Semiology of the Lecture

Space monologue structured interruptions questions or no?

time power respect/ abuse slandering students affects performance recompenses?

mark ups 5% - 15% depending on distress and political violation

 independent reassessments

how to perform for hostile lecturer. pose posture stance attitude  (physique/physicale)

previous experience versus current

campus culture of thought police religious origins lectionary

 Definitions of lecture
n. - The act of reading; as, the lecture of Holy Scripture. 2
n. - A discourse on any subject; especially, a formal or methodical discourse, intended for instruction; sometimes, a familiar discourse, in contrast with a sermon. 2
n. - A reprimand or formal reproof from one having authority. 2
n. - A rehearsal of a lesson. 2
v. t. - To read or deliver a lecture to. 2
v. t. - To reprove formally and with authority. 2
v. i. - To deliver a lecture or lectures. 2

answers listen or notetaking

lecture prep or winging it

slides overheads handouts recordings? tapes lights tiers or not changes form distance  yet come close to my distance?

personal agffect = private effectiveness empathy verbotten

bullet points powerpoints rehersals semiology the \'other\' other side full coverage or ideological choices

sitting together

flat floor lectures floor talks for artists lectures for curators formats and seclusions exclusions collusions collisions and consciousness and

 hegemony of ideological conformity

political correctedness.   linguistic modalities

tipping the cap... signing ones allegiences to fashional yet hegemonic \'rebellions\'  per se taboo


facing the mob

 fashionable discourses debunked

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