Beginning Masculist Art Theory


‘Male Geometry’ is an exploration of an untried world and an initial foray into the words of gender based art from a masculist or masculinist point of view. (The two competing terms masculist and masculinist are interchangeable within masculinist thinking; I prefer masculist as it scans better and is a better rough equivalent to the term ‘feminist’).  These articles begin innocent enough yet there are some fiercely polemical articles on this website also under the right most menu items. We intend to sketch out a way forward even up to the total destruction of Feminism’s stolen ‘mantle of authority’ as a workable ideology. We fully believe it is not ultimately sustainable; especially culturally or economically- and therefore must step aside in our minds- for masculist theory and the New Patriarchy- the beginnings of which you may detect here. Please read on in the expectation that these are just our early days; more and better arguments are to come. Long live men!

     ‘Innocent Geometry’ starts where early feminist art began; way back in 1974. It begins too where Judy Chicago began in being the first feminist artist. She created an artwork called ‘The Dinner Party’ a community engendered artwork. (Chicago et al;1974-1979) The work consist of thirty nine vaginal plates set amongst feminist memorabilia in the setting of a dinner party of mythological and historical feminist heroes.  With an implied requisite invitation to come and eat, or, ‘lick the plate’ of these ‘great’ women; no doubt a feminist insider joke of that period. Needless to say; it excludes men; it is exclusive, not inclusive; note that. It is very important.



  ‘Innocent Geometry’ in humble contrast begins with an explicit and friendly introduction to the basic idea of gender. Sex is considered different from the bare biology of a male person; his ‘gender’ is considered partly ‘socially constructed ‘ by – in todays world – by feminism, by media and society and by education: we consider it healthy if all these tie-in with the innate components of gender, locked into ones sexual identity. When all lines up we have an alpha male; fully conscious of who he is, what he is and how he is to behave, operate and feel within the possibilities of a free society.

When we say “It’s a boy”- one has just looked at some basic anatomy. Gender begins with sex. Sex identity begins with naming the organ of gender; from there we proceed from naming the gender to ‘giving’ that it/boy ‘a personal name’. It is our first act of social naming. It is all very intimate, basic, functional and innocent of ideology. We just do it. Our folks just did it. The art of cultural creation begins here. The art is innocent with the art of creative naming. Group names create cultural destiny. He has just been named male; of the masculine order. We live our names as we live our gender. Gender is still substantially our destiny, even after almost 60 years of fierce feminist ideology.

Innocent Geometry refers to that first innocence. Masculist art: art from the male point of view, is not macho art, like Julian Schnabel. It is art about gender. Beginning from the cultural context of feminism where feminism is overwhelmingly the  intellectual ideology of politicised gender; especially in the West. It too takes power from western hegemony and in alliance with it can be said to be the predominant, if not dominant art ideology of our time. Under feminist art and cultural ideology the political ideology of the male point of view is considerably muted and suppressed. For instance within one one library system if one searches for ‘feminist’ material for references one may find up to or beyond 403,450 items or so; for men, one finds searching the term ‘masculist’ just sixteen items. An overwhelming one sided result; highlighting the dominance of feminist thinking in the arts. Elsewhere in the wider world outside the arts we can de-construct a world where women outlive men by seven years or so and thus live to vote in one or two more elections than men. Such that democracy could be said to be ‘women’s government’ (though men ‘front’ for it). As seen in the ‘nurturing’ expenditure on health, welfare and education; all ministries with a seemingly bottomless pit of requirements. Hence the current difficulties amoung all feminist-liberal governments in the West.

Widows also hold the majority of the world’s wealth; courts are more lenient on women for the same crimes, 50/50 custody outcomes would be a masculist policy on justice, male longevity is a masculist issue and the disparities extended out from these here merely touched upon in outline reflect what can only be called matriarchal control of our world. Thus the complaints against a so-called ‘patriarchy’ are rhetorically antiquated and grossly inaccurate. It is the licence for an essentialist feminist industry of accusation and complaint; there is no reality to it. Men still do the dying, women the crying. Only this time not of mourning but the ‘crying – out’ of accusation. How unjust is that is the thought  in the minds of many men. Naturally masculist consciousness appeals first to men with long experience of the actual feminist matriarchy. Masculist thinking is thus an ideology of real complaint; men are not receiving their due respect.

  Which is where art comes in: the art theory of masculist art. Art is visual art. Art is about seeing, looking, the gaze (see Ivan Illych)1 scopophilia and scopophobia. Masculist art here in this online exhibition is about scopophobia; the man’s fear of being looked at; the fear of his envisioning, his seeing, being judged. It is about seeing and being.; about being a man. His core ‘named’ identity. Since he was a boy. He is a man. I remember the first time being consciously addressed as being a man: by a tall dignified funeral director: spoken to my self and my brothers: “Men, bring your father over here, follow me”. I was nearly forty years of age. Men are called boys, guys, blokes,  in our matriarchal feminist society- later when older, and well dressed up, ‘boss’ or ‘sir’ by the young. Very rarely men. Now, I make it a point to call young men, ‘men’. I do not wish them to wait so long as their fathers funeral. They are worth my respect just because they are of the male gender.


     Men deserve respect. Men have literally constructed virtually everything permanent in the built environment of home, shop, factory, workplace, university, school, halls, hospitals, bridges roads and so on. Men erect reality. Men are necessary to the entire functioning of our world. Men are everywhere necessary essential and indispensable to the correct accurate operation of electricity, telephone systems computers and many social services. Men are good. Men are great. Feminism tells men we are bad so masculist consciousness is necessarily opposed to this. It is a lie. We respect men, men’s achievements and contributions.

  Feminism is always about the male function in the indoor world, the small scale functions of the ‘home’ and domestic roles as if the mens actions in the wider public world, visible for all to see, were actually invisible! An unsupportable delusion. Mens erected and emphatically phallic world, his cities of desire; sitting proud on every horizon throughout the globe, are blatant and obvious contradictions of the feminist matriarchy. Long live men! Longevity is a masculist issue. Thus we come to mans deserved respect. Men should be held in the highest esteem because of what man- the gender, does by his sex in constructing the erect and proud physical world.   

    His geometry of erection is innocent of all guile. We do it because we love you. We love families, our respectful women and all affectionate companions. He is a boy lost in the man, playfully constructing parks, gardens and follies, palaces, love nests, playgrounds, toys, games, joys and pleasures for all his friends. Man is wonderful. He writes poems, songs and lyrics. He dances he is so happy to be a man before you. He relaxes and is not ashamed to be himself. His geometry, his fine boned symmetry, is innocent in his desires. Man he is fun!

To be the man of your dreams his need is to receive respect. He cannot demand or compel it; he must be it. The fearless, looked at one. His scopophobia is falsely mirrored in the ‘goddess’ myth; a religion without text, place, members, dues, < initiates, numbers or finances; yet ‘believed-in’ by zombie millions. A belief in nothing. Nothing at all. Yet there are supposed many goddesses. Too many goddesses. Let much such deicide reign. Let man be seen. This is respect. For the English ‘respect’ comes from the French- respic-ier to be looked at’ he most lose his fear of being respected- the very thing he wants. He must be cool- to be looked at. To be looked to; to be looked up to. He must be seen to be believed. If not himself, indirectly in the visible work of men; the art, the poems, the city.

   These then are my innocent geometries, to be looked at, from boy to man, from man to men. Innocent constructions built for you. This is the new masculist art; pure and simple. One idea at a time. From the man’s point of view. Silent no more. At long last the New Patriarchy has arrived. Creating desire, organizing pleasure, completing permanent wonder and moments of great joyfulness. The moment has arrived. Men again can be seen. Speak with us. The men are home. He has his own name now. It is masculist.

– Phillip John O’Sullivan 2014


1 We read Illyich’s Deschooling Society when considering the education of our son Leon Christopher This was on the back of Emile by Rousseau which I read at fourteen. And, of course A.S. Neil’s Sommerhill Along with John Hurt of course, and Glenn Doman: How to Raise a Brighter Child.Subsequently as househusband I took direct charge when my son entered two kindergartens, two children’s centres and three alternative schools, including Matauranga, Childrens Learning group and Clyde Quay school under Marie Clay; and during which one phase earlier he was taught to ride a two wheeler in one day, launching off by himself, needing no assistance, he would cross Wellington alone at four years of age, changing buses and cable car all on his own ticket. Such was the confidence we injected into him so that he would fear nothing at all. Such was not to be for adult men however, as feminists felt threatened eventually by men taking over their traditional role and surpassing them in raising boys. That is when the hatred and name calling on men began. We have had over fifty years of this reaction now; feminism is not so innocent.



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First book in the m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST Series by Phillip John O’Sullivan

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Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.

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Well, women have a ‘politically aware gender consciousness’ which collectively speaks for them. That ‘politically aware gender consciousness’ that claims to speak for all women is called feminism.

What do men have? Until recently, very little.

Search a big library like my Massey University library system where Phillip O’Sullivan found over 403,300 entries for ‘feminist’ texts by over 300,000 female writers and academics. While only two books by one male author Dr Warren Farrell featured under the ‘masculist’ term or label. This label should really become to mean something to men..

His book ‘The Myth of Male power’ I can recommend: it is full of useful masculist facts. However, his interpretations and ‘solutions’, cannot be masculist ones but feminist in flavour.

Still, we have a big fight on our hands and a long way to go.  Though it is growing. Join the fight now before it becomes fashionable.

Support men as MEN. We can destroy feminism first by killing its effect on our own minds. Read mind food that performs that function best. This book is a GREAT start to that. It contains some thoroughly shocking ideas that only angry men will get.

Which is where the m a s c u l i s t FEMINIST arguments Series comes in. This series provides the a fully fledged masculist politically aware gender consciousness point of view.

. Because real male rights placed back into gender politics can create arguments supportive of men friendly policy and therefore funding, support and finances for mens health and other initiatives.

Men must learn to talk this masculist language of policy, for the language of politics is policy. And men friendly policy depends on good and powerful arguments.

Feminism is a system of guilt very akin to the old Catholic church, or the hypocrisies of Victorian life, or of Mao’s pointless ‘cultural revolution’ with it’s little red book waving women cadres chanting fanatically. Only this time the common or garden variety of popular feminism functions as a ‘little purple book’. Only that the chanting remains inane and simplistic and just as pointless.’Equal pay for equal work’ which sounds Ok until you add ‘equal conditions’– for mens conditions are often far different; like deep underground, far out to see, longer hours, night time, dark or cold or stormy or dangerously unequal conditions (See Dr Warren Farrell for similar answers) ‘girls can do anything’ (except impregnate a man, or another woman) or the infamous lie we answer here- ‘rape is about power’.

Ask This

If Rape is about an ‘all powerful patriarchy’ why do men go to jail for it?

If Rape were about power why are so many men falsely accused of it? Matriarchy has all the power when it comes to child custody, length of life and unequal sentencing for similar crimes; why not too with rape?

This book is one mans answer on one issue long thought under the complete control of the female feminist matriarchy: RAPE

Whereby our false accusers dared to call all men ‘rapists’ (Susan Brownmiller: “Against Our Will”)

This volume is a MASCULIST attack on such bad-mouthing rapist ms- representations in feminist media.

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All of these images of men are given out by feminism.

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Judy Chicago (American, b. 1939). The Dinner Party, 1974–79.

Ceramic, porcelain, textile, 576 x 576 in. (1463 x 1463 cm).

Brooklyn Museum, Gift of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation, 2002.10.




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