Masculist Men’s Freedom Poster to support men’s consciousness and respect.


Every Road, Every Park, Every Footpath, Every Step, Every Planted Tree, Every Train, Every Truck, Every Delivery, Every University. Every School, Every Library, Every Hospital, Every Book, Every Shop, Every Building, Every Lane, Every Step, Every Stairway, Every Cinema, Every Theatre, Every Lecture hall, Every Country Town, Every Bach, Every Dam, Every Bridge, Every Flyover, Every Gradient, Every Right-of Way, Every Town, Every City, Every Hospital, Every Airplane, Every Poem, Every System, Every Thought, Every Idea, Every Restaurant, Every Cafe, Building, Every Chef, Every Machine, Every Tool, Every Computer, Every Camera, Every Ipod, Every Smart Phone, Every Electrical Installation, Every Light-switch, Every Path, Every Publisher, Every House, Every Fence, Every Wall, Every Roof, Every Pool, Every Drain, Every Kerb Every Wire, Every Corner, You Turn, Every Map, Every Graph, Every Home, Every Flat, Every Apartment, Every City, Every Skyscraper, Every Helicopter, Every Bus, Every Car, Every Trolley, Every Racecar, Every Motorbike, Every Scooter, Every Bike, Every Tin, Every Load, Every Consignment, Every Department Store, Every Coffee Shop, Every Airport, Every Wharf, Every Harbour, Every Tugboat, Every Yacht, Every Spinnaker, Every Tent, Every Rail, Every Pipe, Every Line, Every Skylight, Every Landing, Every Balcony, Every Fire Escape, Every Ladder
Every Highway, Every Flyover, Every Embankment, Every Street Lamp, Everything.

All of it, historically, built, designed, organized and constructed, permanently; by men. Almost all that you see, very nearly absolutely everything, being over 99.9% of what is visible throughout the world is constructed by men. Men can do everything. Men are Everywhere. Men have built your world, The least we can expect is for you to recognize that; is this little thing too much to ask?
We do it for you, it is our gift. It is great To be a Man. Respect. Recognition. Regard.
Because We Love You

Use Text above reformatted to create your own poster in black white and grey text according to taste and WORD skills.
A3 is suggested. Post using very thin pva glue; cheap versions of this glue and can be re-wetted later too and can be readily scrapped off then using a light scrapping action.. Please acknowledge Phillip O’Sullivan © copyright 2014

Options for Printing
Put it up in men’s room, bedroom, workplace, street poles, signboards, poster walls, noticeboards and so on….
Format as below. This is to support men’s freedom and masculist rights and masculinist freedoms everywhere for all men.

Men Holding up half the sky

This masculist men’s rights and consciousness poster  can also be purchased as a tee shirt from Phillip O’Sullivan







Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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