The ram


One of the formational occurrences that I experienced long ago occurred on a school trip. I was not a child but a parent help with the school party on an outing. This was of a few days duration with tents and cabins and kayaking and canoes on a nearby slow moving stream. At one stage I wandered off to the edge of the camp to be alone. Up in the hills by myself. Next to the camp was a farm. And I was on the other side of the fence looking down at a diamond-shaped or trapezium shaped field. There was one animal alone in a paddock. It was a ram: a sheep or goat it didn't matter. I think it was a sheep. The paddock was steep very steep. Nevertheless the he goat ram sheep was bounding up the hill. Thud! Down it went again, rounded down below, turned and ran full tilt back up the hill, bounding up the hill again. With all its force and energy. Thud! Butting its head deep within the centre of the corner post. Down it went again, unhesitatingly. Bounding up the hill, thud! All in one continuous series of actions. It seemed it'd been doing this for some time before I came. And would continue to do this for a long time after I left.


I was almost inches from him. Standing above the post. Somewhat out from it on the other side. I was safe. Thud! Down he went round at the bottom. Up he came. Thud! I was fascinated. This was the first time as a city slicker I had seen an animal so for of some innate need that the animal and is actions were totally at one with each other. Despite its seeming very weird. Pointless. Nevertheless it was obvious the animal thought that with all his being he just absolutely had to do this. Thud!


While I was there I took all this in deeply. Thud! Pondering on the incredible drama of it. Thud! I was amazed at his determination. Bounding up. Impressed with his sheer male animality. Thud! I knew I was looking at a law of nature. Something so deeply ingrained that will and desire and act in any kind of construction was not in any way artificial but pure, profoundly absolute, desire. The life and the will were one.


The bull

At NgaTeaiwa on the road leading to the settlement, an Anglican retreat centre in the country, there was a bull. New Zealand is full of bulls. Bulls for breeding. Bulls necessary for the production of beef and calves and cows and milk. Yet cattle if left in their natural condition would have as many bulls and calves as there are Cows and young female cattle. Milking and meat production is not the animals main interest. That construction is imposed on the animals by the needs of agriculture for humans.


In that human based production not many male animals are needed. These can be selectively bred from the best animals. And few are needed. Yet bulls are dangerous animals. They are kept on their own. This works in human based agriculture. It would not work out there in the wild amongst wild cattle. We would not expect them to have only a few bulls per herd. But to have as many as fully grow to maturity. Why is this?


In the wild with no fences the herd travels freely. Its fence of protection then in reality is a portable fence in the form of the bulls. Like barbed wire it is the larger horns and fierce aggressiveness of the bulls that is to protect them. The RAM above in the previous paragraphs was practising his aggressive performative actions – yet they are not performed decoratively as some kind of display of sexuality. In contest with other males he is showing to the females how strong he is and thus a worthy suitor for his progeny to continue to protect the herd. In these examples then we see that the behaviour is not an artificial construct, or merely a display of sexuality, it is an essential component of their survival as a group. Thus a larger love if you like is built into the herd in the gene pool in the actual performance of an explicitly gendered sexuality. In the animal's this is very clear. For there is no sentimentality of the city slicker sitting in an academic job in New York speculating on the nature of beasts. These beasts have had to live with reality. As all of us must do today. The gene pool response to reality is the only one that can survive any rival threats to that gene pool. Any gene pool relying on its cosmetic construction and performivity will die out. As we see in the gender performivity of other sexualities; as they are barren and impotent of issue. The RAM and the Bull ensures the content of the species.No seed is wasted in agriculture or in the wild. The continuation across generations is the natural inbuilt desire. It is desire.


The lion and lioness




Courtship copulation and population


Two islands one populated one on populated


The gender equation – 300 EX plus fresh seed


Flotation seduction courtship and feet ship feedback loops


Arranged marriages extended family in depth


Marriage as cultural support


Biology and nature


Biology and sexuality















Sex and gender


Gender is that which engenders population


Population extends into the political space


Population is your claim to that space


Sexuality as the other the fullest stretch of our humanity


The other other the otherness of the Hetero


Hetero means other


Opposites attract


This desire and love combined extends the toleration of humanity all toleration is depended upon extending further this extensible toleration. Though not bound to extend it to intolerant other genders or sexualities in so much as they lack the discipline restraining an constraint elements necessary to the function of a strong an stable society.Toleration should not be extended to the imperious an demanding, intolerant, constructions.


Heterosexual love makes us tolerant: addictive sexualities make us demanding and intolerant. As anyone who's been assaulted as frequently by gay people as I have will be able to tell you.


Heterosexuality is the deepest modelling of love in culture history and society
















There are post modern notions of gender abroad. Chief among the critical theorists is Judith Butler. She and other theorists make the distinction between sexuality and the socially constructed idea of gender. Many interesting anecdotal experiments had been conducted utilising this notion in psychology, biology and in art. Critical theory after all is a literary theory. It is much taken up as a theoretical construct itself within the field of visual art. These theorists appear to say that gender is constructed via sexual performivity. Thus, to them only what appears to be outwardly performed matters. They seem to say that sexuality is something that is performed. Can we see what is happening here? Something that is performed as an idea enters into the discussion of sexuality. So that it's "performed" aspect is distinct from its sex or sexuality component. This is what is done in the first instance by suggesting a distinction between actuality and constructed. Presumably what is constructed is constructed by society. And therefore it hence at its being artificial. It's unnaturalness cannot easily be internalised so must be constructed continually by being performed. It seems to be saying you can have any sexuality you like as long as you're performing it.


However there is one sexuality that may be not just naturalised, but is as natural because it is actually the engendering gender. From which all other genders constructed derive for the very existence. For the notions of actuality, performivity, sexuality, gender and constructed; all derive or settle upon for their focus and description an actual physical situation within human beings. Heterosexuality is the interface between two binary genders that is confluent with its social construct.It is the gender that creates human beings. Here any attribution of artificiality fails in that what is performed is the actual case. To paraphrase Wittgenstein.


The naturalness of this arrangement is obvious to all. For it both describes itself just by looking at it and by other observation and reports from its participants: and those external to it so describe – yet furthermore becomes the significant case by which all other groupings begin their descriptions and constructions. In other words being more than 90% of the whole case or cases of human sexuality it becomes the defining case. It's normativity and naturalness is self-evident. The gender behaviour and performative aspect are one with the sexuality and actuality. We see this in the physical act itself. Its nature and descriptions are one. There is no confusion here. It is very clear what is going on. Copulation leads to population. In such a smooth transition – one is tempted to say, in such smooth and silky fashion – that you could equally say: copulation is population. Or that, procreation is re-creation. And that the pleasurable recreation aspect of heterosexual procreation, the copulatory coupling of couples is again in actuality the recreating in a profound and generational spanning way the act of creation. It Matters to people How people are created.


One can know in the preceding terms that all the words are owned by this confluent other gendered sexuality. No other gender or sexuality can so neatly package up its known descriptions and own them. This speaks highly of the normal nature of heterosexuality as both the gender and sexuality is confluent with itself.


Heterosexuality is the other other. It is the otherness of the other at its best expression. For male and female in many ways are so unlike each other – and yet at the same time so exactly well fitted in well suited to each other. There is enough attract attraction of opposites within heterosexuality and so richly deployed as to engender real love. All of the sexualities love as a convenience. Other sexualities are lazy loves. In heterosexuality love is at full stretch. In heterosexuality lovers to be patient and to be kind. This takes time for a single act of kindness is not kindness but is just polite. To be thought kind takes many acts of kindness. In any relationship there is conflict and over coming that conflict engenders tenderness and respect and toleration. This is deep toleration not the cheap political toleration of "I hate you, but I'll tolerate you". Heterosexual loving toleration is a deeper toleration. Because there is a reward for sticking around at it. Namely the children, their children, the children the couple in heterosexuality have together. It is the kindness toward their own gene pool. This is both the fruit of their relationship and the reward. All strong successful societies applaud the heterosexual equation for this result.

















Families are the cornerstone of society. It is often said "families are the corners stone of society". Then it becomes fashionable to question this obvious statement. Then you have to find reasons for why it is not so. Even if it is so. Strong families equal strong society. Strong families equal a strong community. Weak families might be for a strong community through a strong government. But we have seen the result of that. In colonial times when my country was strong and vigorous and robust and led the world, and in fact for a time, mostly due to a fortuitous relationship with the home country of England, we with the world's number one richest country even over America on a per capita basis. Global markets have not been kind to us. Family relations back with the home country had been weakened with weak families. All this has occurred during the feminised feminising in feminist years. These last 50 years of feminist ideology has seen the destruction of far too many marriages and families. A divorced family does not have many children. The years of anguish do not produce children. There is also a reluctance in any later relationship. Feminism is a distressing and upsetting and depressing philosophy which questions and nags with tremendous pettiness every single detail of human life. There is no one on this earth that can perform all its requirements. It is like a penal code for a very bad religion. It wants to finger wag and to tut tut its poisonous little code and every infringement. It is a philosophy like Mao'tsTungs little red book. Impossible to comply with. Anyone at all can be found guilty by it. Like an endlessly nagging whinger. Much as in the old traditional picture of the nagging woman. Feminism has turned a trope into a dripping tap. Everyday feminism is a hate crime. Even an ossifie maggot would turn to jelly at its touch. It has been the death of many marriages. It has no forgiveness. It has no mercy. It has no justice. It has no reasons or facts they are all lies. Tireless lies poured forth like poison. Feminism has killed the family. Feminism must be destroyed for the family to live again.

















A generation is an interesting concept that has been much warped and twisted in recent years. Generation X and generation Y for example. These generations appear to be adopted from fashions within the clothing, music or high school notions of generation. Generation Y appears to be people who inhabit some decade or other in their growing up. And Generation X appears to be another way of saying the 90s, or the noughties(with its risque sounding naughty word).


On the other side as an overarching bracket other two concepts of a working life, or of a lifetime. These are not in any way demographic clear or strict terms. So what then really is a generation?


Concepts of...





Young adult

maturity old age elder retired


death or longevity


A working term for generation must involve the idea of procreation via heterosexuality and some sort of notion of passing the baton of either biology and the gene pool and all character and something of cultural worth.


So here I will use the idea of a generation is being 40 years. A working life is 40 years. A life of reproduction and procreation are could also be fully can coincident with that 40 year period from 20 to 60 at least for older men. The idea is flexible. It clan include the period from youth at say 15 through to 55. Thus it is possible to be a working notion of generation consistent with an employable life – and thus a taxpayer, bringing in the economic aspect – and also coincident with a fertile life of child bearing and child rearing for the future generation. Thus the idea of gender and engendering become coincident. They inhabit the same lives in the same time and same political space. The fit is perfect and exact. Generation concept is really only possible is such a tight and strong bond within the heterosexual sphere of gender. These consistencies and coincidences of time and space and money are native to the gender of heterosexuality. Making the bond between the idea of gender in the plain facts of sexuality all so contestable coincident. The fit is perfect. The fit is exact. This is only possible with the heterosexual reality as gender. The social constructed and the actual behaviour are perfect partners. They are one. Only with heterosexuality is gender and sexuality utterly and absolutely coincident. The terms and the behaviour inhabit exactly the same social space. They literally live together as idea and fact.This leads to strong individuals, secure families and a vigourous productive nation.














COMMUNITYThe extended community of heterosexualities family is the basis for community. Tribes and clans are originally families. A clan is a family. A family is a tribe. For instance the McDonald's. The MacDonald clan is a tribe. The headman is the patriarch or elder. He is the head elder in its simplest form. Further discussion of this idea I will write elsewhere. The head of the family is the oldest male patriarchy. In healthy vigourous and robust societies he retains enough wisdom and faculty to rule such a blood linked tribe.


In modern societies this role is to diffused. The role of leadership is spread among a number of leaders and figureheads throughout society. While I am currently the Chairman of the Berhampore Community Association, I probably exert more extensive and deployable leadership through my writing. Though I strongly suspect that even the descriptions of my books on Amazon and Kindle are much too much strong meat for most readers currently. Time no doubt will tell a different story.


In discussions of community it is discomforting to notice that a small community within a city of three or 4000 people has fewer amenities, far fewer direct amenities than someone in a small town out in the country. That is amenities immediately to hand within the suburb. For instance, a small community out in the country may very well share its books at the tiny town hall as a form of library – or even have a stand-alone library all of its own accessible by walking distance to all within that 5000 person community.


Furthermore it will likely have a square a Memorial, a small meme museum or archival centre with photographs say, a cemetery, a park and playground in the centre of town not far from the shops placed in a small square probably along with the memorial and a statue, and it will arrange for itself heaps of parking for those on the edge of town and those outside of town. It will have a doctor, even a small clinic or hospital, dentist, lawyer and accountant all within the suburb. In Berhampore we have none of those things not one. The only public amenity that is truly public apart from the roads and the waterworks underground, is a public toilet. We do have a community centre, however it is so located within the bounds of another government agency a housing state body that it is foreign territory to most people. We do not even have a gym or a swimming pool to call our own the nearest one for any mother in the suburb with children is a complicated two changes of bus ride away. This puts it out of the question as it daily dip.
Even Roman cities the same size as Wellington had up to 30 public baths for the citizens to relax and cool off in. Wellington has I think three or four large complexes all far away from many tiny communities. Most of the large Olympic size swimming pool are located deeply embedded within far wealthier communities. A poor community in the country can afford a swimming pool but not in the city. Therefore a community this side size in the countryside has far more immediate amenities available to it.What do I put that down to? I put that down to a massive cultural distraction that has been going on for the last 50 years. Feminism and homosexuality are not majority interests. In fact the largest of these feminism has only 17% interest amongst women and far less amongst men. Therefore for both of these interests, the 10% minority has taken up well over 90% of the media and policy and funding and publicity fronts. To the loss and heavy cost of 90% of the interests of the majority. Yet even these underneath are part of the 100% heterosexuality that has created us. Heterosexuality has been neglected in favour of cosmetic and artificial constructs built on top of heterosexuality.

There must come a time when this must cease. It is not a 'Backlash' in the Faludi fashion; but a return to the perfectly normal. Nothing at all spectacular or even from remarkable about it. Heterosexuality is reality. Post-modernists is a nightmare's dream that is a complete and absolute fantasy. Such constructs as feminism are fairytales that society should not ever have supported in any way at all. When we grow up and raise families and live realistically we give away childish things. Feminism is like a gigantic childs tantrum amusing to those who can afford to waste their time at it – yet a colossal waste of public money for everyone else who pays it. No wonder there is a new revolution going on around the world. Anything other than heterosexuality is completely unsupportable. A strong society requires heterosexuality. Anything else doesn't engender anything – it is barren puerile and flamboyant. It has no reality. Only heterosexuality has a future. Heterosexuality literally gives birth to the future. Heterosexuality literally gives birth to community and all the people in it. Heterosexuality creates all the art and culture and community and society and politics and science and religion in almost everything that you see will not almost everything exactly everything that is human made or human managed or human arranged or human utilised, it is all due to heterosexuality.



















In the post-modern age society as the collectivity of all the people is no more. Society has become the state. Socialism rules everywhere. It is what the current revolution that people call right wing – but is really just a return of humanity to itself – is all about. Society has become the state. Community has become something managed by government. It is almost as if we have to have permission from the government to think. No wonder then there is no freedom of speech in New Zealand or in America, or in Europe or in England. There is no freedom of speech unless it is approved of by elected leaders. No other society has functioned like this except in the Soviet Union, Cuba, the Warsaw Pact countries like East Germany or in the people's communistic Republic of China. To say that it functions as an oxymoron, for it does not function. What you get instead of the waves of whims and fancies emanating from the leadership. Always a small cabal of Marxist elites. Who appear so very little different from the czarist ones they replaced.


The situation can only breed cynicism. And a cynical society is no society at all. It is a cold community not even bothering to be at war with itself. It is cold in the sense of being so ultimately dull that it is that some sort of dreaded cessation of all feeling, all thinking, all difference of opinion concept idea attitude measure direction fashion or art. It is the concrete solidification of extremely unedifying molasses moments. It becomes a foot dragging society. Laziness drunkenness and absenteeism is the only possible result. A revolution is an act of theft that wonders ever after in the days that follow what to do next. Like a thief it never learns how to do hard work. The honest people are enslaved for they are reminders of what they have really done. Yet the labours they draw out of them are of the crudest and most brutal kind. The ones they enslave could have produced 100 times more profit by the labour of the real talents under a truly free and liberating government. All government tends to tyranny. The 20th century has run every possible experiment in the socialistic variations. The symphony is over. Socialist economics does not work. Immigration economics does not work. The only economics that works is the natural economics that flows out of heterosexuality. Demand is perfectly matched with supply and slowly increases at the rate of the population so that every possible ideologically, political, educational, legal, sociological and religious cultural adjustments can be made. With immigration economics and policy everything happens far too quickly and no system so far has been able to cope there is not one successful system in the world coping with large inundation is of population into society on a spasmodic immigration basis. The smoothest introduction of the demand population to the supplying and economically productive population is only obtained in the protocol of heterosexuality and in the context of the male and female gender. This is the basis of political reality. There is nothing else that comes close in practicality, reason, naturalism and in biology. All other approaches are constructed. All other approaches are artificial and have been long proven wrong. Only heterosexuality creates a society that is stable constructive and practical. On the basis of which because of its stability you can experiment with small amounts of other options for those rarely equipped to utilise them.














In politics heterosexuality is 99% of the whole business. Therefore almost all attention should be paid in a default fashion to heterosexuality to the understood underlying underpinnings of the economy. Heterosexuality is productive. Heterosexuality produces economic activity in the most consistent, persistent healthy, and educationally efficient manner of all.


With all other sexualities specific diseases related to that sexuality have to be considered. This is the cost that is fatal to walk almost all other forms of sexuality. Furthermore the micro culture of other sexualities are – namely their flamboyance or responsibility such as in feminism which takes responsibility for nothing whatsoever – and in the gay community: were a flamboyant attitude to life leads to some extremely silly philosophies activities and in a political science and political economy sense is distinctly counter-productive. Furthermore the high risk factor of disease – and extremely expensive diseases they are – suggests that quarantine is perfectly rational medical and social response. Penal quarantine is probably the best optimal advice.Though this would be controversial.Many people are simply tired of dancing around the point.














The reality principle


Heterosexuality is redolent with the reality principle. Breasts are milk and literally nurture babies. Eggs die and menstrual blood is spilled. The cycle of life birth and death is built into the body. This container of reality is only really built into the heterosexual lifestyle. Birth and death, copulation and population, blood and breath – and the grasping grunt of orgasm; the forerunner of all ecstasy – all that too is built into the body of heterosexuality. All of life's dramas are played out within the gender structures of his heterosexuality at every possible level.All of this constitutes a strongly bonded link with the reality principle. Heterosexuality is reality.


Military considerations of heterosexuality


Here we shall present a new concept of military sacrifice. We will also characterise the success or failure of different military regimes as they relate either to patriarchy or matriarchy. Patriarchy is the hunter gatherer nomadic and border society. It is the Society of explorers, scientists, scholars and elders who pass on their wisdom knowingly. This is called knowledge. We could call this type of society the Macedonian society. Its archetype is the Macedonia of Phillip and Alexander the great.


We can contrast here the matrilineal or matriarchal society. This is a settled society where matrons and female mavens and a gear rule with power. Such a society is the Spartan society where the men were brought up for sacrifice. And the significant moment for such a society with the battle of the 300 who sacrificed their lives. But what we need to notice is that it is a defeat. It is a tragedy. It is not a victory. It is a tragic emotional defeat very moving for its staunch power and yet bloodied sacrifice.

We can see this in the Pacific nations where Tonga is a warlike nation but is a great failure as a culture. Thus the women protect their own interests through the sacrifice of the men much as we're doing now. Feminist matriarchy has the power. Has the power? Yes, do not be mesmerised by such eloquent seeming slogans as "equal pay equal work". For if we examine this phrase that is probably the most significant phrase in today's everyday feminism. We can see the word "pay". Yet even a highly paid CEO is still just a worker. And we are being deflected and distracted by this powerful seeming image of high powered men with higher pay demanding some kind of equal correction with high powered women with high powered pay in similar numbers. Isn't that right? That is the image conveyed, yes? Yes it is the image conveyed. Yet is it correct? Is it true? Is it actually true of the real overall situation?


At this point most antifeminist men, or former feminist men like Dr Warren Farrell and Dr Christina Hoff Sommers and many others point out that mean earn more overall because they work earlier in life and later in life and earlier in the day and later in the day, and they do overtime, and they do the difficult jobs, and they do the special jobs that no one else is prepared to do – hence they receive more money. Now while those ways of arguing are true. For "equal pay for equal work under equal conditions" would be a better statement of the real situation and answers correctly for their objections. Especially when we go ahead and examine the overall situation on that basis. The idea of equal conditions changes everything. However that is not what I'm arguing here. There is something more to consider around the word pay.


On that word would be the word wealth. For it involves the notion of ownership. In the United States women, mostly widows and "golddiggers" own outright through holding companies and investment corporations over 65% of all the wealth in the United States. The male answer therefore to "equal pay for equal work" is really to turn the phrase into "equal wealth for equal gender". Then we can consider that men are being used to generate money in wars. Women now being at work there are not sufficient babies coming on to create consumer demand. So you must create demand by replacement of that which is destroyed in war. So the wealthy women owners of these businesses benefit immediate returns on their money. Thus it is unscrupulous women of Sparta who send their men out to sacrifice themselves for the women. That is why America has lost all its wars in modern times from World War II onwards. Notice how every war that America has entered into that job is only half done. Europe was cut in half, Korea was cut in half, Vietnam's was cut in half. Today the Middle East is cut in half with no victory in sight but massive sacrifices and losses.


In the heterosexual paradigms this larger aspect of paternity/maternity and of matriarchal or matrilineal societies, compared to patriarchy or patrilineal societies is also an enthralling enlarging and encapsulating Condign and drama of the heterosexual gender and sexuality combination.


In the military sense we men must move off the Spartan matrilineal protections and sacrifices with its resultant blood of men lying defeated on the ground to buy women more shopping time. We must move on to victory. Along the lines of the Macedonian patriarchy Society for the heterosexual gender and sexuality discourse. For there the focus is on victory and prosperity for all both men and women. Thus it is patriarchal heterosexuality that is the best option for all men women and children. Matriarchal heterosexuality is extremely bad for men and only benefits privileged elite women.It of course dooms male children male boys virtually to death. Which is exactly what is happening in a diffuse manner throughout society today. Feminist women lie and men die. The longevity for heterosexual men is dropping alarmingly the feminist driven legal fraternity, the Marxist feminist media maternity cares is not a whit. Academia deliberately refuses and ignores any contrary narrative to that which displays women at their best and men at their worst. Yet the story is the other way round. They are to ignorant to see it. Professors ignore too much.


War as sacrifice

War as sacrifice is a defeatist position. Ultimately your enemies will see you growing weaker with every defeat. No matter how much spending put on it. America has never won a war in over 100 years. Unless you count Grenada of course. Which is a farce all of its own. If America is to win victory again and be great it must become a patriarchal heterosexual society with few exceptions. For the example here is Alexander the great. Otherwise America is the big fat soft complex and sophisticated lead nuanced female driven society that is so finely tuned and highly strung like a premium stud horseflesh society. So detailed and focused on increasing detail that it has become inflexible and stolidly fixed in its morbid direction. Only a sacrificial defeat like Carthage along the lines of the Spartan model await it. Buying time before the axe falls. So that's silly matriarchal women can do one more shop before their throat is slit.


This likeliest of all outcomes can only be staved off by turning to a unified religion and a strong unified society of strong, powerful and empowered patriarchal male heterosexuals. Heads of families lead to victory on the battlefield. As there is something for men to fight for. In a matriarchal women run heterosexual society there are few children or wives worth dying for. This is the military equation of gender and sexuality. The ratio between what is worth dying for on the battlefield – and what rewards the returning Victors receive. If there is nothing worth dying for, defeatism rules the battlefield. No matter what gung ho-ism the soldiers perform as their performative death rattle: it will be a defeat. Or only a victory in a larger defeat. If the military has no stake in the society back home then they may prefer to carve out their own empires in the countries they occupy. That too is a likely outcome with a split command structure for a decaying matriarchal America. Why die for the female owners of America when it is they who have designed that they mostly do die. Why would they want to look after the veterans who do not die. What profit are they to their shopping?


The male equation love as sacrifice


The female equation the clock is ticking 300 fresh or dying eggs


The breeding equation – heterosexuality as the only gender that engenders gender


The complexities, – the over complexities of "constructed" gender assignments


Two genders opposite yet combined...


Versus 23 – 76 complicated and hard to remember so called sexualities and non-binary unmentionables

who can remember 23 cities and correctly assign them again and again to his office were workmates, or his classmates, or his or her casual acquaintances, in cafes schools universities and other random places and recall them accurately every time thereafter














Heterosexuality and culture


Heterosexuality has a well established normative and mainstream historical expectation that is now so deeply ingrained – even if it were as the theorists say "constructed" it operates as utterly normative and natural. In every sense of the word then in practical use we can therefore say it is natural. Even if it is claimed to be constructed.


Residents with human nature


Other supposed sexualities depend upon heterosexuality to even exist and never the reverse.


In biological culture we look across to the mammals for our examples


Everything resonates with the heterosexuality option, pragmatism, economics, activity, and even the copulatory and recreational activities of conforms to confirming that the normative really is natural and normal. The village I even has antibacterial components which the bowel does not. And plainly the uterus is designed to receive seed and all aspects of orgasm maximise that are coming together of seed and egg. You look around in nature and everywhere one sees the seed and the the mirroring and the re-echoing of the human situation in all forms in a deep very deep cultural orgasm of identity and confirmation.

Cultural Betrayal

Cultural Marxism
Marxist Feminist Default.
Marx as Crackpot or Genious/Science- Psueo S


Karl Marx as crackpot or pseudoscience


Karl Marx and the family


Marx and Jeannie the Marxist family


Engels and his family


The state and family


Adoption and state foster homes


Child safety legislation


Paedophilia and the castigation of men


Characteristics of sex crime


Feminism is a hate crime destroying the heterosexual family


Marxism is a hate crime destroying the social fabric to prove capitalism destructive


Who destroys the destroyers
















Heterosexuality is the only sexuality that engenders gender. Without of people there is no nation. People are created by the coupling of bodies just as in the animal world. The only couplings that count even to be considered for social approval of those which give rise to people. People count. People inhabit space. People inhabiting space and their requisite requirements constitutes a claim for that space. The vacuum created by negative people opens that space up to conquest. Either by migration of others into that space or by outright war for that space. Either way a cultural condition of war does exist then.




Culture is the behaviour of people in a cultural space. Culture inhabits a people space over time. Culture is a verb. Culture is what people do. Culture is what people do over a broad range of activities. These activities can be religious, agricultural, hunting and gathering, and trading and bartering and so on. Thus many spheres of human activity our cultural. In the modern world it is not only cultural activity that is culture. Man is a tool making animal. Culture is the fullest expression of the making of tools both physical and virtual and symbolic and even our abstract and intellectual tool constitute culture as long as they have some kind of physical expression. Thus the others can share in the cultural expression of an individual throughout the entirety of that culture. Culture is therefore necessarily something that is clearly understood within a group of people. Clearly understood behaviour amongst as wide a group of people as possible is a cultural expression of that group of people. Blurred or misunderstood communication or behaviour is not cultural. It is not the culture of that people, though it may be the culture of some other people. War is the condition where to different cultures totally misunderstanding each other inhabit the same space. Or at least attempt to cohabit in the same space.


While individuals of widely diverging interests may marry in a heterosexual marriage if the bond contains widely disparaged elements it is unlikely to be successful. The strongest ball is a mono cultural coupling. Therefore heterosexuality which biology has designed to fit together between two people of similar outlooks expectations and visions for themselves and as family have the highest chance of the marriage surviving. Any constructed culture like feminism, has alarming and drastic effects on the strength of that marriage and its bond. Thus we see huge rates of divorce as America undergoes feminisation. Feminisation is not good for the survival of culture. We cannot afford culture in the special sense if families are being destroyed. We must repair families in the wider cultural sense before we can have special culture. By special culture here I mean the usual things thought to be cultural in the arts alone – such as ballet, poetry and art.


If the wider culture suffers hurt or damage – that is the larger political and social structures of society – such as science, economics, population and so on – then all in effect must stop the pretty activity, the cosmetic artificial and unnecessary aspects of culture, turning back to fix the major elements properly.




Heterosexuality engenders gender. It is the only sexuality that does so. Therefore it is the only one we need majorly to can concern ourselves with. All the rest is windowdressing. It is no good having a lovely shop display if the loading dock at the back of the shop does not function and is unable to receive goods or send out deliveries to purchases. It is no good having beautiful design in the window if the items in the shop are shoddy. By this I mean the ideologically items in the shop. It is time to clean up. It is time to purge the bad products and to really gain a reputation for only having strong solid and reliable products in the store. The main function of the store as a whole must be addressed. This is now what is happening in society.




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What do I put that down to? I put that down to a massive cultural distraction that has been going on for the last 50 years. Feminism and homosexuality are not majority interests. In fact the largest of these feminism has only 17% interest amongst women and far less amongst men. Therefore for both of these interests, the 10% minority has taken up well over 90% of the media and policy and funding and publicity fronts. To the loss and heavy cost of 90% of the interests of the majority. Yet even these underneath are part of the 100% heterosexuality that has created us. The major influence is the Frankfurt School of Political Correctness. Their base is in Academia, Law and

 Heterosexuality has been neglected in favour of cosmetic and artificial constructs built on top of heterosexuality. There must come a time when this must cease. It is not a 'Backlash' in the Faludi fashion; but a return to the perfectly normal. Nothing at all spectacular or even remarkable about it. Heterosexuality is reality. Post-modernists is a nightmare's dream that is a complete and absolute fantasy. Such constructs as feminism are fairytales that society should not ever have supported in any way at all. When we grow up and raise families and live realistically we give away childish things. Feminism is like a gigantic childs tantrum amusing to those who can afford to waste their time at it – yet a colossal waste of public money for everyone else who pays it.
 No wonder there is a new revolution around the world. Anything other than heterosexuality is completely unsupportable. A strong society requires heterosexuality. Anything else doesn't engender anything – it is barren, puerile and flamboyant. It has no reality. Only heterosexuality has a real future. Heterosexuality literally gives birth to the future. Heterosexuality literally gives birth to community and all the people in it. Heterosexuality creates all the art and culture and community and society and politics and science and religion in almost everything that you see will not almost everything exactly everything that is human made or human managed or human arranged or human utilised, it is all due to heterosexuality.

Hetero sexuality is love. Love that has staying power. Emphasis on any other sexuality weakens society so much as to endanger its very survival. Other sexualities are mere indulgences in lust. Only heterosexuality has feedback Moral codes within it.For instance heterosexuality generally forbids sleeping around and fornication and adultery. It also tends to forbid prostitution, masturbation and pornography. While lax on these points in modern society it is mainly under the influence of the promotion of the other sexualities. Where none of the qualifying factors matter at all. So heterosexuality is a nuanced and subtle sexuality involving subtle sign's of social approval through flirtation rituals, courtship and even seduction. Whereas the other sexualities tend to be addictive and these qualifying nuanced and subtle aspects are more or less compulsory. With the other sexualities there are very few feedback loops approved of by society to moderate within the behaviour the subtler aspects of that behaviour. Therefore one may be tempted to say that almost all conquests within other sexualities: since they cannot be accused of of rape, spiking your drink, assault or other modifying the behaviour constituting constraint upon the sexuality. Therefore heterosexuality in requiring social approval in the main is the safest sexuality from the point of view of disease, unwonted intrusion and invasion. And there is serious legal clout available to back it up. Try and take your lesbian lover to court for a rape for instance. You would become the butt of lesbian jokes. And the court is unlikely to hear your case at all. Let alone getting the police to believe you. It is these last aspects and the lack of addictive compulsion and coercion in the sexuality that has any widespread social or personal approval of others – that makes heterosexuality the safest sexuality of all. It is really the only one that society can approve of.


Other more positive options within heterosexuality would be abstinence or virginity, or even celibacy. In history these are fairly rare options. And considering the majority numbers involved in heterosexuality can be afforded in terms of the procreation of a population of economically active taxpayers. Heterosexuality is the only sexuality that pays its way in terms of taxes. In that the future person is that it creates will generally be reliable and trustworthy citizens. Well and able to pay fair taxes.
















Heterosexuality is the main sexuality. All of the sexualities depend upon it. Heterosexuality is the defining sexuality and as natural and normative for thousands of reasons more than any other sexuality. All other sexual expressions celibacy, hermaphroditism, androgyny, homosexuality, and the score or more of supposed other genders in sexualities are almost entirely beside the point. Especially as is this so in regard to population, procreation, economic activity, bulk statistics, political economy, democracy and demography, and plain and ordinary mammalian lust desire and reproduction.








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Generation Avenue as we have discussed is the adult life of 40 years. This is a confluence then of the life of economic activity and the life of fertility. Prosperity then is to find is the best state to enable the passing on of valuable characteristics both biologically through the gene pool and socially through education and ideas.


A generation could also be defined as the period from birth to 40 years. For that too would encompass a full life of fertility launching births for the new generation. The next generation begins at birth and ends releasing more birth for economic growth. Economic growth cannot happen in a reducing population. This must be accepted. Japan is a current example. All countries with a reducing population have suffered collapse in the last 50 years. The Russian Soviet union and the Warsaw Pact countries. All of the collapsed on that basis. Argentina has collapsed on that basis. And now we are seeing Italy France and Great Britain under threat on that basis. Their recourse to immigration to solve the underlying feminist problem has only introduce new and deeper problems. This is not the way to go. We cannot run a society that way. We must return to a patriarchal heterosexuality where gender and sexuality are coincidental and the population is growing not receding of native inhabitants. This is the only way to cultural and social cohesion that is the hallmark of a strong prospering society.






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Phillip John O'Sullivan has several degrees in humanities subjects and has taught at New Zealand universities and tertiary institutions.

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