With almost a lifetime in teaching. Phillip O'Sullivan is a website writer who has obtained 12,000 unique visitors per month on his art and writing websites. This is around 150,000 unique website visitors in a year. Previously he had lectured at University level for one year. Having himself attended three universities at Canterbury, Victoria University and Massey University over a period of nine years.

He has written eighteen books two of which are obtainable on Amazon. These include: "Redeeming the Male Gaze", "Fighting for Survival; 12 Ways Feminists Fail the WEST", "Empowered Masculinity", "Testimony 11" – a memoir of high metaphysical Mystical phenomena in operation within the postmodern world today, "m a s c u l i s t Feminist", "Zealandia"- a dystopian exploration of alternative politics in future history.

He has two university degrees in Fine arts and in English literature.

Is among the top 10,000 writers on Amazon Kindle e-books for his books in the area of spirituality and metaphysical consciousness. His intellectual background is in a very wide reading of non-fiction including science and mathematics, economics and politics. Despite the 'arts' degrees. Several of his books at this stage tackle the extremely difficult area of gender politics and the feminist dominance of our intellectual understanding of ideology, sociology, psychology, consciousness, politics and of course history. The result of feminist thinking however seriously comes a cropper when you consider its effects on population and economics and the resultant upheavals of immigration and terrorism filling in the gap left by a vast feminist demographic absence. This elision of feminism is the cause of all our troubles. Terrorism and migration is really the symptom of what we ourselves have done. Many of my books examine precisely this issue.

However, there is another side to my writing which is more hopeful and in time will emerge more and more as we need to seek sustenance and nourishment from that spiritual consciousness that is only obtainable from true and genuine religious impulses.





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