Democracy is rule of the Majority.



Does the tail wag the dog of dogged state control?

Feminism is rule of the elite white women’s privilege party; i.e. Radical Feminists.

It actually advances just a very few limited people.

What is included is very small.

What is included is queer theory, control freak statists, post-colonial theory, loser loony left and confused post modernists; all the tiny fringe politically correct. More on that later.

Just as in the old Socialist Bloc; the party becomes the elite. Masculism is therefore Matriarchal feminism's Prague Spring or Arab uprising. We will win in the end. We must. For the betterment of all women, children, families and humankind.

Meanwhile the lives of most women, as mothers, wives, girlfriends, females, daughters, sisters have been unchanged by feminism. Except in that it ruins their relationships with men. Increases the working stresses on their lives; burdens them with debt like student loans, and heavy job commitments; where is the FREEDOM feminism promised to young women. It seems more like a treadmill leading to high rates of heart attack and alcoholism. Feminism has failed women. Feminism is merely a spoilsport movement yet reveals a hidden matriarchal overlordship called femdom: or, the hidden criminal matrilineal gang that truly does rule the world. The surviving widows of any criminal gang. Or at least is trying to take over the former Christian Western Hemisphere. More on that in my later chapters. Of course, it should be called overLadyship.Touche’.

Men need a more democratic new ideology to speak for us. It is called masculism. We include all straight women as our friends, all hetero-normative or normal men. All men on the receiving end of feminist taunts; go ahead accuse away-you have just made us a new convert for free. More on that toward the end of this present work.

Just as right and left have no political meaning whatever; as both have concentration gulags, internal passports and slave labour; so the term ‘equality’ has no meaning at all within feminist propaganda. It merely means ‘what is good for feminist radicals politically’. Plainly; men and women are different. Biology is neutral; it enforces a choice of its own, even hormonally. Maintaining the fiction of gender equality is just not good science, biology, physiology and so on; it flies in the face of the best human breeding strategy for political well-being, happiness and joyful prosperity. Feminism, like socialism cannot work. These pages will attempt to show how feminism is an artificial construct that causes alienation, fear, injustice, rape, violence and all the things it accuses others of in a selfish narcissistic way. Feminism is nothing more than the sum of its contradictions; the resultant equals zero. Meaning, a total waste of time.

Today, Feminism is dead; long live men, women and children.

A benign patriarchy is the only proven way to proceed. Enjoy. Salut! Cheers.

This is an anti-feminist book; proudly so-without any shame, apology or confession necessary. Feminism-if you have read more than a few feminist books, like I have-especially the early canonical ones where their crude rougher, earlier theorizing is unguarded and fairly revealing – they also contain arguments that have since become mainstream-so they are a quick read-as you will no doubt already be familiar with their writings; still it is easier to examine any lapses in logical reasoning, facts or attitudes-of which there are plenty! So that it can be almost enjoyably in a grim sort of way to at last confront the silliness of what had been for us/you/men a fairly frightening beast-full of hatred of men. Which it is, but on such a faulty basis and misrepresentation that it is almost comically criminal.

Men did not read much feminist literature in the past. I read Germaine Greer’s ‘The Female Eunuch’ long ago, and still haven’t really (I have a biggish collection of older feminist literature coming from the second hand book shops for my research material) read many feminist books. The key one to read is Christina Hoff Sommers book; ‘Who Stole Feminism‘

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