Getting MEN to the TOP OF GENDER

How to examine feminism for fun and profit.
Using the far superior masculist men's 'way of knowing'.

Here it is outlined.

The Methodology of the Men's LIBERATION REVOLUTION.

At the rate we are going we shall overtop all feminist 'voices' -the moaning whingeing  harpies- by the year 2022. See HERE.


I much favour the German 'thought experiment idea'- to create structures and intellectual frameworks for thinking- as my Forte' is not in the hard grind of research so much as in asking questions, posing more questions and possible answers toward thinking along the men's side of the fence. Sometimes I think this should be 'the man's side of the offense'- of Feminism; I do find it extremely bigoted and offensive; knowing the human condition, as it once was coyly called- such days of innocence- it could not ever seriously have been in any way the way feminism described anything. Such evil little liars; 50/50 outcomes is absolutely the gold standard of plausibility here.

 Full Spectrum thinking

 masculist methodology.

A) pro and con.  For it, and against it.  Top and bottom.  Before after and other contrasts.

B) rules of evidence- as in forensic research and findings. We are after all at the scene of a massive crime: the Death Culture of feminist cultural and ethnic racist collapse; suicide and homicides of genocidal proportions. Time to show no mercy whatsoever. Did they?

C) who what where when why how?  Journalism's standby.

D) man and woman point of view: older men, younger boys children family singles gay?

E) government, political, economic, legal, education (propaganda) point of view, et cetera

F) what have we had it?  Did not have it?  What if it was all it?  What if there was none of it?  Take things to the extremes and contrast the two situations and see what it yields.

G) as if it were a crime?  Analysis?

Who gains/advantage?  Cf on paedophilia

whose opportunity?

What motivation?

What risk of discovery/capture?

What hard evidence?

Who was where when?  What is hearsay – i.e. in false rape accusation question mark

what outcomes are fair on agenda basis are they 50-50

do women – etcetera do it to?  Gaze?  Plus other untouchables?

H) Theoretical constructs – visualised using the tabletop model – top light; in a light or object light; shadow beneath; rakish light left; rakish right; rakish front rakish back; high light; low light – traveling eye light.  Along the ground, pacing the Terrain.  The map not being bigger than the country traversed.  The forest for the trees – the upper branches – tree top view- from the undergrowth – amidst the trees – point of view of a tree static – point of view of a vole or Kiwi.

I) things disallowed?  Invisible is – what are you not allowed to say?  What are you not allowed to examine?

Is there anything that people say do not go there?  Well, go there. Ask the unaskable- that is where the 10,000 PhD's of the future reside.


J) diplomatic aspects – what are the international implications and ramifications?


et cetera opposites/comparisons/alternatives

absolute rakish tabletop view – go to the extremes and see what it looks like from their – go to the future 1000 years from now and imagine what it looks like from that aspect as to its consequences in terrible outcomes.  Say the thing that everybody is thinking, but nobody is saying.  You must say the word Jew if that is forbidden and you must say the word poofter if that is the word that is forbidden.  You must say the unsaleable is the unsaleable words that are the most fertile for the new politics of the new future.  That is where the real power lies.  To say the unsaleable stop.  And then everyone will breathe a sigh of relief and be very grateful that at last, somebody has said the obvious thing that everybody knows but will not dare to say.

 K) Question absolutely EVERYONE- none are above reproach or close examination. Judges, Ministers, Governments, Parties, Academics- nothing at all is above such a huge human crime. Feminism is a hate crime with real blood on its hands.


 L) Military aspects; Retrospective aspects. Crimes against the population, gender cleansing, etc- no category at above consideration.






Phillip O'Sullivans New Book













Masculist Book recommendations

These are the books this whole site references for its authority
Everything stated here is backed up by one or other of books like these.
However I consider their 'interpretations' weak and their recommendations for ACTION- in the light of population, economic, political and massive government funding biases to be highly regretable at best. For instance their recommendations are small in scale or dismissively 'ironic' as if we were talking about some tiny 'bad joke' incident.
The ramifications as to the survival of Western Civilization is really what at stake- and thus the deeper ironies run in precisely the opposite direction; how will feminism survive if it successfully destroys the so called capitalist/patriarchy/deep state structures on which it so seriously depends?





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