Bucking the worldwide trend reversing these trends, Australia has voted- in a divided house with many abstentions- to begin Homosexual 'marriages'.

Some questions; what about gay 'divorce' settlements.
How does this alleviate the trend to 50% or more marital breakups?
Welcome, then, to Sharia law, ... as soon as possible?

A no fault divorce environment creates housing demands; cutting no default divorces could immediately release hundreds of thousands of houses available for young struggling couples. Leading to better-launched young families. Stable families-less social problems- Oh, I forgot, doing socialist policies out of a job. And thus subsequent, more stable societies, stronger societies with more money for research and business and constructive infrastructure. Notice the dreadful social equation hiding in there? Socialist governments NEED social upset and destruction to justify their existence. Gay marriage sure, means more social disruption, more social services and more reason for having a socialist government. Hence socialist governments are essentially destructive; they require theft for their existence, more reason then to hide this behind a smokescreen of social distress. Create social distress and then people want social policy to fix it. For such you need socialised governances. More socialist parties equals more social problems; an all-time boring emphasis on social problems. Did societies live like this in the past? The pernicious  aspect is that there is subsequently no emphasis on actually fixing these things. In fact actually fixing poverty or social distress is not at all wanted- what they create are political and useless jobs where people say they are working on these things, more problems, more social agencies all the time.

Eventually however the money runs out; socialist governments impoverish nearly everyone except useless party members. Solution is always fascism. They get rid of socialists and the creaming-off party hacks. Are we about to go through such a period; undubitably. Is there any other solution? No, probably not. Fascism has this virtue; it is one tenth as destructive of its own citizens than is Communism. Gulag versus Auschwitz if you like. However you may bear that if you have a particularly nasty view of religious folk. For that Communism is your bag. They will kill up to ten times more Christians, Islams and later Jews than the fascists. Are you really now more fond of being an-antifa thug? Is it because you like thumping up ten times more people yourself? So who is the 'fascist' then. If it down to a choice between a pile of bodies ten times higher than another: a choice between Gulag versus Goyim say; or between 'fascist' as in Germany, or FASCIST as in the Soviet Union then give me a mere little corporal 'fascist' any day. Though he killed my kind the others murdered ten times as many.

 In the end it does not matter good Lot survived and all the Gay couplings in Sodom perished no matter how much dirty rectal turds they pushed up biologically backwards. They all died, not by the hand of Good Lot but by the right hand of God (Jesus) who after all had created them and had the right idea to smash the evil clay potty pots if they came out wrong. As he was their co-creator- he could do anything he wanted with them; make them believe a lie, harden their hearts, destroy them, judge them, place them forever in torments exactly fitted to their crime. Do good and your reward is great, do evil and your reward is evil to you. It is always like that.

My religion comes from Moses so I am a Hebrew; My religion also comes from Jesus so that I am anointed to tell this as if for my burial. I am prepared by God himself. One cannot do this from oneself. One is chosen. There are many others. Yet you would not often know us. We are as invisible to you. You cannot kill us until the time is ordained by god. Before then we seek each other out. When we come together our people will leave you then there will be much destruction. Receive instruction from us and then the treasures of heaven will be released unto you. Miracles and healing after the message of salvation. The workers of iniquity always get this order wrong. They are too impressed by miracles, thus spoiling the message. Miracles are only restoring that which is normal. It is as if nothing to God. God made us all whole in origin. Nothing could ever be born unholy. All were holy. Then crime came in. We all became criminals. His blood washes clean. The blood of fascists and communists is dirty; it makes every human effort dirty. This is totally unacceptable to the divine Holiness of the Right Hand of the Father. Socialists and liberals are like wishy-washy versions of fascists and communists. They too disgust God. He would rather prefer you were either fascists or Communists as you could then see more quickly the stark criminality of your ways. Liberalism and socialism disguises this from you. It calls good bad and evil the greatest boon to Mankind; God himself sharing his anointing Holy Spirit ineloquent tongues among you. He gives freely to those who deeply believe as I do the many gifts to use in faith. Faith means hear/obey in the Hebrew. Those who hear from God and act upon it in action or speaking (mostly by speaking-,thus the Tongues, much maligned-and openly targeted by Communists are very important- much more so than the modern-post-modern church dare accept) have this faith. Nothing else will do.

Nothing to celebrate here as it further smears the whole concept of marriage further.

Why not marry your dog? Or have sex love-ins with your toilet?

People are doing that, and requesting legal structures to support it.

Bestiality is next and then all hell will break loose into utter chaos.

If 76 gender pronouns are adopted also it will greatly multiply the weaknesses and complications of society. These layers of complex laws and regulations are a first class way into society wide abject poverty as explred by the Peruvian Economist DeSotto on exactly this trend. As if complicating society morally hastened the creation of many more 'compensatory' rules and regulations to create a quantifiable 'lawfulness' to replace simpler moral law of greater quality. This is not a triumph, except for they set on destruction, both of themselves and everyone associated with them. It falsifies several major religions rendering the foundation of human liberty and freedom in religious freedoms much weakened.

What of domestic violence in such 'homes'; since lesbian-feminism is noted for its early life terminations via despair, pointlessness,stresses, drunkeness and its own crude feminist violence. As if compensating for the absent macho element by over acting badly in some freaky sphaghetti and 'perfomative' opera of lesbianality.


None of these things have expressely been 'put to the vote' no Jury would convict anyone questioning these things. All is done in secret, on holidays like this Christmas, like at midnight, like with heavy abstentions and deliberate absences. It is really done in secret.

A weak society does not stand against its enemies. We will seriously regret these decisions.

Trump and Brexit are a reaction to a complete wrap up of these things and being stood against finally.

This Australian result is like that- a minor victory despised by many, feared by some that certainly earns the epithet of draining the swamp.

If a party should come out finally and say or allude to standing against such things; all is not lost, it more clearly defines what people can eliminate in the future via the vote by removing the parties most closely identified with such moral cowardice.

In effect it outlaws religion.

True Judaism- thus in the deepest sense it is anti-semitic.

Islam- thus it is in the deepest sense Islamaphobia and Islamaphobic.

It is the Anti Christ characteristic forbidden in the ancient writings. Thus it is absolutely anti Christ and anti-christian. Those Islams, Jews and Christians who accept it are heretics respectively in each of their then falsified religions.

In effect these laws outlaw religion. The first foundation of Human freedom. It weakens a regard for the majority-building a natural revolt of the centre. Therefore it cannot last; but, y'know, reveal yourselves- we will know then who to militate against politically in the near future. A wise man keeps away from causing chaos. History can snap back rather alarmingly. So, yes, please put your hand up. Someone can chop it off politically later.

Furthermore it bucks a trend alluded to before. That of reversing these laws worldwide.

At one time only another country and Russia held out against legalising homosexuality. To the deluded this cuts that record in half- so it appears that only the former Soviet Union now stands against homosexuality. However, in the meantime over the very last of these five years or so in several African countries alone those countries have abandoned homosexuality and weestern same-sex marriage laws. More have annuled these laws than have accepted them in more recent times.

So despite the most recent Australian result the new trend is toward strengthening society by kicking out the politically correct left wing ideas that are suffocating us- as we should perverted, pederastic and pedophilic friendly laws in general. Minority governments need to keep in mind the real needs of the majority of the people and not hide bad laws among some good sounding ones.

It is my intention to start a small church myself- unfortunately it would have to be illegal, underground and anointed. That should keep all undesirables away.

For the law may make us unlawful yet we obey a higher law. That is what makes us civilized. A law based on licencing anal sex is crude and animalistic- like the poor beasts.

Driven underground though we love the light of day. Yet now the children of greatest darkness roam free. Invisible yet visible to they who see the same light.

Anointed because God knows his own. Filled with a light the wicked cannot see. Nor ever shall. Without conversion from one to another there is no saving of two thirds of the whole of humanity. No; God does NOT 'love' everyone. Only the silliest forms of liberal apostasy say that. It is not what the word of God says. Have you read it and thoroughly know its contents; I do, I have read it up to 60 times all the way through. Acquiring two university degrees in the process- but not in any religious studies; just regular University Degrees. Match that and I can listen to you.

Our caveat, trouble must come to the Godly yet deep woe and greater trouble to them that bring believers trouble.
The wealth of the wicked, dissipated into drunkeness (for even the wicked cannot live with the results of their own wickedness) and sorrows (for yourselves)- is instead stored up as prosperity for they living right. Be it on your own head Australia. You are doomed. As we all are. Seek the Holy Spirit. The only way of escape in our time of troubles. How like the Weimar republic it all is; more reasons in our time to oppose the usury bankers and now the moral laxity. Welcome, I am sure to a type of madder by far Hitlerian future: all Europe in turmoil once again; just because the left went way too far again beyond their real constituancy; themselves alone. A small clique of idiots and fools. Believing themselves to be wiser than all others they BECAME fools.

Imagine deliberately seeking out foolishness?


The things that we fear; Fascism? Shall come upon us. After all it is only one tenth as deadly as Communism and the Gulag.











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Zdenek Hanzlik

 A man injured outside Parliament on Thursday last week has been named as

Rotorua man Zdenek (Sid) Hanzlik. He burnt himself to death it appears over mens justice issues amoung other things.

The 60-year-old Czech-born man died in hospital after an incident on

Parliament grounds. There seems to have been some Family Court Issues Involved

Poice released Hanzlik's name today.

Hanzlik's death has been referred to the coroner and police said they could

not make any further comment.


Men are deliberately being discriminated against by Family Court Judges and policy advisments issued by the Justice department.

We deeply regret Mr Hanzliks death.


Notes Justice department discrimination on men

50/50 outcomes is the goldstandard in Masculist manifesto and now it is time to demand that it always everywhere be adhered to

There are good men- there are good women.

We could constructively suggest that if the sociological figures support this which I strongly suggest they do that we could say that 40/60 outcomes sometimes favouring the man should be entered into against the party that calls for the divorce (if that were so there would be far fewer divorces.)

As divorce I believe is far worse for the children- and both parties subsequently

 All Judges who fail to deliver 50/50 outcomes over last fifty men/women custody divorce, alimony, family payments cases or all other cases involving males either as victims or defendents- where it is basically

Notes on working this aspect out... 'fundamentally men/women cases'   what does that constitute-Complete law change=revolution in court-system/ legal system, corrections system so that police can arrest only fifty fifty men/women YES why not--- are men Badder than women- what person can say so.

Do facts say so when facts CONSTRUCTED by female officers, judges etc and female justice articles and text evidences?

More on this shortly-- this article does not depend on the Czech mans sacrifice it is a sign of what is happening when Government departments increasingly run and fully staffed to very high numbers and degrees by feminist women

Where are the activist masculists in Justice department or are we to call it the Department of Injustice until there are 50/50 staffing ratios of real men including activist men- as there are no doubt activist feminist men or women on board with their legalized bigotry and discriminations whereever and however they occur the raw numbers tell the story. 50/50 writings & Publications

50/50 staffing & outcomes

50/50 sentencing & equality

50/50 lawyers & probono

50/50 recommendation & policy results in favour

50/50 positions & seniority


And so on


Justice is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue for MEN

Fire all who disagree.

Fire all disparate outcomes.

MEN should serve only as long as women; as many women should be in prison.

Are men BAD; Women all Good.

Make NEW CRIMES if the numbers do not match

If the numbers do not match. Make them match or release all long serving men now to make sure they DO!






Phillip O'Sullivans New Book










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Phillip O'Sullivans New Book









Rhetorical Governance: Twelve Ways the Politics of Supposed Good Intentions Fails its Followers Always.

And everyone else as well.

Ooops, now I'm a criminal in Norway.

1. The highest of high taxes.

Socialist governments always end up taxing the poor more through the mechanisms of confiscation, denial of services, denial of freedom and through inflation and the printing of money. What the Obama administration falsely called 'quantitative easing' which was nothing less than running the printing presses night and day; therefore increasing the illusion of wealth in his nine years of office as much as the previous five or six presidents had done throughout their entire careers. Without improving the jobs economy or the financial basis of the manufacturing economy at all. This is Mugabe territory. It is an illusion. The easiest sugarcoated way to destroy any economy. No socialist government ever fails to have recourse to this mechanism. Locking the society in a time warp of perpetual irrelevance. Meaning that when a more sensible government wakes up it has to catch up with a decades equivalent of mismanagement. Socialist governments are a terrifying time where everything flows backward. No one is better off and everyone is worse off except for one elite group as shown by the election recently of a socialist city council that immediately increase the rates of the people who did not vote for them as punishment and paid themselves an immediate increase in salary. This is typical of corrupt socialist behaviour. All diehard socialists are so corrupt there is not a single exception in the real history of actual socialist government. The mute graves of over four hundred million of its victims bear testimony to that in the twentieth century alone.

At the national level we have an impending socialist populist government backing onto an entire history of socialist governments in this country whereby the real tax rate has increased above 67%.  GST, ACC, Income, Rates, plus other compulsory fees and charges or extractions. That is, that for every $100 the average worker earns by the sweat of his brow.  Or the hard yards of thinking his way through a pile of unnecessary and soul destroying  paperwork (their favourite economic philosopher being Keynes who said 'make work did not matter if you dug a hole and filled it in again'; welcome to Gulag thinking!'). Exactly 2/3 of his money taken away immediately for income tax, property taxes or rates, goods and services or sales taxes, withholding taxes, compulsory accident insurance, and other compulsory fees, charges, taxes, subscriptions and imposts. Mostly to pay for things directly opposed to his real interests like feminist driven policy captured by the female privileged elite.

Yep, this is what an actual feminist did to her son because of HER feelings about anti-feminism.

Many women have aborted children because they were boys without having to tell either the father or anyone; this thing will redound. She should be prosecuted. What if a man did this; note how he would not be proud of it and show everyone; Feminism empowers infanticide, murder and abortion with its death culture. It can have only one cultural reply to stop it. An outright total ban on feminism as a hate crime. Then we would have no need for masculists. That is the only legitimate way to get rid of us.

  Plainly when so much of your money is confiscated by the state in the name of serving you then what does remain to you and what manner of life can you have? When all you have left in your own hand after the state has taken most of it, is the pittance of the one third remaining. That is the very Marxist bogey of 'alienation & subsistence' is it not. Done entirely by your very own government that you most probably voted for. More fool you. They are laughing all the way to the bank. With almost all your money. It is lucky if any man ever receives any benefit from it. Most pensions are captured by women as they live longer. Most of the health vote is given to women constantly going to the doctor. And today most education money is given to unfair female teachers who will deliberately mark boys down for feminist ideology reasons. Yes, that is right; they will mark your son down a grade because he is a boy. On your money (as men pay the most tax). Can we not see how biased, bigotted and unfair that is? While pointing these injustices out is called our 'Hate Crime' even by New Zealand Judges. Surely with all this unjust suppression of mens true and natural rights an explosion of well justified fury is coming. Not that I advocate that mind- just to observe how inevitable it must become sometime.


Out of that one third remaining $30, (of the hundred) or only $300 out of the average weekly income $1000 (this is the vast majority of your average worker mind you) – this is not some weird fringe group, this is the life of the ordinary person who pays and pays, and pays, under a socialist government. Out of that remaining $300 you are supposed to pay your mortgage, your few food items, your travel expenses and clothing for the workplace for the employment you supposedly "enjoy". What little remains. No wonder you are in debt. Try sending your bills along to the MP, or to IRD, or to the city Council. Perhaps the Mayor will fork out on your behalf? Why would one bother to work at all? And to whom does it go apart from mostly to the bureaucrats and the politicians. It goes to support poverty continuing as poverty, and unwell behaviour continuing as unwell behaviour, it goes to support lassitude laziness and uselessness. How can such a state function? Of course with your two thirds money- that's a whole whack of money they have taken from you – and all glory goes to the state; in state project this, on state project that, all paid for on two thirds full of your suckers wage, or on your salary: is this not theft on a grand scale? All revolutions are founded on the expropriation of the means of production in order supposedly to save you from alienation and from living a subsistence lifestyle. That is classic Marxism. As you see it has now very well turned itself into something else. Something, like scholasticism, sophistry, fashion, culture, postmodernisn that can 'prove' anything, be anything, speak anything- like contemporary politics- say anything, promise anything, deliver anything is worse than useless. It is not a tool for thinking. It is a tool of lies. It attached itself to you like propaganda. Repeat it often enough it becomes the truth (Goebbels putting this saying into the mouths of Jews). This is how advertising works. Let the buyer beware. Marxists criticise western consumerism for this as 'their' political champions are particularly lousy at making cellphones and cameras etc. Yet they too always fail to apply this truism: for that is what it is (A seemingly smart observation/reflection by Goebbels who was after all the 'workers socialist party' propaganda minister). To give you the full context. Advertising and propaganda are the same. Propaganda is advertising for a political position, policy, party or ideology. What else can we expect. A sort of licence to tell bigger fibs, selective facts without their entire context and even more enormously inflated lies. Resulting in what we see all around-we get 'more' yet we still seem deeper in debt.

Do you see how this operates? They take almost all the money from you.  Expropriation: you, of course, do not deserve to have it. Very little is left to you.  You are just the muggins who provides it. To pay for the other extraction side of the economy; the false flim-flam 'jobs' given to utterly useless feminists. What a gigantic scam it all is. Real work is needed to be done. Men do it. They pay heavy taxes; more heavy than is really needed. These imposts sap your saps- remove all will, urge and desire from you- dumbing you down- then they give this hard earned money of yours to easy earned safe-cushy jobs, inside, in the city, with subsidized cafeteria (you paid for) a state vehicle- for free-you paid for again (How does that old dungha of yours outside now look to you eh? Theirs is better of course- bought by two thirds of YOUR money do not forget.) You are supporting two whole families more than your own all on those lovely generous taxes you pay so conveniently out of your own pocket. Yet when you require something yourself of state generosity- they give you the run-around right? The teachers sneer at you, the court official is brutal, the tax man unyielding, the feminist (lesbian) librarian all snooty and arrogant. Eh? You have no basis in which to object because it threatens your employment which is possibly and probably in a government agency or as a beneficiary of some kind of that system itself. You cannot criticise for you cannot afford to criticise's. An unexamined life however is not worth living. This we learn from Greek philosophy of the Western tradition. The state then can do as is likes.  You being in the state avails you not; that is if you are a man that has temporally fallen afoul of it. The State operatives can act like bullies discriminating against men in a feminist state as they will and do and have a long inglorious track record in doing so putting more men in prison and a feminist society than there are women though they claim equality. I call this a Matriarchy- paid for by men for the entire unjustified benefit of women. They did not do their part; they did not have enough children. Yet they demand everything from you the man though they hold two thirds of all your money in Government levies as if you are already guilty of some vast unstated crime. That of being a man. Equality for all the sugar and spice things. Oh yes,  more of those! But you boys must work outside, outside of the city, outside of the state apparatus and all its freebies, goodies and baubles; paid by your money, outside in the cold rain and snow of the real economy. Where we can screw you outrageously. Economically, in all manners of speaking. Yet while accusing you eyeing of up our daughters. To keep you in your place. You men are second-class citizens.   The smallest infringement against the feminist elite class will be severely punished by extracting all your blood. Now you know why Goths roam the street. They are not joking.         
Hilary Clinton in Jacindas borrowed teeth. Hilary had hers out for the hustings.
They do say in politics a lot of horse trading goes on....

What remain to the workers in our so-called workers paradise is a debt laden subsistence that comes with its own levels of cultural and socialist poverty. You are meant to feel gratefull for being allowed to enjoy some of your own money back into your hands- such as tax breaks for families with children. Yet it is your own money originally. They only returned to you some of it because their criminal theft of it in the first place for incompetent governance would all the more quickly become obvious and therefore fundamentally breakdown all aspects of our political systems. No, I caution speedy gradualism. A distinctly graded and stepped off retreat from too high a state intervention- back down into far more useful waters as we shall see if you follow these ideas fully out in considering their obsevational outlooks and forlorn as currently here foreseen in current consequences. Must we look on in horror as this unfolds for the new Government? Or shall we all act with resiliant perspicacity; sagely and wisely. My counsel; to move forward by going back. We MUST retreat from ECONOMICALLY unsustainable positions. The Taxes are FAR too high! All things considered. As we look at here. The reader and I. Please read on further and think. For Gods sake and Aotearoa New Zealands sake: THINK! Before it is too too late. Otherwise this Governments popularity will shrivel within weeks if not day. And is then the Governor General to receive another visit requesting the formation of a National Government in Six months with cross-bench elements of the three weaker parties? It could happen.

We do have a form of tri-cameral government in this country- the permanent government of the public service house of socialism; unelected, self-serving and irremovable.The local bodies which when in power under a central government that is also socialist becomes a fearsome Middle House of corrupt tyranny of fascist rent controls, protectionism and banning of all individual efforts at political amelioration. Think of mayor Daley and Tammany Hall. It effectively bans or censors all dissident criticism, questioning or correction. It is a real tyranny. Censoring library books, lifestyles, religion (street preachers; just like the worker socialist Hitler), hopes and dreams of anything departing from the moronic socialist programme. It bans anything independent, free or otherwise in competition ideologically. Free thinking stops dead with these dogmatic idiots.

Phillip O'Sullivan on YouTube showing his theory of population economics- the theory to replace a non-functioning socialist & static classical capitalist (Who Funds the Schools of Economics?) which is the only theory to gaurantee success under socialism, capitalism, anarchism, imperialism, colonialist, military or religious forms of Government.  In other words all Governments have recourse to my economics in a crisis- as if paying obesience to some prosperous-supplier Deity (El Shaddai perhaps?) then once the crisis passes revert to their own fallible little systems of operation. The series of six videos are called 'Open Letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister' and were initially addressed to Prime Minister John Key.



2. Privileging perverts and criminals and paedophiles and pederasts.

Socialist governments in the West are a form of criminalised creepy communism. They are a species of international Jewish politics. Think of the kibbutz and the hype and nationalism of Israel and that fascist brand of socialism. A so-called workers socialist party. Yet in essence an elitist comradie of co-conspirators; the capture for the party coffers the West all available sources of revenue gathering. So that a community initiative will be announced of a sufficient level of funding be captured by the passing through several hands on its way to the party coffers while small enough not for the electorate or the compliant left-wing feminist media to be bothered in any requisite oversight. Therefore many of its project are completely legitimate and have nothing to do with serving the community or the public whatsoever but of serving only their continuity in office the next round of voting. This we see everywhere in New Zealand particularly in a socialist city.
Creepy form of communist tyranny is full of word's that camouflage their thieving intentions.

In communist Russia of the Soviet era the first appointments to high office were directly the result of the theory that material circumstances and economic conditions with the only thing that made a criminal criminal. So they elected as the high court supreme Justice a former murderer straight out of jail. And these thugs then proceeded to rule Russia as the regime public servants. Why anybody after this alone would want to have anything at all to do with socialism I have no idea. So presumably with this is the ideologically ground we must assume that all socialists are criminal. For economic conditions cannot be the excuse and socialism must be nearly camouflage and disguise for the outrageous theft of the well-being and the communal society of actual people, exclusively for their own use. Socialist governments are always the new Czar. Always. Without exception. Let's compare an actual liberal reforms, Tzar; with the entirety of the communist regimes run. Under his reform government and individual raised enough money to finance an entire railroad from Moscow to Vladivostok. One of the greatest of human achievements in his century. Bar none. The Leninist revolution was a child's birthday party and a cakewalk in comparison. Over the 70 year run of the Soviet union and its bloodthirsty regime even a road had not been constructed from Moscow to Vladivostok. In their rule they were not able to match the achievements of one Imperial Czar. Millions starved to death. 100 million people directly died at the hands of the state. All of it deliberate policy. Almost all of them Christians. Defenseless people who had not raised a single hand arm finger or any equipment of any kind against the state. They had just gone about their business. How cruel and pointless can you be. All socialists are criminals in waiting.

And wait they do. Sneakily in Government service, in academia, in the schools; protected by powerful unions.

Unsueable, secret, never acknowledging fault, never suffering corrections like the people- shamefully working in the shadows.
Superior beings of low cunning. In the Soviet Union for instance 16 people were arrested after a spate of murders lasting years. Six were hung. Eventually the serial killer was caught: they thought no psychopaths could exist in a benign Soviet State. Of course it was admitted he could be traced back to all of them. You see how absolutely dangerous to unleash a state apparatus that investigates your sexuality, your finances, your employment record, your bank account details, your internet searches and virtually everything about you. For the most of the National Party past it has been a Michael Joseph Savage type socialist party- not exactly a 'right-wing' party at all. Even in Winstons Party there is more a whiff of regionalism than there is of Nationalism. The Greens are possibly more 'Nationalist' - think off-shore Island sanctuaries, whales, stopping projects, fart taxes, dribbly showers, mercury vapour 'poisoner' plumes coming out of the poverty inducing $34 energy bulbs that never ever last the long distance- exclusively limiting their damage to Aotearoa.


In colonial times our colonial governments had low liberating tax with vigorous, robust and extremely good results for Pioneer people. The tax rate at most was around 10%. This was for imported item on things like glass and machinery. There were no income taxes whatsoever. The same with Lincoln's presidency- war tax was raised at 3% to finance the civil war then raging. He never sought it. When the war was paid for the tax was removed. No one paid any income tax. This was the time in America was built. The people set to work because all the money they earn belonged entirely to them, earning your wages and keeping all of it is an excellent motivator for advancement of any society. All states with high taxes are static because their only purpose with a socialist government is to protect the purity and correctness of their socialist dogma. California is currently falling apart. Major companies are leaving because of high taxes.  Winston bleats on about the low NZ dollar as if it were not alarming. So why does everyone want a strong dollar? Going out as cheap exports lowers the perception of the country- it becomes a race to the bottom; in such a perception the quest for quality goes out the window. And the perception even of our wine and other products determined in other years becomes of bargain seeking only. A low price banana republic. A country with no class. 

 The Soviets had no other measure of their success or failure. Longevity of life plummeted in the Soviet Union it was always 10 or 15 years below that of anything obtained in the West. Socialism at every level is a deadly dull and conformist political religion. Most times it is literally deadly to life.  Killing its citizens with impunity. Look at the cult of Helen Clark. A bad government that drove many small businesses to the wall. With over-regulation the ability of a man to extend his highly tax squeezed income by building things himself do it yourself industry was extremely limited for the first time. In the socialist regime way of thinking everyone is to be subsumed and subjugated to the state.  In a feminist regime which Hillary Clinton would have ushered in the back of Obama and which we have now – in New Zealand of all places- may the world take note; our extremely left-wing Prime Minister Jacinda grind the faces of the male gender person into the mud of history. We wait only the revolt of the centre against this awesomely dreadful outcome. We can safely predict the investor community will flee this as if from the site of a poisonous disease that ruins all that it touches. We entered the Cuba zone, welcome,  Oh Venezuela, poverty, we embrace you! How can it be otherwise. We have fallen into the clutches of evil ways and times.


 3. Marked Bias Against Boys by Boyless Lesbian Mothers.

All independent studies made of female teachers in schools of all types and classes and times and places in recent decades have shown that above all male teachers are fairer to boys or girls in the classroom. However female teachers have shown consistently throughout all the studies in pedagogy that female teachers always mark boys down by 5%, 10% or even 15% from that of girls. These are fair scientifically designed comparative studies by independent bodies with no axes to grind. They are not teachers biased organisations. Nor are they government funded bodies preloaded to give the preselected and expected politically correct answer. Just based on the facts. Independent observers both male and female. Independent criteria. Scientifically sound methodology and all of these types of studies support this view. Not based on 'feelings' in dodgy self-elected surveys. Imagine how then a programmatic feminist lesbian teacher who herself has no boy's, boyless mothers,  with girls only in her brood; how biased then if she in her pre-judgements-for that is what prejudice is; she is already showing her colours by her outward personal and political allegiances; how then can we expect her to be anything but extremely and fiercely prejudiced in that classroom against all the boys in that classroom just because they are male! I strongly suggest that in any focused studies that are independent and scientifically designed on this class of woman teacher a lesbian feminist teacher or a lesbian female teacher teaching boys that she would be remarkably prejudiced against male children and should have nothing whatever to do with the teaching of little boys, infant boys, young boys or or any young male student of whatever rage at high school or at University.

Phillip O'Sullivan the title and theme is a little dated. Today the figure is 500,000 plus New Zealand Kiwi Kids 'removed' forever from the classroom of Kiwi life; to have been exactly replaced by half a million migrants who struggle to fit in Kiwi life. There must be some link between the two exactly similar figures and elsewhere I shall write about it. Not yet, there are far more urgent mistakes being made by the New Government already.

Why then is this highly prejudicial group having anything to do with education even as a curricular or a study were a theoretical pursuit whatsoever I think the buyers of the remarkable bias in the horrible nasty evil creditors forbids them prater- naturally from anything that exercises their feminism as a deliberate hate crime against male children male boys and masculine gendered people of all colours stripes opinion and tendency or gender or sexuality. These people in particular should have nothing whatsoever to do with the male sex or the male gender or male persons in the educational function whatsoever it is a perfectly ordinary natural masculist cry in the light of this fact that all these independent studies have have found scientifically these opinions and produces to be so marked in such ordinary females that in extraordinary females we should expect much more extraordinary prejudice against the male gender and the male forms of sexuality at any level of the educational enterprise. They should be barred from teaching across genders even at University. For the violation of one's human rights should not ending any way trump academic merely academic rights or academic freedom. There should be no academic freedom tolerable whatsoever for such expected predictable and apparently inherit hatred in the hate crime known as feminism on our universities. In other words these people are intellectual criminal's of the deepest dye and should be removed from the educational sector forthwith. They should be forbidden as a group – especially boyless mothers and programmatic feminists and especially Lesbians without compensation and with complete and utter contempt and extreme prejudice. Feminism is a hate crime in these persons.

Women and mothers and fathers of boys and sons should demand a cleaning out of such bigotted persons from our schools.


Socialists claim to running of our schools should restore all male teachers in them.

Why would parents settle for anything less in an age where there is so much educational concern for the dumbing down of learning. Men are good abstract and logical thinkers. Let men take over the best role in education. Our children demand the best.

Men neither markedly mark boys or girls up or down; their results are generally objective.

Ordinary female teachers mark boys down say 5% compared to girls.
Female teachers who have sons probably do better.
Female teachers who have both a boy and a girl slightly better than the ordinary female teacher.
While feminist mothers who are deeply imbued with feminist dogma probably mark boys down say 7% with girls slightly above at say 4%- a differential from expectation/speculation of a 11% difference between ‘their’ class of boys and girls. A feminist mother with only daughters in her brood may be expected to either mark up girls or mark down boys; in either cases or of combinations giving a variation of 15% to as much as 20%. Is this acceptable? These are all questions education authorities should have more proven answers to than mine. I am only asking and frameworking questions. I think these are absolutely important questions. We could lead the world in this. In the more serious cases of boyless mothers who are lesbians in our classrooms of whatever age I would expect differentials of pedagogic care and teaching to vary by as much as 25% on a regular basis. Is this at all good enough at all? At any level?
And if we consider the extreme cases of Boyless mothers living entirely in a girly bubble alone or with a female partner, together with their daughters, living thus in a completely obsessive ‘female world’; applying personally- as so many women do-under the rubric ‘the personal is the political’-having possibly killed a boy foetus along the way in order to maintain the girly bubble effect-and having long ago got rid of the father barely containing herself from scowling at all men in meetings and such like, attending conferences where there are only women colleagues there (no man dare shows his face) how can we but expect but a 30%-to-35% differential running exactly against boys favour in her classrooms; regularly sending boys to the headmaster with vicious complaints and for heavy punishments. Is this anomaly of a criminal level of danger to our boy children. And she gets a fresh new crop of our dear youngsters every year and has been blithely getting away with this molestation and abuse of little boys brains, understanding and educational outlook for decades; and we are to do nothing? This is happening in all our schools?
In conclusion can not the only political solution to this be the complete replacement of all female teachers with really skilled, unbiased and fairer men teachers at every level of our education system. To do anything less would be criminal dereliction of duty to all our children from five through to twenty five at University. Male teachers are always better teachers it seems.


 4.  Whatever happened to holding all women as in common?

Socialists have no principles. Therefore they are making it up as they go along. Their principle as I have said is self serving power for its own sake. As California, Cleveland, Greymouth, Chicago, Cuba and Venuzuela show socialism is the fastest highway to bankruptcy, oppression, unemployment, poverty, time warps, back ward policies and outright economic destruction ever invented. You cannot pin them down to anything. If they have a principle it is 'that is not real socialism' for nothing is.

Marx dreamed of a Workers paradise locked into a fuedal vision of the Lord in his manor surrounded by a bevy of female socialites acting as his harem. The workers rented their land from Commissar Marx and Paid him the Laird fee of a tenth of your produce, plus your daughters (or sons) every time he felt the olde urge. Or wanted to send your son out to die for his dispute with another bloodthirsty Laird.

On that basis all our Governments are much more extreme than that because they demand a rent cum tax of 67% in real tax rates for their profit. The socialistic political class never loses. The phantom feminist tits get all the money while you men who do all the real outside work get all the tat. So glorious is the revolutionary history outlining these things. In the Peasants revolt of 1381 the dispute was on the increase of taxes of a mere few days worth of wages wheras our governments charge us in total more than 240 days out of 365 in taxes already. I voted for Key years ago on his promise of a tax reduction- for all as I believed, thinking that he had seen the good sense of this light. Now we face much increases as our Juvenile Queen deigns to weigh us down with. Although in 1381 terms we are well overdue for a most fearsome set of corrections to this hideous notion.

 A wide spectrum of rural society, including many local artisans and village officials, rose up in protest, burning court records and opening the local gaols. The rebels sought a reduction in taxation, an end to the system of unfree labour known as serfdom and the removal of the King's senior officials and law courts. I would call this the revolt of the centre. It is where the real political energy of complaint is these days and our political know-nothings, our politicians, our writers and columnists, our other artists of course are far away from any of even the slightest inkling of any of these things.

The revolt of Catalonia, of Pegida, of Brexit is just the merest shade of a beginning of these things. It will all come here. Why would ANYONE work at all for one third pay! Above all that is the issue of all issues. Masculist good sense demands the immediate reduction of the civil service by 90%! Nothing else will save us.

Interventionist Government is way too costly.

The rewards to those who make the effort are well nigh invisible.

 But it gets worse as you will see in the next section.


Phillip O'Sullivan 'Feminism Standing Alongside the Social Structures That Men Built'- our false accusers are then depicted in sketchy form.

DANG! There goes that cute Emma Watson,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Bell Hooks view I had of feminism. Talk about a dark Satanic past.


 ...In the massive spirit of these ...ahem, Ladies...above ....

Jacinda Wants to GIVE you stuff!

 Like Obama and the Clintons our newest Prime Minister wants to reward you for having voted for her.

To me she is a fairly extreme left-wing SJW (Social Justice Warrior) Labour Party Socialist for her policies.

Living Wage

Living wage is an attempt to raise the lowest level of income of the poorest paid work's and student work's and young workers and perhaps rural workers or migrant workers fresh in from overseas to a level that is called a living wage. Fair enough you say? Sounds good, what's the problem? How could anyone have any difficulty with that. The cost of living is rising surely we need to pay people for so they can afford to go to work. And to live reasonably okay off their own wages or salary or earnings. What could be a better idea than that? Sounds good to me!

This type of idea comes up every so often and has been around at least five years or so. And on the face of it it does sound like a good idea it sounds kind and benevolent and friendly he even useful. We all know that eventually the money is spent so it must be good for businesses somehow at least eventually. If people have more money they will spend more money. Young people have it hard these days. They have a student loan to pay for not like we had. Things cost more, the rents are rising, there are not so many jobs and many students have up to 4 jobs each- they are bending more time running around chasing these little one day jobs than they are studying after their lectures. All true. And also very sad. I do not entirely envy their position. The aim of such granting is of extra money is laudable. Please believe me I do think on the face of it it is a good idea. Some mechanism for the relief of the student loan in particular seems pertinent and obvious.
In the old days of Michael Joseph Savage and the far lower overall, compounded and real tax rate I would agree with you utterly and every detail and with every passion of the sentiment. However something happens when you go over a 50% real tax rate. Something pernicious which detracts from the good sentiment. And it is this. All things considered- all costs and consequences allowed for: after a 50% real tax rate you begin to lose; get given something and more is taken away in the end they knew ostensibly are supposed to receive. We government gift has authority. It should do as it says. It should be something like an outright gift. A real freebie. That in all senses is actually and consequentially FREE. But is it? Are there consequences with a free gift? Is there anything wrong with it? Well yes there is and it's far more drastic than you could possibly imagine. Dear Jacinda please rethink not the sentiment but the delivery mechanism of the sentiment.

 What happens at the 50% Mark?


Well at the 50% mark this situation is somewhat neutral – though for other reasons I must recall in a later paragraph than here – the neutral position probably really ends at 40% or so. So one of first up look at the basis for a neutral economic effect I plumbed for the 50% mark in my thinking. But the neutral point which may float somewhat in a better consideration is somewhere else, probably earlier. Basically the more the government probes itself and inserts itself into the main economic process by whatever means quite apart from taxation (havoc results- having opposite result from intended) but taxation is the main indicator here.

Here my kind of thinking arises from the sort of bulking up generalising attitude I have from wide reading and my population economy idea of economic thinking. Some of this was triggered by Dr Paul Ormerod's call the death of economics. I was thinking well if it is dead why did he persist with it in later chapters? Why didn't he kill it off and speculate about what we can do to replace it. There were only several chapters in his book that discussed this and that was very satisfying to me. It seemed to fit intuitively with what was happening in government economies all around us. For that is what they are, government economies. Government economies are taxation economies, government economies are monetarist economies – government economies are internal and external and deal with the results of policy are the value all the dollar the inputs and recognition is an responses of the markets in the overseas worldwide international investor communities. I am aware of things like the new silk road. Hand and acutely aware of the Chinese probing out into the South China Sea and their interaction with Fiji and the Philippines. Both island nations having deep harbours of great interest to their Navy. We have deep water harbours. Meaning that heavily laden transports and commercial shipping can berth there in sheltered and protected waters. China currently has very full oil and is looking to be a dual world power for a long time to come. Plans have very quickly become Imperial, imperious and world confident shall we say. Let us not allow them to out think us. They were very much like to explore the southern ocean oilfields. And if the flat Earth theory is a multi variant possibility – then those oilfields and that ocean out there is at least three or four times larger than ever thought before. Except for the United Nations map and for the Nuremberg Court map emblazoned on the final court documents cover. We must see that the Chinese have reached a point of membership or ambition to come to the knowledge Captain Cook first accurately explored. Captain Cook used New Zealand as the jumping off point for his expedition to circumnavigate the Antarctica. New Zealand is a great jumping off point to explore the southern oceans as well. There could be great contention for this region in the future over that. Therefore it is extremely pertinent that we pursue most aggressively our own interests in the region. Economically speaking New Zealand itself is therefore potentially one of the world's wealthiest countries for hundreds of years to come. Mainly in servicing the setup and installation costs borne by such a great empire as China or any resurgent America (which despite trump seems extremely unlikely). There are other contenders of course, Indonesia or India may be such. China clearly has long term plans for the region for itself. It would mean breaking the Western alliance. Would they let us go? There are many complex matters to consider.

For this we must not make any mistakes in the meantime. Mistakes basic taxation and economics would be extremely foolish and signal exactly the wrong kind of message. We must remain efficient effective strong and powerful ourselves in the face of such contending options.
There is another source of wealth we must develop as if we were in a crisis. For we are in a crisis presentation. We're not in a Commonwealth any more, English advisers will not guide our future. We must seek the strength and the ideas from within our cell as Kiwis in New Zealand and face of vigourous future vigourously powerfully and strongly. The human face of capitalism smacks of a weakening. Only discipline people can present a strong vigourous economy for ourselves and the world. Any weakening of this will make a scene like marshmallow softies to these contending options.

Also by believing our own rhetoric – as basic an intellectual error as ever there was one- could see us lose the very social gains in the meantime by an inflationary kickback from not considering the resultant costs and distribution pass on's in warehousing and retailing that will absolutely limit the effect to the taxpayer and the voter of the intended benefice. The gift could disappoint via inflation.

The main cause of which Is the high real tax rate. At the neutral point this would not be noticeable. Though unfortunately we've gone far beyond that. It might be because we've gone almost twice as far the on the neutral point is strictly speaking in absolute economical limit for what you're attempting to do. Let's jump forward at this point and say that the real tax rate is 100%. You intend to give the punter the taxpayer or the voter a 20% pay increase so his $1000 a week becomes $1200. But it is immediately up by the 100% real tax rate. An amusing almost inability to describe this occurs here in doesn't really matter if it disappears at the rate of 100% totally disappearing for $1000 or $1200; no it doesn't – a pure case of purely illustration of pointlessness. Kind of like what happens to the sucker or the muggins whose somehow agreed to let his government tax and 100% in return for a free flat a free job and possibly free wife or something. Who the hell would want a stock standard government issued wife? She would be like army rations. Unappealing. The flat would be like everyone else's underclothes all uniform issued would be like everyone else's and we would look all look like people and Mao T'se Tongs cultural revolution. The same, the same, all dreadfully the same. Exactly the same. All of us poor little Rewi Ali's all over again.

Millions of us like clones, Thinking the same being the same because conformity meat less trouble obtaining the continuous flow of the freebies rather than the cash income that we would now utterly dependent upon. Obviously a control freak government would be very pleased with this result. The people would be docile and uncomplaining. All dissidents would be shot because they would stick out like sore thumbs- they would seem so weird when everybody was the same. Naturally any deviation would then appear weird and stray and inexplicable. It would be impossible to explicate it. Lacking reasons or explanation these individuals would appear alien and rebellious to the revolution of sameness. This is exactly the condition the old Communist China. And at 67% obviously we are fairly nearly there. No wonder masculist thinking or any independent thinking appears strange and inexplicable to the people. There is an literally 67% conformity to the current government ideologically a matter what shade it is because exactly 67% of us depend on the 67% taxation for our normal literal existential living requirements; like food and clothing and funding and jobs and pensions and benefits and such like. Who wants to rock the boat. He must be weird. Weirder than the homosexuals were thought to be. What a strange thing to be different when everybody has ceased talking about conformity – the original old hippie battle cry. What a strange outcome after all these years. 1968 is dead. Long live the revolution whatever that is.


It would be dreadful. We are all conformity nuts now. All the groups saying to each other that global warming denial must be banned and that those who to deny the Holocaust must be banned from speaking- like David Irving was by the president of the New Zealand Jewish society. This kind of thing has a curious effect that we knew of in the hippy days. If you banned marijuana everyone wanted to smoke it is an act of rebellion and did. Yet the same people want to ban you being a man thinking man thoughts like this or that of the other thing. Actually sending people to jail for words that are in the dictionary. You can say obscene words all you like and nothing happens. You can say let's kill the Prime Minister as they said of John Key. Left-wingers said this kind of thing openly about John Key. But to say anything that somehow offends somebody but there is no way you know it's an open ended list of words which can be all of the 500,000 or more words there are in the English language any one of them can be considered offensive any one of million different combination giving one and almost infinite possibility in words of causing offence to some one person. How can this idiotic concept have ever got off the ground. It is a wonder we can barely communicate with each other any more if virtually almost anything you say can be considered illegal. It is as if they have banned every word in the English language and every combination of every possible configuration of those words in the English language in potentia. Introducing feelings legislation must be the maddest baddest stupidest craziest silliest idea ever thought of. It brings the law into disrepute. It makes the courts look totally ridiculous. It makes all governments which insist on this sort of rubbish universally evil. As being cast outright into an impossible role. That of interpreting almost all thing and almost anything at all everything if possible as being a potential crime.

It is why crimes must be prescriptive not open ended. They must dare to close down on physical things. First of all because harm is first of all most felt when it is physical.
We are in short heading for Communism by stealth- and curiously even lefties CANNOT want that.

Modern lefties want homosexuality and feminism; Old style Soviet Marxists would shoot both of them. Without feeling in the slightest squeamish about it.
Nor does ecology thinking get a hearing in the old communist world. Capitalism was always liberal and tolerant; Christians were satisfied that the laws were on the books; they were seldom used. Only egregious DISPLAYS of blatant homosexuality were acted upon. Like Oscar Wilde. Mostly it was left upon the table. What happened under the table was another thing. But notice once LGBT are in power- no forgiveness; all is the brutal thrusting of their vile laws down the normal majorities throats. With real claims and legal impositions affecting everyone. Leave us in peace. If you have laws do not enact them. Let them only lie upon the table inactive. Do not quel the natural energies of the people by supposed fashionable impingements-give us our freedom. Respect the majority.

 Say you have a desire to give someone a wage increase for no reason; no economic reason that is. Just an increase.

A student has $500 a week for pay. This is too little for high end studies. So living wage increases this to $600. But is paying by some way the full average 'real tax rate' of 67%. Thus two thirds goes to the Government pretty well directly. She keeps one third. Alright. Seemingly well and good. Look in the account- there it is -transaction recorded. What could be plainer. Gain to the student. Yes. So far. But there is more. More to consider that is. I have found most people stop right there. Money in account. Sum paid, transaction to the student. Done deal. We can do this. A done deal complete. Next! A government of ACTION. Wonderful! Did you like that? No!

Because most people stop there- what I call first order of thinking.

That is it. Stop there just as described, right at that point because they think it is finished. Promise kept and all that sort of thing. At least in that scenario.

Yet there is more- which is what I call second order of thinking. Because there is more. Which here is what I shall call -consequences (in other scenarios other 'second order steps may'  get called other things- what they are called doesn't matter) - consequences that may lead onto a third order and so on- basically all higher subsequent 'entailments' of effect/affect if need be- or serial sequences subsequent to the first. Most socialist thinkers appear to stop there that I have met- even Helen Clarks former advisor. I have not ever been impressed by their grasp of things- rather the reverse. So there is this second order in our scenario.

The consequences can spread out. And they do here. The student employee buys things. The people she buys things from have people too on living wage. The government takes its cut. Things are looking good. Receipts are up so the economy is responding well to this indirect 'stimulus' it thinks. But is the economy being stimulated by this at all? First real question. A little doubt begins to cloud our mind. The government knows nothing of this doubt. Receipts are indeed up- and fairly straight away too. Government thinks things are hunki dorey, oki dokey. All the signals are positive. The shop has to increase prices though. To recover costs on wages for living wage workers. The student frequents places where both she and other students work on these wages. Things appear flush. Someone remarks that the government seems to get back more than they keep. Hell! The Government gets more than we do on the deal! They get two thirds but we get only one third. The shop has to raise prices soon after. For the wage bill has shot up. No productivity increases have occured. So they raise the price. 'Have to' he tells his employee customers. He has to allow for payment of the governments two thirds and the students one third. So naturally it is increased by the full three thirds and a little bit. The little bit is more as the amounts handled are bigger, more insurance in case of theft- the amounts increase his anxiety just a little more for the business so he wants a reward for his stress etc.... In the next pay period all the prices are up for everything nearly in that neighbourhood. The student has to pay in the increases three times what he receives in the hand. He has lost out fully by appearing to receive only half in buying power than what she had been led to expect by the entry in her bank book. She was a little disappointed. In effect by such mechanisms her money goes less further all the time until she deliberately stops buying and starts saving. The savings rate however barely keeps pace with inflation. Yet the Government tends to miss all that. Their receipts appear up. Until the enforced slowdown in expenditure by the student employee contributes to the overall slowdown in the economy. This takes a little time.

So far this is an honest account and Government responses of printing more money are not indulged. The economic affect however is one of disappointment. the Student employee expects a change not small change. In effect the student is worse off. Because the 67% taxes work not only on the increase portion but on the turtles all the way down too. The government gets 67% of everything, the student experiences only ever 33% percent of their wage and instinctively or intuitively feels/knows she is being as if 'cheated' out of her own fair effort. The shop owner has to risk more and when the slowdown occurs works harder to make the same relative 'spending power' money. Over time the tax receipts are down also.  A cruel or stupid government increases taxes. Grinding their voter more and accusing the shop of withholding money or such. The shop goes out of business faster. Receipts are down more rapidly. The student gives up her studies and commits suicide. Sad result of the death culture too. Death breeds death. As in Mr Zdenek Hanzlik case. Sometimes Governments can be foolish. I am wondering about that smirk on Prime Minister Bill English' face. He smiled as Ian Wedde once said in a poem 'as if he knew something you did not' - maybe this is it. Wise handling of these things would forestall his soon comeback. I think he thinks you do not know these things and have missed the smaller scenario details and their second order consequences. I know some Labour people. Like their heart just not an admirer of their thinking.

He is thinking you'll muff it.

On exactly these things -lack of second order thinking. Partly I do to.

Printing money is a temptation. Don't.

 Slowly starve the greedy cities. No business puts money into a non-performing enterprise. Put money into the regions like Southland. Where money is being made. Make, yes make the new unemployed go to Southland to pick up their benefits and apply for jobs. Get your best WINZ staff down there to sign them up. They have to collect it there. Travel tickets only etc. Bobs your Uncle new workers! Old ones would grizzle and object. Invest in profitable ventures like Warren Buffet; do not flog any dead horses; bury them! Be ruthless. It is cruel to be kind. Send the most attractive solo mums down there six months later- the newer ones on similar basis. Build hostels near work camps etc. Jobsites and so on. Think like Machiavelli not like a f**king socialist! More like the Art of War than Hilary bloody Clinton the loser. More like Stalin than icepick brain Trotsky. Be cunning in your kindness.

Plan on preparing the country for the return of biggest ever oil. Talk only to the market players in oil- the buzz will circulate. Above all ignore the cities; put on your best frock etc and talk talk talk- just don't say anything. promise nothing quotable- when the money flows into the regions the effect will be spectacular. Small money makes bigger impact in regions, well put big money into regions- harbours ready for oil rig construction- those big oceans require big stuff- really big stuff- we are tallkinfg trillions here- theyt are out looking for maga trillions NOT billions- thats OLD thinking. TRILLIONS; TRILLIONS-wealth beyond our wildest dreams. Oil rig islands tethered to the sea floor as big as Cities, As big as suburbs- as big as anything ever built- only a hundred times bigger. So big that when you come over the hill and see Dunedin. You'll see a huge floating drum dwarfing the entire city. A trillion dollar rig. A large as a Cityscape. Tethered to the ocean depths. It is only one kilometre down- nothing to these new monsters. Starve the bloody cities and do it!  Think of our cut on that having it take up the entire basin. South Island closed to all other sea traffic. Sold out entire to these biggies. Sucks to the lousy opposition. That mad glassy eyed mercury vapour plume. She is poisoning our complete future. What do you think we were put here for?

 How Does It Work in Practice? Multiplier effected also.

Equal Pay


In the Light of the real Tax Rate


What Is the REAL TAX RATE?


First, some stories to set the scene


NOW-Tell Me the Details




Intuition is not always Right.


Rhetoric Derpends on First Order Thinking; Not on more Complex (But Still Comprehendable) Thinking.


How then to do what We Intend to Do?

Higher Real Productivity

Do not just announce false 'productivity' 'gains' as real productivity

What is productivity?



Ahhh! There's the Rub.


You Have to Become a Conservative.


Conservatives Conserve.


Kings Establish


Phillip O'Sullivan is probably one of the few living New Zealanders who has lived abroad for six months on his own money amoung the most lethal Marxist Military Regime in Asia at the time. Surviving shakedowns, shadowed by Security Officers, and airport detainments along the way. Despite this and fundamentally differing in developing his political and economic ideas he remained fairly sympathetic to the Myanmar Government and its aims.


What do you think?

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Calling Into Question

80% suicide victims?
93% Workplace Fatalities?
76% Homicide Victims?
61% Homeless People?

How can women be so cruel and unfeeling
not to see this? Are they like Emma
Watson- emotional cripples- using men as tax fodder?
Nearly half of all domestic violence too is
caused by women- see Erin Pinney on this- female Founder of the Domestic Violence Shelters, before feminists kicked her out of her own organization!
Feminism is propaganda - and ONLY propaganda. It is a gigantic hate crime against all men- even transgender and millennial 'feminist' men. Watch out they will prosecute, hound, persecute and eliminate you also if they could! Men are foolish goyim tax-fodder to pay for their own misery, depression and losses.


Women OWN over 65% of the Western worlds wealth; mainly through marriage and inheritance. Women outnumber men as adult voters at every age echelon or cohort. They outlive men by up to two or three more elections than men. (Men just 'front' for women in these cases). Democracy is women's government. Women voted for the 'workers-socialist' Adolf Hitler in great numbers- thus are majorly responsible for WWII.  He considered himself 'married' to these voters, on a sacred secular and socialist mission; that is why he only officiated with Eva Braun just before the end; before his Condor flight to Spain from Templehof and arrival by submarine in South America. Saving Europe for the European Union- from the invading Six Million Soviet troops massing on his Eastern border. That is why defending Europe began in the East. Eastern Europeans are leaving the EU precisely because it is so much like what the Warsaw pact countries under Left Wing domination were like to them. So similar as to be exact. That is why it is logical to leave; 70% tax rates are too much leaving people in a subsistence condition and with extreme poverty unavailed by socialist taxes and ill-thought programs. Socialism does not work; as this page shows on the tax fodder front.

It is not left or right that is the lefts problem; this is a 'black' herring! It is the tax fodder socialism that is the problem. Socialism always eradicates its enemies: Auschwitz- Six Million, Gulag- One Hundred Million. Left or Right: Socialism always pens you in. Fit for slaughter, like cattle. Tax farming. First they pen you in with the pen. Literally. I mean this. Then they pen you in with words. Next they pen you in with speech crimes and thought crime. Then they pen you in with ideology. Next they pen you in with politics and violence. Their violence plus their words equals you are guilty. See how they turn things around. They perjoritavise truth because they love lies. Then they pen you in with ideas from academia fashioned entirely with words. Words alone; they seek your harm with words. They are too lazy to create wealth. They want to steal yours. Socialists always work with words. Words are cheep. Deeds are costly. We are dying for want of deeds. The European Union as a History museum. It features only the left wing view of history with the formation of the European Union as the crown. Women crouch like lemmings on this epistemological structure without knowing its inherent clumsiness and fragility. A dangerous condition of vast ineptitude.

And now Feminism- as a type of 'female socialism'- is eliminating men. As this page shows. Along the economic front. By taxes. By your taxes!
This is an undeclared ideological war on men and the male gender. That is why they dislike President Trump so much. He is a man. Not perfect perhaps. Yet, plainly a male actor, in the theatre of international politics.

Women spend over 80% of the household budget in the West. Women capture most of the Pension spend throughout the West. Mainly because they live at those advanced years over eight years on average longer than men. Perhaps men should retire that longevity gap earlier than women? Say, at sixty, with women 'retiring' at nearly seventy? That would be fairer, yes.  Feminism moves this gap upwards since feminist ideology opposes reality. Many men do not even make it to retirement. Up to a third of all men suffer 'life damage' so severe that they will never be well or work again over the course of a fifty year working life. Losing millions in 'lifetime earnings' each. The insurance industry could not cope with the real recompence due/owed to men.  Nor can society fully payout the risks men run normally in such jobs as airline or helicopter pilot. We never think of these things. The male gender is the gender that never complains. Until now- mainly because you add heavy insults to your very real injuries to out political, intellectual and social value. Running interference does not constitute what men call a JOB. In America in the 1920s the longevity of men is just one year short of that of women. Showing how far more men overall today, suffer far more than women. Up to one thousand times more life-limiting suffering. It should be our number one issue. Not feminism.

10% colonial tax: Early Taxes

In New Zealand pioneering independence a vigorous nation is born. Carved out of the bush by the hard work of men. Now an interesting idea occurs here. Ask yourself the question-How many people, roughly, worked for the Government in those days as police, militia, customs officials Judges and so on? Well with just 10% tax they could really afford only about ten percent of the people right? So a 'working concept' throughout this website is the assumption that the tax level approximately reflects the numbers of individuals proportionately dependent on Government wages, contracts, salaries, grants, funding, handouts and benefits.
By the time of Michael Joseph Savage one of the first of the Obama breed of socially concerned politicians. If one man is injured the donations of Forty seven men were collected in a welfare tax in order to help him recover and return to work. A ratio of around 1: 47 as a welfare tax. Around this time too John Maynard Keynes came up with his version of Socialist politics- that of 'stimulation' 'printing money' or quantitative  easing (which is its modern name). And the idea too of the multiplier. Money so created is donated into fake government jobs with low pay. You could dig a hole and fill it in as far as he is concerned. Some economist, Eh! The multiplier in Michael Joseph Savages time is around seven. (Some may note here its similarity to the Miracle of Banking number of the unlikelihood of paper holders returning to claim their gold). You are right it is the same trick in a different guise. For both are inflationary. As the surrounding society intuits the increased availability of money and raises prices. The Miracle of banking (thought devious by socialists and their shallow thinking) is exactly Keynes Multiplier in another dress- of which they approve.


If we can demolish the energy source from where feminist goons draw their strength.

 By back engineering then the multiplier of those days one can work out the real tax rates in round figures. The real tax rate in the days of Michael Joseph savage must have been near 30%. Income tax may have been lower than today but duties and costs of imported items is higher.
How did I do it? There is only 100% And the number of Government workers, pensioners and beneficiaries must have been around thirty percent of the whole population. As 7 remains in the 70% of the Hundred percent. The multiplier being a crude bulk figure- only approximate to about ten percent margin of error. Either way. So seventy percent of 'all actual potential transactions' in theory.
So what happens today when the real tax rate is 67%? Obviously from the above approximately two out of every three people are well paid or receive free income from the hard work and efforts of the non-governmental sector. That is a bit harsh and unfair on the , mainly men, who work outside in all weathers, outside of the government sector. It sounds like the mainly male sector- men being 'pushed' out of Government jobs- are paying through the nose as serfs or slaves for the public servant masters at the behest of all our unfair/unequal political parties. All of them appear happy with this horrifying disparity. While nominally you may receive the average $50,000NZ/US dollar per annum/year fully two thirds of it almost immediately returns to central/federal Government to pay for feminist and LGBQ initiatives and policy that is as likely to be hostile to your own best interest and very favourable to theirs. They are laughing at your foolishness- all the way to the bank. I think the phrase- 'throw the rascals out' is uttered for occasions exactly like this. So what is to be done- to paraphrase Lenin? Throw the rascals well and truly out- forever if possible.

This is where feminism finally comes to grief.

Today the full real & total taxes of ONE man support the better paid Government Job of another (Usually a woman) and two or three poorer people as well on Government handouts and benefits. If you divide the tax economy into tax takers and nett tax makers. It is the serious intent of this writer to suggest that because of these vicious anomalies only NETT tax makers vote in order to save any fairness left in democracy. The tax burdens of the nett tax makers must be recognized. We are not here to indulge your twee ideology. We are here to actually make real advances not phony ones. Men's Liberation is entirely about discussing that option. Is there another way? If the above condition is true then current situations between men and women cannot possible survive without radical actions.
Interestingly the multiplier, the velocity of money circulation, inflation and the level of political disappointment is all linked here economically; surely this idea alone is worth $50,000? And an Honorary PhD? Anyone?

 This is the clue we are waiting for.

None of the Government boffins in the current sorry line up could work it out.

Oh, yes... of course....there are other sources of income; (Yeah right but they too disappear in party kickbacks through employing 'stalwarts' on the understanding they contribute; they get these overpaid position- and only serve the upper levels of economics and big government projects; very little discernible trickle down)... we must consider how very like (when justified male wrath really gets going) political parties behave EXACTLY like criminal gangs- note how soft on gangs of the lower sort they are. Also how like secret societies they act. Loyalty, not to the nation, Country, Crown or USA or New Zealand ; but loyalty to the party alone. Not what is good for the people but what is good for the party. Thus they lack all integrity.

Tax rates and the REAL rates of tax.


Even if crushed our underlying upwelling resistance shall overcome, as in the not-going-away BREXIT & TRUMP phenomena. These two totally unalike men, as with governments in Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Holland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria and soon other places, showing clearly it does not depend on ideology but raw dissatisfaction, with too heavy handed a Government interference in our private and individual lives. The mob state mentality is finished. It cannot survive anything once it has squeezed the last tax dollar out of everyone that it can. A real tax rate of One Hundred percent is plainly tyranny- and 67% or over seventy percent in some countries is way too close to that level. No wonder young people have given up even thinking of a home for themselves.  Look further here and you can work out for yourself the mechanism of how they work and why it must cease of its own rotten accord. It is not Capitalism that is collapsing worldwide; it is Socialized Capitalism and big-statism that is ending. Truly now is really- 'the "END of HISTORY" for SOCIALISM'. Not for anything else, despite also being faulty. Not at this moment. We run the country, individual people- the little guys run the country. Now get about your business and disturb us no more. The age of the big bully boy party mobster is over.



Why would you work at all? # Number ONE TIP: Had enough maths?

How personal economics works - here is my shorthand topNotch TIP.

At the 40% mark of the real tax rate whether Government employee or not- You are far better off if you become Conservative Politically than if you Vote Labour/Democrat or Socialist anything- virtually anywhere round the world.  However, all governments -even 'conservative', 'liberal', 'moderate', 'right-wing' 'nationalist', or 'republican' Governments are Socialist governments today in terms of these invasive, independence destroying tax rates.  If really independent then you privately can have the utter joy of helping people with your own money- because you know it costs you. Greatest discipline is greatest freedom- old Zen sage.  Spending other peoples money on abstract 'others' brings no joy- and some parties put this to evil uses. And you can never be sure which.
The recipient is not grateful, nor is the 'government giver' the real donor though receives thanks that is entirely unearned, the actual donor feels coerced and cheated, democracy is besmirched as deceitful and the only ones pleased are the rhetorically correct for whom none of this costs money or even hard earned work; everyone is dismayed by the final outcomes for poverty is well financed and wasted while good enterprises receive heavy bills.

Below 40% real tax rate it could make some kind of sense - advantages of scale or some such thing- but still depends on handing your money for who-knows-what. That is why at 67% real taxes (student loan repayments, income, GST- sales tax/VAT, property rates and levies as taxes, state or regional  taxes, compulsory accident Insurances, health insurance, employment insurance and other compulsory fees, charges, taxes, levies. imposts and so on, including dog registrations, car and motor fees running charges and court penalties.) you are willingly taking part in a heavy thirty percent constant losing investment in deep poverty abiding in your country forever. All the really smart people will leave and you will never ever get them back.
That is why we have Venezuela & California as Basket cases today. The best thing for America to do is sell California to China. Unfortunately many Californians would agree wholeheartedly until they woke up next morning under Chinese administration. That would soon cure them of the California disease.
In all cases with no exceptions countries with low taxes boom and prosper. Countries with high taxes fade and die. The happy time is only at the beginning. As per Michael Joseph Savage because of low rate of the real (full & total rate of tax; in his day just 30%- so fairly safe option) rate of taxes created to pay for it.
Today at a claw back of 67% viciously destroying purchasing power any increase only speeds up the destruction of wages, production (modern Governments have so reconstructed definitions of 'production' one would have to be seriously mad to believe them) and increases the illusion- by heftily grasping such a large hunk of the tiller- that Governments 'control things'.  They don't. Despite Hegel and Marx. History rolls on with its own surprises.
Unless we unpack vast tracts of such fabulous 'control' we are doomed. Increasing handouts will actually reduce by far more the spending power. Especially at such high rates.


 Better descriptions of the actual mechanism are in my book "Tax Fodder" HERE
A NOTE: Remember I mentioned before about reverse engineering the multiplier- it probably affects the banks velocity of money too. And thus banks dip out big as well. Could be why Westpac repatriates so much profit straight away to Australia. It does not want to leave its cash a minute longer in a country run by madmen.
For at 67% real tax rate the miracle of banking figure reverts down to 3.3 with too many calls on its money to be healthy.
That is it Ladies and gentlemen- the Maurice Joseph! The ratio between the real tax rate and the multiplier: 2017- 3.3!
Colonial 10%-real tax rate/multiplier- 9/Miracle of Banking Return- 9 times
Interregnum 20% -real tax rate/multiplier- 8/Miracle of Banking Return-  8 times
Early Socialism (Michael Joseph Savage)  30% -real tax rate/multiplier-7 /Miracle of Banking Return- 7 times (base period)
Management & Control (Keynes) 40% -real tax rate/multiplier- 6/Miracle of Banking Return- 6 times
Postwar Economies 50% -real tax rate/multiplier- 5/Miracle of Banking Return- 5 Times
Modern Economies 60% -real tax rate/multiplier-4 /Miracle of Banking Return- 4 times
PostModern/End of History 67% --real tax rate/multiplier- 3.3/Miracle of Banking Return- 3.3 times (faster X 2)
 I would like to call these connections after my father Maurice Joseph O'Sullivan; Director of Treasury, Waikato Tax District- on this day 28/10/2017

 The Coefficient of Desire & Disappointment

 Moving along now with a name change; lets call the Real Rate of Tax 2RT or (2RT)
The Coefficient of Desire is a measure of the clarity of the market signal in terms of express desire. At zero- the very best government for economics the purity of the market signal is 100% perfect. The transactional choices of millions of free peoples (free peoples or free money; people who are free seldom harm one another; eg. Switzerland) Free money harms everyone as we shall see here. Money is accurately and exactly delivered to the area of the economy on the 'other side'of the transaction that is best according to the time and place and needs of these living willing participants- everyone gets busy-which is the healthiest lifestyle. No one is denied the joy of giving and great honour is given to those who humbly give. Not calling attention to themselves for political gain. They do not steal the money of others and pretend it is theirs to give.
At (2RT) of zero the Coefficient of Desire is 10 - meaning an exact match of 100%
At (2RT) of 10% the Coefficient of Desire is 9- only a ten percent blurring of CoD
 At (2RT) of 20% the Coefficient of Desire is 8- generousity is attractive and useful.
At (2RT) of 30% the Coefficient of Desire is 7- Savages legacy- the last useful level of socialism.
At (2RT) of 40% the Coefficient of Desire is 6- around here the switch occurs;results are inverted.
At (2RT) of 50% the Coefficient of Desire is 5- disappointment increases; inverse result of intent.
At (2RT) of 60% the Coefficient of Desire is 4- a full 60% confusion of desires & result
At (2RT) of 67% the Coefficient of Desire is also 3.3. Meaning that the taken money and what is left spins very fast indeed while stopping at fewer and fewer hands. Almost all decisions are made by people now NOT handling their own money so do not feel the hard earned weight of blood and sweat behind it. They spend carelessly on vaguely 'good' things whether people want it or not. Increasingly it is spent for ideological and electoral reasons- the signal is blurred by two thirds since no one at all is truly held accountable for it. In the real place of harvests and fast moving fashions people inform themselves smartly and with an eagle eye for detail and deft timeliness unmatched by any politician. A million decision makers who decide freely for free themselves is much more than a match for some slow witted and plodding political party hack who has to be paid massive amounts of boodle just to get off his fat arse and decide. He nearly always decides wrongly or too early or too late; too much or too little even if he is as he seldom is- on target, on time and on budget. If that is the case it is nearly always a loudly trumpeted fluke. Merely to look good come some new election time. In business you starve the non-profit making ventures and reward the profitable areas of your business; in politics you throw good money after miserable prospects in the belief they will vote for you.
Ever wondered where unwanted Christmas and birthday presents come from? They always come from unthinking socialist parties and Governments. Beyond the real rate of some 40% plus floating inflation the bite is so vicious that the only apparent winner seems to be the return in government receipts. That is only for a short while. Actual conditions call out for immediate cuts in fake government employment, and in business and other taxes. The government is now addicted to taxes like a drug whose good feeling straight away now evaporate. Logically the thing to do from 40% onward is to strike if you are a worker: hence the recent history of that actually happening whenever socialist parties gain power. They are brought down by their own comrades who expect more not realizing it is only to be obtained by precisely other devices than those announced by empty rhetoric and socialist propaganda. Many, so called 'right-wing' parties err in this regard too. Caught in the historical drug. For they cross the 40% line also rendering their conservative rhetoric null and void once the results of any high level of total applicable taxes reaches lower profit and incomes in wages and salaries. The 40% limit where advantages of socialism begin to cease is virtually an ironclad economic law.
There is only one way out- intense exploration of South Sea Oil resources. They who hold the rights, and the rights to effective access could conceivably cross this ironclad drug of addiction with near impunity. That is what any military or naval struggle in the future must be about. South Antartica Ocean Oil & Gas deposits measured in the thousands of trillions in dollar value (the first Zillion level of wealth in the world) make Zealandia and its associate basin the most hazardous likelihood theatre of conflict over the next twenty years; bar none.
A (2RT) of zero is where terror alone gets anything done. ( 100% real tax rates) No one will work for useless money. We are far too far along that path already.
I predict this Government on the last ever phase of 67% governance will show signs of its inabilty to govern before three weeks, will show the initial reasons for its ultimate collapse by six weeks and we must hope it is all ended by the time three to six months is up. One cannot minority govern in a 67% (2RT) environment with socialist policies. It is impossible. 28/10/17  "We Can Do This!" No, you cannot. It is totally impossible. You must reduce the public service and reduce taxes; that way, real people- but not the government, will experience a small but discernable lift in their spending power. Do the opposite and NEITHER the government NOR the people will experience anything except deep disappointment. By several months time I think. Rhetoric says 'free education' but what is barely deliverable is a mere one year of FEES being paid. A piddlingly tiny amount in anyones book. Seventy one thousand housing units needed; yet a mere 2 Billion funding package for just four thousand houses is announced!  Which is likely all they will build as rental units; not houses as home to raise families, but rentiers flats for party coffer cash flow. Enough to siphon off any amount in dummy jobs and wages. Featherbedding so well known to the unions. Truly pathetic mismatches of rhetoric with what is possible in such socialist druggie financial realities. What we really need are not rental apartments but relocatable demountable buildings for supervised hostels. Related highly to job placements and cheaper builds outside of cities. Empty the main cities by ten percent to relieve pressure and move beneficiaries south, east or west as need arises. To each according to their needs. People may immediately feel good on hearing otherwise  of such over-hyped socialist initiatives, but their real bank balances and their relocated cupboards will tell them another story. Of course the party in the old way feel great- but just for a short time. Macron was briefly once the most popular French president ever. Now he is the most disliked and distrusted of all time. Politics is a bitch.


Imagine being that American man in the 1920s full of life and energy full of love for his wife and family and he has a new car for the first time in his life. In fact during the roaring 20s for him and for many Americans in his situation up until the 50s he would quietly and steadily acquire his own home and a beach house as well and probably a boat or a caravan to aid him camping fishing trips. He could take his boys with him and his daughters also. He would have three or four children or maybe five or six and this was perfectly normal. There was so much fun belonged to a family in those days. All of it affordable on the wages from a single job at fairly regular rates occasional overtime. And the taxes are fairly low. How was that possible?

Today a young man may have three or four casualized jobs and a large student loan to boot acquiring interest and are slowly growing personal debt which may eventually drive him to suicide and he will probably never have a wife or a child of his own. Along the way some girl may accuse him of the bad speech crime or of making threatening hate speech or of intending rape her even. It is more likely a false accusation. Nevertheless the social welfare agencies will grant her a large sum of money feel obliged to press all her charges. His life will be ruined and he will go to jail. When he gets out things are no better and he kills himself.

How did these two scenarios both very likely for their age come about? Feminism and its toxic ideology is the only difference in the meantime. By acting as the reserve army of the unemployed the women helped to lower wages and salaries creating huge difficulties for the menfolk when seeking employment. By competing with the men they drove the wages and salaries down. The purchasing power of the first situation in the 20s 30s and 40s was probably four times higher than any chance of making that great today. She raised the children in tremendous and satisfied happiness. He went to work and earn enough money for a house a cabin in the bush or a beach batch a caravan boat for them to go sailing on the lakes and the harbours of America together with their own family. Feminism has completely destroyed the first scenario. Maybe women should never have been given the vote? It is an idea. It seems to me we would be far happier in our selves and in our family. Otherwise there is virtually no family, no house, no life, no money, no holidays away in your own little cabin at the beach. No cabin cruiser. Not much of anything really yet a colossal load debt and misery.

Would it not be better just to ditch feminism? Imagine a single policy or expensive project- compared to moving men's longevity up by seven whole years- that you have given full assent and approval to prior over the last five years. None? Welcome to the club. Men pay- but what we say; that is totally ignored.
Governments are not accountable to men at all anywhere. Men's issues abound everywhere on this site and others like it on the manosphere. Left wing? Tell me why little left wing man why none of the issues that affect men except gay men ever get funding? Specifically for men, like money earmarked totally for men's health. Seven year difference and no men's ministry? No equality for men in prison, out of prison- oh, I forgot with two out of three acting all around you like unpaid spies and informers- it is like living in East Germany under both the Nazis AND the communists. We are all living in this hellhole of a feminist prison. Including the Toadies who do not allow themselves to 'know' it.

Why support it by working at all; subsistence may be the far happier alternative. This is what we see in the MGTOW movement of individual and independent men. It is an urban solution. What then about a socially  wide-spread movement? It is to forestall that option that social welfare agencies everywhere are particularly brutal to men. Men receive far less under such 'helpful' regimes also because the mainly female overseers require long lasting clients in order to keep their plantation industry growing. They have no interest at all in empowering men generally for if the backlist reduced so would their jobs and employment opportunities as Government overseers. This  type of systemic contradiction is pointed out frequently by Ivan Illych in his books 'Deschooling Society' and others. Thus we can see readily Jacindas recent announcement of increases to the 'living wage' is, in reality a signal that hundreds of thousands of young women in fake government jobs- already taking income from men will receive more from her. Talk about paying people to vote for you. This pork barrel politics was once called stuffing the ballot box and is not a reward for ones contribution to society or to Aotearoa but is political payola. A move of the lowest kind. Despicable in anyone else. Shamefully short of the good grace of true Premiership or Statesmen come Ambassador; more like a plantation owner with their lackeys, lapdogs and overseers. I dread what the nastily 'empowered' young slutwalkers will do to official Government client-slaves who happen to be male.

 GENDER SLAVERY: Men on the Block

 When the People fear the Government We Have Tyranny; When the Government Fears the People We Have LIBERTY!

 Why have all our parties not said anything-that is the real issue; fake democracy- Totalitarian Democracy I call it.

 Government Competing with men as provider. Man as Lover. Man as Bringer Up of His Own Children.
Men fear Government. Women Love it- it Gives them the Choice of a Second Provider- even another Girlfriend With No reductions in their Benefit.

Big Government is not at all in the best Interests of Men. Big Government takes a mans money heavily interferes in all his relationships with women and brings extra fatal tension into all his relationships. Wnen does Government Support men. Not ever. Mens benefits... mostly Unemployment are the LOWEST of All.

Copy this page everyone- download all pages

CREATE FOLDER- 'Masculist'  Phillip O'Sullivan

Click select download ALL individual pages into it- copyright still mine- but now we are getting dangerous.

Police and Justice etc do observe all mens rights activist stuff so be very careful what you say and speak as if they are there; try to frame things so they can understand how wrong feminism and all its outcomes for all men are. Trust no women- there was once some woman on the mens rights site who seemed to be the mans girlfriend. She was always chipping in womens stuff. As if we could be bothered. Look Honey- we have had over fifty years of this. Parity on Google or in legitimate political objections is now only a few years away. We will be the mainstream fairly soon. Then WE SHALL PROSECUTE the MOST EGREGIOUS WOMEN; only then. By LAW- our laws certainly. For we shall become the greatest movement of MEN in HUMAN HISTORY. Stick with Us- we are the ones making our history of the Male Gender Consciousness.





Phillip O'Sullivans New Book







- Why today almost all Governments, even ones supposed 'right-wing' are in every significant way truly socialist to the core with fully realized social welfare systems.

- how this outer 'socialist' veneer is designed to enslave you forever. To the New World Order no less.

- the mechanism built into the taxes that will impoverish the entire world- and why.

- explore alternatives that could get us out of this gigantic mess.

- why resources are the only truly free energy source and yet why men are necessary at high cost to recover it.

- learn along the way about the gender equation and the other 'political equations' that are theoretically, logically and necessary to enable this to happen.


Tax Fodder
1st Edition Release Planned.
By December 2017
20,000 Words.
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Second Edition
February 30th 2018
30,000 Words
$3.99 US

Third Edition.
November 2018 Planned, with all references, updates and Resources given.

Plus illustrations & Diagrams, Tables and further examples.
With possible objections covered and exploration of
alternatives -to answer the impending austerity crisis. 

Only in this book.



Taxes and feminism

Tax Feminism and Sparta: Cannon Fodder.

 Remember the movie, "The 300" they were soldiers from Sparta trained from boyhood to die state overseers and Plantation's were matrilineal inheriting women. It was a matrilineal society; a matriarchy run by females for the benefit of female is into the deadly demise of men.

Today our boys are not trained as soldiers to die they have pushed them quite the opposite way. Feminising them by keeping them far too long in the company of women and excluding men as much as possible from their lives so that they become super sensitive boy – girl millennial creatures of no fixed gender. Vapid and vacuous nothings of almost no use to anybody. Fit for the slaughter on the ideology of the state. Toyboy's as meat upon Judy Chicago's table. Empty live'd denizens of nowhere. Brain dead and dumbed down so that they are no obstruction in feminism's absurd progress to absolute power. Which they believe is the source of captivating charisma. A sort of politics for cosmetic reasons. I look better in power than out of it. As if the real anointing of authority depend upon being at the head of a dazzling display of nothing.

 Men pay the money women spend them. The Top Ten Feminists in every category should worry about the ethics, fairness, balance and accuracy of things they have said, done and pronounced upon in the past. There will be some accounting to be done. Prosecutions must surely follow. Millions of male babies have died.
Thousands of Men sent into suicide. Boys molested by women, feminist taunts and abuse/abuses. There will be legal remedies taken. Confess now how you feel about it and much forgiveness can take place. Later will be too late. All men will be believed. No women. As is the reverse now. Justice department instruction and overseers guidelines.

Extortion and taxes


Lament of the Death Culture

 Compulsory Political Neutrality from All Our Public Servants.

You accept the Kings Coin/ CROWN office- you do what the King/CROWN says.

Like a soldier-go where the crown says- speak when the crown says- no offside political action strict neutrality public private life- or other solution no vote.

Incestuous Government- Labour Councils, Mayors and Labour Governments.

Clea sweep proof of long thought out conspiracy well funded and directed by the Chinese Government- as in Fiji?

True they are the only ones currently who want an Oblate Model access to Enlarged South Antartic Ocean Oil- Which is entirely what New zealand Politics today is about but with fairer open tender process. Americans included not secretly 'cut-out'- as in the Labour deal.

Labour is signing foreign Government deals for Campaign funding to Foreign Nations before actually becoming Government.

This is treason, public fraud and sedition. Betraying the New Zealand people behind their backs into preemptive relations.

We must investigate this further.


 The Two Economies.



Working for Families & Taxes


Perversion & Taxes

Pleasing everyone while  disappointing those who pay

Tax and control/management/power/sujugation/terror and force/right to rebel/ tyranny/suppression & Oppression.

A crime is committed- who benefits-follow the money

What to do Chatham Island Owenite Community Prison for main players

 Are antifa an attempt to derail the mens movement? If so people changing sides- people with a conscience are our friends. We appeal for you to come forward.

All the better if it costs you. You are OUR hero. They noticed your less than full fervour anyway- nothing will satisfy them. A great place amoung us will be your reward. We love all the women who join us.

Revolt of the Centre.

The International brigade are now the enemy?

Is New Zealand pulling in the drawbridge up into Jacinda Aherns safe place. Little Island New Zealand, land of the slave. A cannibal culture eatings its own? 600,000 human sacrifices rendered in meat. Greeting the stranger by grabbing his nose? So he does not smell the culture of death. The bitter sweet flavour of decease.

Taxes & people

Does free money ennoble people or empower them anyway? No, it makes them say a stinking yes to a pile of offal.

Tax Limits


 No one ever considers there may be tax limits to Government plans. One Hundred percent is an obvious one.

Slavery is like that; owner provides accomodation, food (of a kind) and miserable day long hard back breaking work. Irish people were so hated by the British plantation owners that they were enslaved as well. Having so little value that if you killed one by the lash there was no fine. Black slaves had some indirect 'protection' then. For if you killed one there was restitution to be paid to the British plantation owner. You could say 100% tax was extracted from their lives. They did receive a little 'benefice'- their food, -their accomodation-their employments; from their 'government'- the British Plantation owner and his 'public servants' the overseers.

Today men are the slaves of leftist-feminist Governments everywhere. Men do the hardest, most unfashionable, hottest, dirtiest and coldest and the more miserable work. Extracting much more than half their income from them. Leaving them in fact just the food money, clothing and mortgage or rent money. The governments leave you with just the third of salary or wages. Building housing exclusively so they can rent them out in the cities to government workers and overseers. Government has now become a Rentier. Like the Universities. They then make even more money from you but do not call it a tax. Thus we become actual tax slaves not rhetorical ones. Impoverishment of this kind suit socialist governments as it means you are tied all the more closely to the Nanny States apron strings. And will agree with whatever else they have up their sleeve. Like sell out Aotearoa to the Illuminazi hellhole world Government through the United Nations, the World Bank and other indentured slavery agencies and overseers. We are being tax farmed into the international criminal Bankers cartel whether we like it or not for access to South Seas Oil in the South Antartic Oceans. That is the real plan. On the cheap too. Man do they sellout cheap. Cowards hungry for power they neither deserve nor honestly won. Lick their boots when they shoot you.

Taxes and a binding Gov constitution

taxes and money-purchasing power and the need for the best & highest possible price for ones own strong currency- weak currency tends to ward the weimar state whose ultimate play is hitlereanism replayed. Soviet rouble inflation and population depredation

Taxes make one subjugated subjects/ democracy and taxes


History & Taxes

Government Control and its limits of Citizens


Tax Takers and tax makers/tare Ao Take to tarry and take tax as anarchist theft/ property is theft/ profit is theft/ tax as theft. Theft as a poor mans profit.

What are excess taxes- taxes and freedom tax and dergulation tax and the right to vote- why bother the poor

Does the tail wag the dog? Security and somnolence- the unfittingness of security blanket governments and peoples to withstand competition and foreign onslaughts.

Tax tyranny and the public services

WINZ gives more money to women on a per person basis than Men receive- men are therefore discriminated against- free confession of this= reprieve

Repreive but greivous occurrences you remain and name names for the inevitable 'revolution' or transformation.

Who who seeks transformation must herself be transformed- now takes on a different meaning on this website. Prepare a list of those who have discriminated openly or secretly against men. Bounty for free hunters.

Rewards for good spies. Greater rewards for the more masculist useful information. We seek whistleblowers and internal agents of the transformed transformation. WINZ insiders. Justrice department article archives. White papers- Internal Documents. Genuine material please.

Lincolns Tax

The real sources of wealth

Welcome to NZ Venezuela!

How feminism and the greenies fail all tests of good government.


My Background and credentials for these views.

Phillip O'Sullivan on his father's side comes from a long line of Catholic scholars in Ireland. On my mother's side there are University professors in the sciences, mainly biology, and they worked at the University of Canterbury agricultural Institute outside Wye the town she was born in Kent England.
My father retired as head of the Treasury Department for the Waikato tax District.
In my own education I attained the classes in mathematical mechanics – that is a level of mathematics that is pre-University physics type mathematics where you have multi variant and dynamic answers to calculus questions as an matrix arrays & equations. And binomial theorems with Algebra by the ton.
Before going to art school.
I was an early reader in my team of scientific journals and non-fiction literature like books on probability and chance, histories of modern mathematics in cosmology like Jagit Singh and Wittgenstein, A. J. Ayer and other writers on mathematical logic. See my website on in the Minimalism.

Phillip O'Sullivan has worked in Government as a Qualified Railway Officer. As a Tertiary Level Teacher, as an adult education instructor, as an artist in an independent business and as solo father and househusband in the early days of feminism so I have seen all these issues from a number of disparate sides.
Philip has written 12 early books on masculist politics and theory. Ending only recently what he called his 'writing apprenticeship of these three later years' from 2014-2017. Currently 'taking a year off' from his novel, poetry and non-fiction projects. He never intended these two websites until the latest election.

Devoted to driving feminism from all public life as a negative force that could destroy us all; including feminists. Feminism ultimately- as is socialism- is neither any good for socialists or feminists. We have possibly entered the event horizon however in feminism leading to the socialist death spiral. This is my cry. Against that possibility.

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