China- almost exclusively chinese in nature.
Hong Kong- Almost exclusively English ex-pats and mostly Chinese.

Israel- Mostly Jewish people in majority control.
Singapore- Mostly Chinese.
Denmark- Mostly Danish.
Poland - Mostly Polish.

Switzerland-All Swiss.
Japan- Almost all Japanese.
Russia-Mostly Russian
Africa- Mostly Africans-Doing very well today. Apart fron Socialist ANC South Africa-doing the worst nearly of ALL African economies.(2019)

Asia-Mostly Asians.

Meanwhile most mixed population peoples are in Big trouble Socially, Economically and Politically.

Europe-especially France and Germany- 20 weeks of Civil Rights Marches; Germany -the Rise of Centre Right parties everywhere. Not looking good.

Countries returning to more nationals being of the original national state are gaining in confidence and Autonomy like Fiji, Brunei, Hungary, Austria- the SJWs are the arseholes of history; they have nearly destroyed everything of value in the countries they infest. They are the Plague Spoken of by that Royal Idiot Prince Charles- Now to be refused the throne of England for being such an utter twit.

One big advantage of socially cohesive countrie, people and tongues is their calm peaceful unity and room for careful thoughts. The best conditions for economic welfare and great social arrangements unhindered by stressfull and destructive nationwide destruction and insecurity.
Insecurity kills peace and contentment.

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