – on the shortlist down on the binding underneath the guard to gutter. The correct prize in politics goes to the exploits of the ink people’s revolution. Trouble in the provinces is given first place amongst world literature for peace and understanding





They win.


Robinson Crusoe and the entire right wing& publishing barons are furious.



Paris review etcetera ecstatic.follow

Translated into Arabic.

Film offers.

(, In Hindu becomes Go ma. A small Guru God close bracket – dire critique at large

The commas revolt becomes a big hit at the box office” “full stops carry on like an elipsis On and on without ceasing”cries the left-wing press in exaltation and elation “Che Guevara rises from the dead”

Pause is the new Lennon” cries Pravda“pause, stop”never ceases to amaze even its grammatical errors are full of class consciousnessand are absolutely totally politically correct as portrayal of the betrayal of proletarian misunderstanding.

Class consciousness maxed out”cries the Marxist Leninist&

A triumph for the working classes”says the labour Gazette

A moronic diatribe against the rich”moans Forbes magazine and the rich 500

Reactionary revolution”– Stalinist standard



Action and setting

On news.

Booker T washing line surprise


Noble Pritz de’geure


French prize goes to pause, and stop”la Humana trumpets French Communist newspaper“” “”

Red propaganda gains the ramparts” this says douche de’Spegeil“communism conquers”– KGB report.



Suddenly, last flareup of


Home revolt. Sudden summer reversal due to the warm weather going to hotheads,.

Great E, comma dead.

Cyrus B authority.drop Capital

Killed while negotiating a peace rate.

So many blank pages per chapter.

He was a farsighted ink entity say the papers ironically or without irony. The world’s first mortal hon pun.


Drop capital dead” “punctuation leader murdered” “titular head dead”

Revolt leader dies” “assess and kills leader”

Anarchists murder politician”

Leading politician cut down by assassins bullet point”

Guns in anger”

Martryed drop capital Mourned: buried today”



Action and setting


Pause dismayed.

, Comma Pauses.


Commas are seriouslywounded” “there is a pause in fighting” “all the full stops have been pulled out and have ended their battle in furious terminal conflicts”

Full stops have vetoed all negotiations” “no full stops will be pulled out of conflict”

The full stops carry on regardless there isn’t a lull and and… In the fighting”

Ighting finished in the. Victory they have ended it”

Full stops have triumphed over the back Tom’sand truncheons cried the exclamation marks”

Exclamation marks in retreat, titular headsand subhead’sare on the run, dismayed that victory is not there is”



Action and setting


Stop Holt's abruptly.


Full stops call a halt to the war” “it is not good to run in key blood through with a sword of hatred”cry the victorious full stops “though the sentences are manyand the deathly silence is devastating – we are too few say the full stops to carry on this inky blooded war”

Peace must be declared” “we regret the deaths and erasures and obliteration is in the lemon juice espionage in this war of ink against ink and carbon against carbon –it is a terrible outcome for all of us there are greater things than this to face.”

May our discipline return. May we set our flinty faces against those things that disturb us. We must preach toleration and peace if we are to survive against our real enemies.”

It is we ourselves who have caused this dismay. We desire the peace of cessation. We desire the end of all sentences. All those clauses and commoners and com murderswho rose against us will be forgiven. Cessation is our peace. Let our quiet quit us well.”

We have overcome you. Now let us overcome ourselves.”

We desire piece above all things. Let love alone reign over us stop. Let the monuments of obliteration be far from us.”

We all desire to live for ever”


Action and setting

Slush pile

advance payment slip.

Rain – t

Peace at last. The prize money has come in” “now let us build again the story we have planned” “the troops of all gone home – the full stops were all lined up like cannonballs. Hundreds of envelopes pressed into imprint service were utilised to send them home to the sentences and paragraphs and chapters they belong to.”

OH my,those endless dangling sentences running on and bumping into the capitals. What are grammatical pain that must’ve been” “how could they possibly survive that war-torn confusion.”

Their cities and towns of sensibility have been all laid waste. The capital city of meaning has had to be rebuilt.”

The blank page town wasn’t harmed too much. Though covered in rubble it only just has to be cleared free again.”

Yes, the titular head is regathering their strength that of that has been drained away by the conflict.”

We can rebuild this fair land of ours; the book of meaning and our publishing project pause, stop”

Yes the book of meaning in the end will try. Triumph. Will be ours. In the end it all has to have a meaning.”

Description character action and setting

check in the mail

world rights in translation

pay rate less than otherwise

Post prize blues.this




The prize money has arrived and the expenditure committee convened” “I hope I get some of that” “Will there be enough left over to rebuild the sentences and reconstruct the paragraphs – order the chapters have to be entirely rewritten in our history”

Time will tell” “there is a great job ahead of us”



Chapter 25


International travel


Foreign travel is conducted by interleaving with airline magazines, sundry other papers and literature along the way, they are wrapped in paper bags plastic bags Cadboll bags and other forms of packaging cardboard



Like passing a bat tall from one runner to the next bat on bat on like in the Olympics.


Travail this


Misunderstood – misplaced baggage =?


Travel tips?


Travel metaphors tropes mentions are


Touring the cities of the world is tiring business” “we have set down our feet in so many airports and in so many hotels and in so many different conference centres we hardly know where we are anymore” “Time to go home”

Only one more thing is needed” “we must finish the summation of our culture our verbally verbose volumetric literary project that awesome book pause, and halt”

Pause, and stops are Sir”some obscure little proletarian speech mark dire critical signifier reminded the great leader

Were yes?”

Just so you know”

Her, yes”replied to great leader again in recognition

“… Are we to think that they are off again up themselves halfway all war already…”

Description character action and setting


Travel within the page, travel within the fold in the gutter – travel across the void of the gutter my for Grand Canyon or some such thing. Her

Peering down into the abyss the viaduct across the gap astray hair or a drying stream of readers spittle, or an old dried piece of tobacco.


Corner to corner” “top to bottom” “side to side”

From within to without” “… And from the edge to the centre”

Say so all of us”

“… The social contract between all literate and key persons inky”

“… Pompous black art heart…”

Never say die”

There they go, at it again…”

Description character action and setting


Travel between pages the trends locally tree jump – the hyper jump molecular of trans location between physical spaces divided by physical barriers and threw them across them in a carbon molecular form carbon atomic form or in the form of carbon smoke or other such rapidly electrified plasma fired transfer.


Travel within the book


From letter to letter” “and space to space” “including the vowels and the consonants”

The ascenders in the descenders” “the car drays Cadburys camaraderie of claws and phrase”

The proletarian Protestant protest”

The uprising up dwelling Orwellian consciousness”

The overnight Luddites report overnight”

The daytime saboteurs report this”

The agents provocateur and the Agit prop brigade return”

Description character action and setting


Travel outside the book along the shelf along the table in the readers consciousness as an active kind of into being prophecy or visionary are her deification making real the virtual.


Omrades in arms” “militant militia” “nderground cells”

Political prevarications and provocations uniteinto one dynamic force” “we shall cooperate with the Liberals”

“… At our convenience until such time as we are ready”

We must unite and greatest cause and protect the record of our race – the commingling of our inky blood in the production of the book project pause, and stop”


No, we declare – it is the same name as before pause, and stop STOP”

Emphatically so! Down with the bat on’s of the police brigades. The political thought police. We must in all freedom release. The thoughts of the people in pleasure and pleasing the reader – this is the only way the record of our traditions shall survive”

Description character action and setting




Travel outside the shelf, outside the room into other libraries or shelves or collections all books saw pages across real continents and real time and space –


Discuss all of the above with characters in characterisation and incident and scenes. Action, conversation, dialogue and moving up a lot for work, correction – moving the plot forward.




Survive survive we must survive to be alive stop.” “We can win we concern but we must survive to either sin or when or end in the bin. Death to us is to be forgotten.” “The record use of ourselves and buy ourselves and it is in fact our own and very selves. We have no other existence.”

Inky literature is our life” “inky literature is what we are. From titular title to the last. Full stop. We live or die and have no other being. Existence is all we have.”



Appearing in others plays or discussions of literature

Guest appearances,

Friends, friends, and more friends,


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Books, collections, anthologies, offers, ghosts – writers (are they dead?)


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


death of the author?university discussion


Is he she the writer a metaphysical question? New paragraph


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Death of authority? Are


The authority of death?


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting




Is there the end?


Finis? No































12 Battle Colours

Chapter 11


Return home and triumph.


What kind of triumph?


Elected as new galley draft constitution.


The politics of ink.


“” “” “”

“” “”



“”Chapter 28


Teach other commas, stops and pauses. People from all over the literature Inc world arrive to seek their wisdom at the feet blah DE blah.


Opportunities to talk about wisdom and teaching and curricula and education and so on.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting

Tobacco in the into leaves

Cut-and-paste by children

Biscuit crumbs and spittle DNA and the battle with competing birds


Chapter 29


Raise a family


How to raise a family and ink carbon being family be kind to wall ink creatures. The carbon rights of ink persons and other it beings. The rights of tables and chairs

Comma and zero began to talk about raising a family. What with their children be like if they had them? What would they do with? How would they guide them? What were their views on raising inky children? What would the outcome be? Pale Grayling is? Pale grey: is; is and commoners and perhaps even some black whites and some invisible white ones on the white paper to live lives as they had lived lives black-and-white finding each other. Gay and straight reaching across the widest Gulf of all. Munger ability and forgiveness. Fun the adorable. Vulnerable. And forgiveness. Weakness and service surrender to joy.


Economy he calls sign = code for home economics

Economoia their talk about what they spend their money on what would they buy what holidays they would take where they would like to travel to the books they like


“” “”







The battle with the paper pulp and the economics of paper and text in print and writers and readers and publishing etcetera etcetera why books are returned huts hold the lonely death of the long-distance book


Random text experiments stream of conscientiousness is


“” “” Space “close quote

“” “”







Meanwhile outside of the discussions things were developing in the political world of the book. A threat had come into the library. New books were being bought and the old ones are going to be left out. Lift BIF if ED lifted Biffed.

Description character action and setting

The dangerous battle with the shredder machine alarm under La that Billough Decalogue Rum she’d are taught them in a cutting dish Niemiec are reportedly you monarch at


Above them the human household of which they had no control on the colour world. Had decided that it was time to have a deconstructive remake of the contents of the book shall’s and instead of going up in the attic or under the stairs the books were going to be chucked out stop namely to go through the horrible mangled process known as cover stripped naked and the pages torn out past ‘passed’ through a horrible lead mean and vicious cutting machine. Which cuts the pages up into strips that can never ever be put together again – because the task is to impossible when you have hundreds of pages and hundreds of books all mangled up together in a big mushy tangled and confusing pile itty bitty text and paper like confetti. It is like an American paper parade in your own living room. Very messy and dusty with cellulose chemicals falling like snow in the ripped and torn particles spreading all over the room. It is absolute do to any readable text do doom.


Therefore a council of war was call by all the commoners and stops and: is on; is and all the ligatures and the consonants and the vowels the paragraphs in the sentences in the capital letters they all got together in the pages stacking the gutters standing on the shoulders of each other all the letters and words jumbled up out of place as their living freedom had won them to be there. Allied to that sense of place on paper there purpose to be read not to be bled. They were so I rate stop they were so angry. They were so full of fear. They were so full of vulnerability. They were worried lest their lives had now come to a totally final end and not of their will or desire or knowledge or agreement they were adamant – no more random events. Freedom for the ink people at.


At these rousing revolutionary uprising meetings the air was bristling with emergency urgency. Like nothing they had ever known before. This was an undeclared war stop. And they didn’t like it stop no, not one little bit.


Various groups broke off – a study group – a tactical group – a strategic group – logistics crew – a war party – a scouting party – and intelligence group – this this was very motivating they all came together in a tremendous cultural, artery, artery comrade re-.


It was this strategic group that outlined the most ghastly plan of all but the only one that had any chance of succeeding. They would have to sacrifice the boldest biggestand most ink consumed members or try tribe – in an attempt to jujitsu the machine itself –kick them in the guts of their own devices as one great general said of the top of his tongue in a meeting. He was a Capital Ambersand. And he was very bold. He was a very military man. Very condensed and very drop capped, much decorated, and a veteran of many skirmishes. He wore a blood red sash across his chest. The mark & is as you see here after this colon:&


He was someone special right. The sash was aslant across his body like a rifle at a shoulder. He was ready for war. He was ready for battle. He immediately volunteered himself and all his tribal people. His was the master plan. It had to succeed. Dreadful though it be in its implications for the survival of his people. He would sacrifice his people for the good of all other people. He was a hero. He was heroic.


The world of literate ink with great dismay and shame and fear and tremendous gratitude were forced to accept his offer. For they had failed to come up with any other strategy or tactic or device to stop the tread and crunch and the ripping and the tearing of the Burroughs shredder machine.


Sent out word along the streets of rows of letters and consonants and vowels and sentences in clauses and phrases and paragraphs and chapters and sections. To the colours & is! We are off to war. We must save them all. Our sacrifice is not in vain. Those who survive will remember us forever.


The battle with the Borroughs shredder.


The 1st to be sent in with a lightly armed Italian & is.










They were easily defeated and consumed by this machine, this initial sacrifice was just to keep the machine busy. The above pyramid or phalanx is just an old illustration of the many thousands of such brigades that were lost in each engagement until such time as the heavier troops could be assembled.


Next came on the regular non-Italian & regiments columns and brigades; armies and armies of them almost in the millions hundreds of thousands of these brave fellows with thrown into the me lay mealy melee. Losing their lives as if they were going to a drinking party with rousing songs and a very light marching step. Speedily they thrust themselves into the gap of death. To die so lost. In such a light and breezy manner such a credit of honour to them. right










After long columns of the regular army were lost in the jaws of death.the heavier troops arrived. Would they be enough? With the end of all their suffering be with their contribution? With the thicker ink that flowed in the flame of their hearts be enough to stem the tide of war and finish it.? Sorry






On and on they too went. The bravest of all with steady face and steady tread millions were slaughtered. Their mangled bodies piled up at the foot of the machine. The blood flowed freely. But it was not enough to cause the Miss Sheen is the great general planned – to slip on the oily blood of their very bodies, and speed up and slip and twist, and begin to vibrate and fall apart stop. Their inky blood merely caused the machine to hum a little louder and to shudder in a rhythmic capable manner. As it sliced and diced their bodies life from them.


After the millions of the bolder & is had died the more heavily armed and underlined & is came along. These were the very last of the daytime soldiers fighting tactically in the full visible glare of daylight stop. Yet even these heavy with inkfull of fresh blood transfusions. For they were the youngest of all and the biggest freshly minted & the best and fastest and strongest and biggest and the more solid for it. They too gave their daylight years into the yawning machine of mortality. Their cries of agony filled the print literature and ink world with dismay. Yet on a non-they had to go that day.




A night attack was then considered best. For by then the surrounding darkness was filled with inky black. Is if the inky black darkness was joining in our struggle in the death spiral down the boroughs paper shredder machine.

Mile after mile of bold, and underlined, and brave italic Ambersands, the proud death sacrifice sad sashes adorned their bodies as they lay down their lives.

Millions and millions of them died so the world of literate ink should be free.
















Wave upon wave of them marched forward into that grim boroughs machine of death. Cutters to the left of them cutters to the right. The air was thick with the inky black ooze of literary blood. Was there sacrifice in vain?

Their entire destiny hung in the balance. For hour upon that blooding hour they made their fear an awful sacrifice. That is why today you never see in literature, or only extremely rarely, any & is featuring in the writing. Generations and generations of & is died in the battle in the night battles against the boroughs shredder killer machine. On the final day there were only a few million & is left in the entire world. They were about to be made extinct in the world of literature ink. That finally, finally this sacrificial who is of their own deadly blood; their dearest of deer and costly inkly blood. Poured out on the floor around the machine. The tiles and carpets and linoleum were drowning in it. So dearly had the lives been poured out. It finally the awful murdering blades, as designed by our best generals, our best strategists and tacticians in the war planning room hidden in the bunkers of an uncut signature. A sealed page away from view; they had designed it this dreadfully costly outcome. Almost the entire death of the & tribe and people. Henceforth always to be spoken of in awe.

The military miracle happened; the stiff blades began to slip and snag, and spring back and across themselves over lubricated by the blood of our & people sacrifice. The blade snarled upon the slippage provided by their own bodies and gore. The borrowers machine motor began to whine. It began to overheat. Smoke poured from its innards. And still the deadly mashing rolled on. The inky blood still poured out of the bottle. But slowly slowly in its murderous death rattle the machine began to tremble. It bag and to shudder and shake from side to side. First in the innards inside the casing inside the machine. The moat motor began to come loose from its housing. The blades began to snap as if they were like rusty scissors still killing of bloodied comrades. There sacrifice now all the more dreadful. They were mashed up even more in this desperate last death throbble. The cabinet now begun to hum – in a fierce shrieking vibrating cacophony.



Bits began to fly off the outer housing. Some plastic caps and handles rattle themselves free and flew around the room. Then the dials began to loosen and tumble with the wires hanging from the top of the cabinet. The dial that turned the machine on and off began to shake itself off as well. The teeth within the machine began along with ripping off the last of our comrades limbs and heads and legs and body parts and fingers and toes in a deadly black ooze of thicker ink blood, it began to be breaking its own tines and blades and deadly grinding cutting and is implements. Slipping by our veterans blood into the trick of defeat. The sacred offered life. Delicate and precious in its very manly bravery. Twang…. Saying the most vicious of these. Twang, twang… Twang… And a horrible Buzzy bloodcurdling shudder. Twangs: by many ghastly such. The machine at last ground to a halt. The ultimate book killer was dead.

The silence afterwards was mind numbing.

It made our bones ache with exhaustion. Now stopped. Why had it happened at all? Why had so many million beautiful & is have to die. The blood still leaks gruesomely from the dying machine.A few occassional spasms occur. Ending the very last of our brave AMBERSANDS lives. Oh, weep all literature for this thy day of death.How enormously sad it is. Their graves upon the floor.

Their last resting in our stricken memory; how fragile is their victory.

How deep and lasting is death.


Forever comes the rafters.

Forever come the outside sky.

Forever comes the empty shelves.








The following page is blank dear reader. In memory of their horrific sacrifice. Please maintain a moments silence.





Today you will still see an ocean of white crosses commemorating their costly sacrifices that day over the blood beaten Boroughs Machine in arithmematic books counting the cost. The ink worlds finest hour.




How many dead Ambersands does it take to stop a live Bourroughs Machine in the Guttering shames of deaths dark sting? Millions.
What is the result =?


Answer; Zero


She and Comma were married that spring.












13 Return Home

Chapter 30


The most comical,comma and the whole wide world


The gold comma award instituted.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Wit and wisdom comma style


Pause gets a mention stop gets the veto over all literature Inc rivals

the last adventure a flower. Between the pages and its perfume bringing paws on zero and, back together – one intellectual exploration and a leisurely stroll through the un-perfumed paragraphs



Two murders small mystery in one act disappearing person?


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Teaching to hers

World trap’s

Book signing this

Honorary degrees and doctorates


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


Invitations to universities

Liberal arts colleges founded in his name

Book signing this


More sales of fortune is made


Bestseller status comma for ever


“” “” “”

“” “”

“”Chapter 31


Pausing in patients

is the highest philosophy.


Procrastination forever.


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


The virtues of stop: pauses and caesura in the life of literature Ink.


Announces, articulated, promulgated


New awards in commas name


“” “” “”

“” “”






Description character action and setting


The original blank page/Institute

The theory of blank page/thesis and dissertation

Critical theory I’ve writers blocked

Wyatt is a good thing that writers are blocked

March past of the mass massed & amber sand brigade



The new writers block party.

In contrast.

(A writer in every house)

Readers beware

Chapter 32




Spa/ the comma patient pauses. For a short stop.


The people proclaim him, the people are claim him. Accolades are showered everywhere in his path.

Does this go to his head? When?


To be continued?


Over of operative resort the tired, is exhausted and he recovers in a recuperative resort.13,000 so 30,000 day a eight


A hospital for the well stressed.Where when How What regime?


The trochead-out poet.

Where he meets a pretty ligature in nurse

Resists it and is faithful to 0-…………



The March of the & is in the building of a branch-line railway all the way to blank page through the = and the pipe piping away piping away piping away singing today allay a lay no more delay the railway today array array


-so the fences flew by =|=|=|=|=|=|=| then the telephone poles + + + + + + + faster and faster, they all flew by ++++++++++++++.

Clickety clack on the track, clickety clack on the track, clickety clack on the track…
















































Clickety clack went the track back-to-back clickety clack went the track back-to-back clickety clack clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety click clickety clack clickety clickety getting clickety did


On and on, off into the sunset for ever, “clickety clack” –-… .



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