Matriarchy Proved
A search in any University library for the words of politicized gender discourse will show huge, massive and gigantic disparities between entries for ’masculist’ and ‘feminist’ amounting to 403,000 (feminist) to just 16 for ‘masculist’ in one notable case. My own Art School library at Massey University. Which otherwise claims to be the 'best fine arts library' in the southern hemisphere. Similarly on Google or any search engine. This is a prima faci.e. case for ideological discrimination or dire disparities that require urgent addressing by Universities and Government agencies and institutes. Therefore by this means we can show men are living in a matriarchy. And of the sixteen texts, six of them were for just two books by one author repeated across several branches, though the professor himself who wrote them had written at least four more such fully referenced texts, also well-known volumes. The others were mainly articles about his books; thus one author represented an entire gender against maybe 350,000 female authors. And even that author, Professor Warren Farrell, supposedly a ‘former’ feminist – is suggesting ‘men enter beauty contests’ like wimpy new age guys and that women ‘marry, good looking studs; who are not their equal and as competitive in the job market’. And who thus earn less than them. If he is a masculist: I am a lesbian who loves women, ‘too’. Nevertheless we recommend his data research, his analysis and descriptions of the overall gender situation-just not at all his interpretations of that data, his solutions too are notably soft and dippy. He wants men to live alongside feminism despite finding faults with almost all its heavily promoted views on the male gender; I want to destroy feminism, seeing that there are more datum points to consider than feminist attitudes to men alone; but powerful feminist driven demographic effect within democracy (such that democracy is really always a disguised version of ' women’s government' because of the populations preponderance of women voters; we should never have given women the vote) and the economic effect of the population depredations caused by woman’s exclusive choices threaten everyone in any society-we just do not know how long term or short term its onset or permanence might be. Russia collapsed because of this; Marxist feminists of course have failed to note.

All the countries with shrinking populations, created by feminist initiatives-a thing we men can call-'statistical genocide' -so that (once we get rid of the United Nations) we can criminalize this. This is ethnic cleansing by Marxist women. Men must work together to stop it or face all the perils of forced feminist economic collapse ourselves. I think this is what is happening. And not the infamous 'collapse of capitalism' prophesied by Marx, albeit having collapsible mechanisms of their own. No, a feminist driven population collapse will occur first, -men having also no heart for a society that ignores them though they form the most important economic productive tasks within it. Politics does not come into it. Feminist driven expenditure economies will die from debts. Usury will piss all over them like sticky stink. Compulsory 'compassion' on those terms is evil. Spending money on more solo mothers, destroys indirectly, men's lives and any willingness to work, for the pointlessness of such a political order, for them.


No wonder your friendly local political fanatic aches to use exclamation marks in his texts!!!! And SHOUT now and again. The impossible lies we men have been asked to believe for nearly one hundred years, virtually without complaint, are of colossally monstrous and unbelievable proportions. And I have only begun part time during my studies thinking like this for under eight months. (Much of this added writing was first written five months ago) (Now, entirely rewritten at six months further on) Lord knows what other nonsense I shall discover when heavier reading and deeper research gets under way. With such massive disparities everywhere we look how else one can describe what we are doing other than that we are living in a rape industry matriarchy! Working false accusation for its money sucking economy of living hell.

Thus men must come-out masculist: for a kinder, less violent and more honourable, completely realistic and gender balanced world for everyone.

Otherwise it is absolutely understandable that baffled men be intuitively angry, they do not read the feminist literature of hatred borne against men, and they just bear the brunt of the collective hatred. I never before realized until these recent years, thanks to critical theory studies in post modernism how much evil intent was ranged against men in a constant barrage of organized vilification and unreasoned hatred. This is intellectual rape.

Barren lust

Barren lust could be the altering of this picture to suit a need for propaganda against all men. We men, one and all, as masculist men, deny that lie utterly. Our loving is productive and real. This view here is begun an entirely pro-men view of a ghastly accusation; that 'all men are bad' according to one of Susan Brownmiller's books called 'Against Our Will'.

This book is a continuation of that theory on the male side of the equation: that anything against our male will is also rape; in sexual/political reality and in other kinds of economic,social, legal and ideological ways.

The Psychopathology of Feminist accusations. There is a crime here; but what is it? Is it the deflection from blame in a radical-feminist-Marxist loci where discomfort was experienced over the violent and drunken dildo rapes by other butch women on femme women. And is this very prevalent in gay society or not there at all? So in order to disguise these rampant rages otherwise the male gender was accused as a whole to deflect it? Why else then this lying political move? Since it is so patently false of good men as a whole. Men are hard working fathers, loyal brothers, great husbands and wonderful sons of women they love.

Men's Rights

Returned violence will abate when man’s rights are once again given equality. The disparity today is vast and irrational, it makes me feel I do not want anything whatever to do with any women whatever in any capacity at all. I tell young men to leave New Zealand it is so extreme here. Do not marry I say, a prostitute is cheaper, safer and emotionally cleaner. I hate feminism, feminism is evil. Underneath all men do to. A 'feminist man' is an oxymoron-he has not read a masculist book-he is ignorant-he ignores his own fellows-he is a Vichy man-a collaborator with matriarchy. A traitor to his own kind; a self-hating man. Or he is gay. A know nothing 'new age guyed gay-ish ‘per-son’'-a mister nice guy-i.e. not a man. A not-man. A 'boy' in terms of consciousness-unable to cite or reproduce for example a plausible presentation of underground, marginal, newer masculist ideas and refute them. Dumb before his ideological brothers; staying entirely within the confines of a pop feminism outlined for him by his feminist handlers. A man whose job depends on his towing the feminist party line. An intellectual coward lacking all conviction; mind raping his brothers.

If it were not for the above conditions all do see our point. I tell you. You would be surprised. No one ever says so. An artist knows these things. This has made me an artist. Now I believe in art. Art can say this thing that no politician can speak outright. We make the dangerous utterance safe; just as we gentrify neighborhoods with our studios, lofts and coffeehouse galleries. Our art speaks the sullen stubborn stuff, the things polite society is afraid of. The new things that are now taboo. There are always new forbidden things. Gay and lesbian and feminist are not new anymore, they have been out a long time; they are phony transgressives, the fully licensed and allowed transgression; ours is the truly unjust condition; ours is the aggressive transgression, our anger is totally legitimate. Ugly truth is becoming beautiful in our art. Masculist art is the new post contemporary art. We are the transgressive now. We are sick of being ‘raped by false consciousness, lies and Zionism in drag.

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