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MINIMALISM New Zealands first ever international art movement

post-contemporary, late western art, post abject art, post-Bataillean, pro-masculiste

duty of care.
Some points
fashioning a masculist art theory and practice.
Critique of feminism marxism and received cultural theory.
Beginning rudimentary version one as is to be compared to early feminism and early broadsheet.

not aiming any higher than that at the moment. 'Nuancing'  of arguments will come later: 10000 doctorates in this for sure over next ten years.

sequence: notes, plan, draft writing, expanded, edited, pictured, referenced, annotated, revised, published



One form of words has it as 'awkward moment' occassion or situation: pause for pin drop

tense silence

I love these times! I'm at home there... because... feel awkward most times a stranger in my own country.

a traveller who has run out of travelogue.

Distressing diaspora yearning for a European home that does not exist anymore: the Eastern Hegemony of Money

Colonised by the Asian Mainland: The Hitlerian Nightmare in reverse.




As new direction: surrealism plus minimalism... but a geometric minimalism made both expressive and 3D+ Works Oct 4 Currently 'bad' actually but direction: DIRECTION... very happy about.... at long last the challenge of art to say something




Those awkward moments we suppress because it opens up a can of worms. The kind of awkward moment you could hear a pin drop. A goache mistake, a social mistake, a 'faux pas', the violation of an unwritten code: politically incorrect incidences, abject utterances tearing apart the social fabric of convention. Little earthquakes acknowledging reality, priveleging instead the true reality underlying the 'official one' be it left, liberal or so-called enlightened.


These are the social taboos no one talks about today. Every age has them, ours is no different. Where the official ideology is caught out; with its exceptions exposed. These moments and ideas are now the real subject of my paintings. The gaps of awkward silence loudly declared; extremely proclaimed until they are no longer awkward, so that peace reigns once more.


They speak of todays forbidden masculist understanding; disallowed by todays elite emasculated understanding.


To speak of the 'other' 'other': "A Little Boy Molested By An Older Female"


Impossible to conceive its probability within the matrix of Matriarchy: as disallowed utterance by feminism, as if it could not ever occur!

This leads on to other important things.


The terms; 'bigot', 'intolerant', 'chauvinist', 'prejudice', 'sexist', 'racist', and so on: all the hate words of liberalism, are, all of them, themselves bigoted words involving prejudice, sexism and racism etc For all have as their target your archetypal patriarchal figure: a senior, older, white male.


Can a black female be called 'bigot', even if she is?


Rarely. And yet, is she really less prone to intolerance than any other group?


Can a lesbian be called misogynist? Yet, she may be, right? Her power over other females may be based other than pure motives: lust perhaps? Oh, but here we can call it abstract 'desire' thus inoculating her violations, assaults, manipulations and harassments, even rapes, from any ideological complaint. Beware ladies, how difficult would it be to prosecute your female lover and succeed. The courts could laugh at you. Whereas the track for your relationship with men goes down a long road, so you have plenty of precedence established to protect you.

More along these lines later...Specifically this work implies the opening up of the biggest can of worms ever.


She was twice the boys height, four times his body-weight, genitally experienced: himself a virgin, after all he was only three or four. Calling vocally for the breast: thus the verbal phase had begun, having imposed upon him the phallic phase, the genital phase all at once ten years or more ahead of its time. Still locked into the oral phase, as not weaned. In the boys nappies he was violated by the female. Later to become a matriarchal lesbian feminist. A misogynist as well, hating all hetero-sexual women.


To meet the masters with content: not supposed content: implied content, but direct content.

Lies survive if the truth does not rival it.



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