Masculist Art Theory


What is Art created by men

Early origins

Sympathetic magic- or planning the hunt cold bloodedly. Cave Art.

Art and objects- are talismans and symbols; signs and the semiology of anthropology as certain as we speculate - or were they more so- considered invested/powerful... or less so; cynically planned as organizational principle/principal- leader? Function? Early intellectual?

the bare bones

what are men/the male gender is good for stability in uncertain times.

Permanent Patrimony Paternity-patronage /property rights secure-inheritance secure and reliably possible ensures future outlook and orientation passing on accumulations as advantage to sons and daughters- socialism as organized plunder in slow motion mayhem.... means signs shown of friendliness to gangs as being exactly like what socialism does

historical precedences in communism

communism by stealth

anti-god (code word Patriarchy)  forbidden word Matriarchy is where real power hidden

Toleration of beastialty=devils/luciferianilluminazi



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