About: Came out masculist in 2014 on reading Dr. Warren Farrell and Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers.

 Their books are well researched and documented yet something was lacking.

There are three stages to understanding masculist responses to the 20 Million or more  text dominances of feminism.
If you search Google you will find huge numbers of Feminist 'texts', articles, videos, websites, essays, books, theses and so on.
There are nowhere near as many answering calls of  fully expressed 'masculist' texts.

 When you consider the increased longevity of women (who therefore get to vote 2 or 3 elections more than men on the whole)
democracy becomes 'women's government' which explains the hideous results that follow for men today. For funding out of all proprtion goes to advocating the women's view of the world. This is vastly unjust for men. Quite different from what the woman's caucus tells us. Weak men go along with thiis in a cowardly fashion.
It is expedient for the to do so though hardly ethical. For huge funding goes along with this. Money talks.
 And the tale it tells us is a complete distortion of reality.

So while many analyse this situation accurately very few are prepared to interpret as powerfully. Or to recommend responses, tactics or explore strategies like a new politics or new political configurations as this website does.

Some peter out and dribble off into mere irony or emphasis 'having better relationships with women' as their overall 'rubric' or banner of intent and declaration.
Surely something much stronger is needed in considering the vast consequences on demographics, economics, scientific, financial and medical outcomes for the mass of mankind. The disparities are enormously distorted by the feminist media and academia to almost criminal proportions.
We need a mens defense league for instance, a legal fund to fight discrimination against men. Discrimination that is overwhelmingly against men.


Phillip O'Sullivan



Fighting for Survival
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 The initial idea was to fire up with website and associated articles most ninety percent are original writing.
Though many are exploratory sketches ready for reassessment or scrapping. Some of the first draft section/partial chapters are published here in workshop form as if a prior pre-proof first draft as it is constantly being updated.

 Have over 35 'Book Projects' going from one page sketches to more notations to fully plotted and planned drafts.

12 Books were at one time published. Some have been withdrawn. This amount of work is not too bad for three years 'beginner' work I think.
Now I shall have to concentrate on producing quality narratives arising from these poor brief first results. There was so much I simply did not know when I first began; how to create crisis, movement, plots, characters, pace, twists, fore shadowings,structure, formats, genres, story/stories, beginnings, endings, dialogue and so on.
 Too many of these and other things await the process of perfection- I now imagine another three year period ahead. Where I can explore my own voice that comes and goes and often slips from me.
All is based on a decision made in 1964 when I was fourteen; finding myself drawn too much to verse, lyric, poetry and such- that I would 'concentrate on non-fiction' as I have for most fifty years of my life since that date in order to give myself 'something to say'- now I find I have energy aplenty for novels.
 Mostly in the next few years there are three

"Matriarchos" Series of which  'Gloriana' is a trial run or second/first draft here on this site. Set in the future nearest us- maybe 2040 finally; though here in draft one/two form (of four needed to make it more viable in a regular publishing sense. ) it is stated as 2030 or so. 2040 it will have to be. The first will be shorter in length I think though longer in gestation.

"Ragnarok Glissade' a nine book series spanning 2,000 years or so from B.C. 50 to ; maybe, 2030 or thereabouts 

"The Cottingham Manuscript" of which the sub-sub story to link the children in the household to the rather academic adults is presented here without the requisite 'physics' to yet make it plausible.

Working toward a platform for either 'masculist' novels or politically 'alternative' utopias/dystopian novels, poems, short stories and literatures.
There is a widespread movement in the culture away from innapplicable state supported nonsense from feminism to the left; and of post-modernism much allied with these
. These forms are now seen for what they are- artificial and oppressive constructions of the prime discourses of the left wing propaganda and fake culture; this is not what people think. It is like Catholicism 'it is what they are
"taught" to 'think' or, what they are told it is what they think; by academia, media, politics and secondary order cultural constructions.'
It is here that reality relies once again on instinct, i9ntuiotion and gut anger- that almost all of this is wrong. Wrong headed. Wrong in outcomes and results. Wrong in cultural, civilizational terms- as it invariably leads to the complete breakdown of society, thinking and freedom of response.  It is coercive. It masquerades as 'democracy' yet onle as a totalitarian mindset would have it.
 Men awake.
 We have nothing to lose but the worst of all women; the best is yet to come.
Throw off the chains of feminist mealy mouthed tyranny. Think for yourselves.
Despite many roughnesses here. Herein lies truth about the current male condition under the Matriarchate.

We live under an Army of Occupation.

That occupation is the one percent of troublemakers who destroy good government by the majority for special pleading initiatives by the ugliest most bitter minority of all. The true haters and enemy of the vast good quality of the people.


m a s c u l i n i s t FEMINIST

From a life of broken fragments In a world dominated by feminism..


What if you discovered feminism was not equal after all? How would you react? Are feminists trying to make men feel bad and guilty all the time? Just for being male? How do they make one feel guilty? Why? What is in it for them? Who are they to tell us these things? Would it not be better to hear this from a man-supposing this was so in any way? Do women have the right to rule our masculine emotional and political lives? Doesn't this put stress on our lives? Lives that are difficult enough already. If we as men were to discover under this unfair criticism, with help from an exploratory masculist retake on the various accusations laid at our door, as in this book: how would that affect our inner self? That notion we have of our masculine identity can be enhanced. Why not a consciencious empowerement for men, as men, without the guilt trip burden? How could anyone object? With confidence, and a happier dynamic toward men's lives, it can enrich and generate success in life. We then have a new masculist motivation to exert our very best for those we love. Why need any women to feel threatened by that? In this book feminism's pointless false accusations against demonized men are positively defeated. Mens increased consciousness lights an awakened awareness in cultural success. Feminism creates fear of this male gender confidence; in our male strength of character. Male gendered people empowered can play a greater part in society. A mentally defeated matriarchy- the nanny state- then no longer drags down our inner confidence. We are released into male freedom; our birthright as men. As you will find out in this book the probability that feminism is not always true for men, and could be challenged at every point successfully by intelligent men, this will give you the new male edge in matriarchal ideology. Arising from a better self view of men, including yourself. Your male trust in the politically aware process of gender consciousness extends to a very useful network of other confident masculine men. Then you can now speak your mind freely- without fear of any kind. If feminism has ever filled you with fear; knowing what this book contains may dynamite your life explosively. Never feel afraid of people, or the postmodern world ever again. The author once felt as you do now. After coming out masculinist; seeing it as a viable defense of the entire male gender. To which we men all belong. This political understanding strengthens us inwardly. Now he has more real women friends than ever before. The fakes are eliminated. Greater confidence with people. It is OK to be male. This is how we should be. Free of double-guessing social situations. Free to be men again. Untroubled confidence in oneself. Much more relaxed now, he can easily see clearly, friend from foe; no need to be frightened by all women because so few actually are that fanatically feminist. Only around seventeen percent. A relaxed mind can discern ones real friends better. This equals confidence to do anything and win success. Be proud of the male gender. Being a man is no crime. You are one yourself. Men are everywhere. Instead of working out at the gym alone- and still being afraid of harsh feminists; work out at this mind gym, change your inner view of being a modern man by reading this postmodern book. The answer to our age. We men have a right to be here. Exactly as we are. Doing the things we do. More noble than feminism imagines for us. Especially if you see the wider abstract and logical consequences that few feminists allow for- and is the natural thought domain of men; logic, reason, economics and linked demographic consequences. Now we listen to our own thoughts. Reinforced by ideas from other men. A greater position empowers a man for reading this book.





Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?









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