Starting Out Fourteen Years Ago....

Begun first in 2002 as  still viewable on the Wayback machine.

This was the year Wordpress released its first website. This is also my 'check word' on Google for some of the things I'll be saying here.

Phillip O'Sullivan wrote a Men's declaration of Human Rights that was translated into 37 languages. There I left it. I thought that would do it I suppose. Just that alone. For I had previously housed and looked after a Cambodian man who was an Electrical Engineer in Pnomh Penh; He had written a Constitution for Cambodia that he had sent to the United Nations. His name was Rak Sar. That might have been his son. Arrested by Pol Pots Government his rival Constitution interested Pol Pot so was kept alive in a type of intellectuals zoo. He showed me a copy of this document and also a design he had made for a large Hydro-Electric Dam to be built over the Mekong River. These were artistically rendered in Khymer style. As his long sojourn in various prison camps and refugee camps had affected his mind a little. This inspired me to attemp a write up of a 'Constitution for Men' Which I titled 'A Man's Declaration of Human Rights' I think, based on United Nations 'Declaration' models and on the Electrical Engineers Khymer style Constitution for Cambodia.

Then I left the site alone. I really thought that would do it. Usher in the new age of masculist political man. Fully awake like the women seemed to be over their issues- whatever they were. I read Germaine Greers 'The Female Eunuch'- loved the cover, very clever and possibly imbibed some of its points in a fairly messy and nondirectional way. I have since heard it reviewed by others as fairly lacking in content and little substantial by way of feminist theory or philosophy but I have not seriously read it since.

This appears to gell with my own impression.

Of course I was wrong in my inattention over feminism initially-as are many men in neglecting to pay attention to something that was so much to detrimentally affect - and materially effect the lives of everyone possessing life in the masculine gender. Thus I was not in any real way prepared to tackle feminism.

Then I went back to University and to Art School

 Critical theory there was a shock. At Victoria in Pacifica studies the post-colonial anti-colonial thing was worn fairly lightly. It was covered but not rubbed in. The inherent cultural marxist propaganda and politicising beneath most, literary theory and post-modernism was not laid on crudely like a trowel as totally/unquestionably correct and in a manner that squeezed out any other approach or interpretation. Students took a libertarian approach, a traditional culture approach and even a kind of game theory approach at times; at Victoria University I mostly took a general approach based on my wide reading and love of rationalism and the analysis of fallacy in logic. This suited me well and no one forbade it. I was in pursuit of a post graduate diploma in fine art history. So the History knowledge and aspect had to be in there somewhere. I loved art history and still do.

 COMPARING 'masculist' with 'feminist' over four years.


In the same period the Term 'feminist' went from 20 Million to 96 Millions; about a five fold increase

 Compared to nearly a full one thousand times increase in men's masculist freedoms and liberation in male terms. During roughly a similar time. I am now glad I took notice of these things. All figures are approximate. They will do in a pinch as sufficiently and workably accurate from memory to at least try the projection depicted here. I am relying on it myself. That is the best I can say. Maybe Google has better records. Of late the algorithm had changed. Nevertheless this reshrunk results began itself to grow again though slowly. They are doing everything they can to slow us down. This is dangerous for them as as this is catalogued by people such as myself. The wrath against them can only grow greater. Reality is its own truth and ultimately we must live by that since the myth of the narrative throws up weirder and weirder mismatches. Professionals cannot count on warped narratives for a long term career and I see much two tiered thinking going on. State agencies are now beginning to say fairly qualified things about the myth of 'equal pay' in New Zealand. Jacindas government while relying on the deluded feminist vote now says it will take up to fifty years for 'parity', their parity not ours, to take place. Because a fairer statement like equal pay for equal work under equal conditions easily Trumps the distorted and limited illogicality of  just 'equal pay for equal work'. Can you see why?

Say a man works 10 hours doing something and a woman works five hours doing the same something. Should she claim the same pay? Well, if the results or outcomes were the same exactly; ie if it involved moving boxes and she moved twice as many of some similar boxes (Weight & size and difficulty and everything) in five hours as he did in ten, then yes she can have the same piecework rate. It is by the box right? Yet so stating these interpretations is giving the qualifications or the conditions of employment. But what if all that was so- but he was doing it at the same 'location' but far out to sea in the middle of the night in a storm with the decks heaving and slanting in every direction, and it was wet- and he also had to lash down the boxes also one by one. Then surely he has a right to his extra money.

Plainly some people are beginning to see that now- strange that it has taken nearly fifty years to put that point across. Truly the bulk of feminists are as silly as once was said of all women. Now we are making real progress. Now we can tell that the silliest women are the feminist women.

Once you shake out the garbage; the intelligence quotient of ordinary women, the kind of females we all know and love- it shoots up higher than before.

YES it did INCREASE certainly. But its RATE of increase is much slower. Women will probably fail to appreciate the importance of this if they have no background in the Mathematics of compound interest- or of the dynamics of accelerating motions and changes of the increasing rate of acceleration.

It is the old story of the tortoise and the hare in reverse. The fat tortoise here is exhausted and slowing down but the hare in peak condition after leisurely mucking about finds himself just warming up to spurt ahead.

These 'suppressed' new tendencies have also had a hit from heavy mockery on twitter- women speak 7000 words per day while men do with 5000, women will always outtalk men on that sassy, smartypants bossy way and so do the manginas who mimic them. Twitter is their ideal vehicle. Men are logical and rational on the whole and this takes more time. While women blat out words without thinking more men are opting from spending time with terribly lost women. Think; if there really was 'equal pay' there would be more jobs for men. Think about it. Why would anyone hire women gabbing on the cellphone when you can get an actual worker willing to do anything for the same money. Mind you the same people who calculate 'equal pay' would also say gabbing on the job counts as work too. As long as it was legally 'on the job' ie gabbing to her girlfriends at the place of work. Go figure. With answers like that no wonder America is going to pot.

The figures are scant to be sure but I think some rough envelope scribbled calculations have shown the current lines or curves of ascent meet sometime in 2022 at around the One Billion mark. This is real as the word 'wordpress' is currently well over the one billion items mark on Google. in 2013 it was just at 40 million.

I always knew we could win this one; now we can just begin to put a rough date to it.

By 2022 the male gender consciousness of its political position will reach parity; the kind of strict vocal representation that new men can really call EQUALITY.

The stuff before this was echoing in an empty vacuum chamber; no wonder we men could hardly be bothered to hear it. Sorry I ever doubted you.  A magnificent effort MEN.

Only the interaction of interference waves has any need to 'pique' our interest shall we say.

Feminists of the World Unite: Go suck eggs- the clock is ticking again at long last.

 You may trick us once, twice we will not marry you, three times and we will beat you and leave you in the lurch; loyalty is everything. Show a flicker of anything else and we are well away from you.

Fifty bleeding years of utter hell are over.


Of late Google and others appear to dickey around with the algorithmn giving the impression appearing to deny currently the progress of men above; but the elites will know the true rate despite this seeming discouragement from uncovering their believed false paradigm. They need to be really scared; it comes out in instinct and intuition anyway. Catalonia, Iceland, Hungary and so on prove that this an unstoppable revolution and when their suppression of it gets out there will be much redounding back upon their own heads.

I remember how flaky and quaky one lecturer was at university when I drew a speculative map of the breakup of the Dominion of new Zealand into three zones


Auckland- just the isthmus as a city state

Maori Land as Northland East Coast, Waikato, Taranaki and say King Country

Mainland as southern North Island and South Island in its entirety; Traditional European territory




And another lecturer freaked out- this entirely unintended when I created an artwork with the words centred in the frame

   "The Thing That You Fear Will Come Upon You"


...this absolutely terrified her. Because it is happening as that exactly-these feminist loonies will not ever get away with it.

Even if they silence us entirely... we will circulate this underground. It will have a growing cult following.

Boys at high school are already intuitively rebelling against this completely without input from us. They know something is badly wrongheaded and deeply amiss.


What is needed is exactly this theoretical reconstruction of male gender theory not by quasi feminist genderised men but in the real deal from heterosexual gendered male input. It is a powder keg ready to explode.















Phillip O'Sullivans New Book










Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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