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Phillip O'Sullivans New Book







 Men are more logical, consistent, fairer, objective and responsible

 Any Bill of Human Rights or entitlements needs to be balanced by an equal and counter-availing Bill of Human Responsiblity.

Limits to Governments

Withering away of the State; not to be entrusted to Statists.

Limits of Democracy

Limits of Political Economy

Constitutions as Infallibility instruments

Tests of Citizenship: stripping, exile and dis-entitling as ongoning permanent or corrective adjustment.
Feedback of States & Federal rights allows significant freedom in voting with ones feet. This always proves low tax states prosper.

Other Reasons Socialism always fails

A. Left and Right Socialism- National or International Socialism

B. The worlds most dominant Nationalist State is Zionist Israel- is it fascism?

C. It is the socialism that fails not its 'rightness' or 'leftiness' nor its 'national' or 'international' copmponents- it is its socialist economics that is doomed.

Hitler and the Upper German Workers Party Read Marx, Engel, Lenin, Trotsky- Adolf was proud to be called Germanies Lenin. After what else was there to read? The Nazis produced extremely little literature of their own and der Fuherer liked to read very much. Especially politics and history of course which is exactly the focus of marxist writings. Logical.

Early insignia on both Soviet Union and Junker Military classes featured both swasticas AND hammers & Sickles in Both Armies- before the war.

Mussolini was feted by the Liberal s in those days for twenty years as 'progressive' politics in action- he drained the Po marshes/ Stalin the Aral sea.

We forget these things; while today antifa are the real fascists. Violent, black shirted, masked,secret anonymous- many with previous criminal convictions.

Labels and rhetoric do nothing it is the actions of brutality that count; Charlottesville car killer was a Clinton supporter! And Vegas shooter a main supporter of Anti-Fa and in contact via Facebook (both ways) with Obamas Daughter!

In New Zealand Antifa should be a permanently banned treasonous and seditious organization.


We need to build an Owenite Work camp on Chatham Island for them; permanently.

We could call it the 'good socialist; oblast gulag #1'- they can work out the workers paradise there- and the withering away of their estates at the same time!


Rewriting the social contract.

Comparing everything to our exemplars:

International Capital
'Universal' Tyrannies Grand Narrative: how big states and big Banks + Big Business money make war: The coming war over South Seas Oil Reserves: The Zillion Dollar Question

Democracy & its weaknesses: how to climb out of the pit of despond.

Newer proposed forms in this same light in return.


Alternative forms of Government


Benign Dictatorship

Direct Independent Jury Governance- much preferred.

Trust & Governance

Digital Government

Deconstruction Governance

Methods of Deep Change.

Masculist Government

Colonial Governance- low tax administrations in practice.

Pioneer Government

Who Runs the Country?

Defending the nation

Nation & Purpose or Destiny

A Role for New Zealand

Maori in Power

Ways of Power- Gun, Gynecology, Grand Marxist Narratives

Rethinking Democracy

Helping Men Help themselves.

Hard Work or Hard Graft: ways of progress

Failures of the Left

Banks, Bangs and Bosom Politics: The Failed safe places of the feminine, dramatic emotion and greedy grasping.

Feminist Political Economy & Ideology makes no sense at any level.



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