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Dedicated to my father Maurice Joseph O'Sullivan,
Former Treasury Director, Waikato Tax District:
He gave a numeric sense for very large numbers

Things Feminism Calls Men

.Oppressive: Yet it is the Politically activated Matriarchy that has suppressed men's voices from being heard at all these past fifty years. All the while claiming to speak on behalf of the new 'transformed' male- a sort of new age wussy creature, half gay and half inept. Yet this kind of man did not physically die on the job or from 'workplace' injuries running at nearly one thousand times that of women.

Could this greater sacrifice of men be the reason men held power and honours with privileges as some recompence? And the truth of this right being politically silenced in order to subjugate free men better and turn us all into serfs and slaves of women. Do we not all the more deserve the vote, the leading position and the higher income because we so deserve. Is not our sacrifice so far so vastly greater, as a gender that more than one third of any working age cohort of fifty of these self same years or more die physically, traumatically and socially- by such maimings or deaths far far worse than rape, divorce- that necessity murders them and us, our hopes and dreams more utterly provably than anything at all that happens generally to women. Deaths so numerous that women live several more elections longer than most men; yet use this vote power to despise them?



Violent: Yet Erin Pinney founder of the Domestic Violence shelters was thrown out of her own organization for stressing the truth of her own experience growing up that both her parents physically abused her. In America with over 1.4 million female victims yearly of domestic violence, nevertheless a further 800,000 male victims annually were also uncovered despite no special effort to statistically reveal this. Suggesting, had masculist publicity being brought to bear, that there are further incidents of serious numbers of male victims yet to be uncovered. Pinney was suppressed in order to maintain the mythological ideology of a radical lesbian feminist agenda. One driven by emotion rather than facts. Very nasty and false emotions at that. Every tenth young mans suicide- driven there by the evils of feminist ideology- ought to count as one capital murder. Death is their only baby. 


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Yet a war against babies has been waged by political feminists; numbering approximately ten percent of all current populations in the Western hemispheric first world. For New Zealand this means around 500,000 deaths or statistical abscences since the feminist ideology kick-started its massive effect on the  population economy of our country. In the USA this number is around 35 million since 1972. Coincidentally for NZ the immigration inflows are also exactly this half million level since 1972. Nature abhors a vacuum, so does population. Population in biological terms is the hive activity of humanity. Economics also is another 'hive' activity of humanity or population. Vast losses stem from their lost amount of lifetime 'economic activity' no matter what it may have been. Birthrate driven growth as seen in postwar Germany 1947, '48 and so on- Germany's miracle economy was driven exactly by the dead Adolf's prewar pro-natalist policy. Which economic advisors took full advantage of. Even after dread mortality his policy proved correct.
 This essay sees humanity conceived of as a living biological organism of population. Population and humanity-as-organism are almost synonymous here. Yet both represent a possible logical representation of humanity operating much as some sea and ocean organisms do as a symbiotic community acting logically, consistently and methodically- much like a 'tractable' single organism in concert with its components. Thus a population sensing an absence- attempts, albeit acted out 'in politics', policy and directed funding- to correct the sensed imbalance , via immigration policy to cover contraconceived, and thus totally missing, population elements. Though in this case the missing young are 'nominally' replaced only by the bare numbers. Since migrants are of all ages as well as cultures and thus have entirely different overall population economy effects. The numbers though, because accumulative, even within small decades of time, result in very large numbers very quickly. Thus the crisis they engender- though totally invisible to most- is, if you can see it or have a 'sense' of it is extremely urgent and potentially disastrous. Greater than anything the world has ever known and so closely grabbing decisively at our heels. 

Rapist Culture: Or is it the rape industry. For the most vociferous supporters are of the view that all men are rapists or 'potential' 'rapists' are the receivers of the funds this false accusation creates. False rape accusations outnumber 'true' ones (based on hard data) by up to fourteen thousand to one: you heard correct, as this website explains. Here.

And even in the hard data: successful false rape accusations- with real men in real prisons- based on this idea- that successful false accusations post-figure unsuccessful one in the same proportion of sixty percent right off the bat- especially where based on no hard evidense except he said/she said cases; so thaty sixty percent of all so called 'rapists' held in gaol are there falsely too and should immediately be released. Especially if there are no prior weapons/muggings/assault or violence convictions. Let these men walk entirely free; they have committed no crime at all except that of being of the male gender.
Being male is, of course, a crime only possible in a radical lesbian feminist universe. Or in a feminist matriarchy. A further proof, if one is needed, that we are all living in a minority elite world ruled by undemocratic ideas and international socialist materialism.


Inequality of Income
Sounds fair doesn't it? Even the New World Order (Unicef) and other Zionazis have bought into this one in it's simplistic form. Can they be wrong? Yes if we consider one other thing.
Equal pay for equal work sounds like the most self evident, self proven statement of a real social inequality yet. Nothing could be clearer; millions believe it. it means women should be paid more for whatever they now currently do. And are being so. Why might men object?
There reasons why they might. Such as the consideration of 'equality of conditions' under which this much touted 'feminist equality' might not work as well for men.
Work is a technical matter on one hand: mass times distance by time.
We are paid by time, determined by the mass of work that we do and kind of the distance that effects (not affects; for that is an immeasurable art) .
W= MxDxT
Work equals Mass by the distance (multiplied) in the time available
So equal masses by equal distances equate with equal work.
Say, Ten boxes of equal weight (Mass is the same as saying  'weight') moved ten metres in one hour.
Ten women move Ten boxes of equal weight a distance of ten metres in one hour.
Ten men also moveTen boxes of equal weight  a distance of ten metres in one hour.
Therefore they should be paid the same.
Case closed.
It's a no brainer; right? 

Except the men are probably moving these ten boxes under entirely different and adverse conditions to that of the women.
It is wet, it is cold, there is a howling wind threatening to blow them away.
Furthermore it is dark; artificial light flashes spasmodically, lighting but haphazardly the scene, as does lightening fierce and dazzling; blinding in its sudden fury.
For example; on a pitching ship in the middle of a storm (one man is swept overboard) late at night far from home; tired, sleepless and without rest-as this is an emergency to save the cargo and the very profit linked performance of their labours. They do not get paid if either the cargo or the ship is lost.
Whereas, the women have regular hours in a well kept building cosy either in winter or high summer, with a works cafeteria, contract caterers and cleaners, a carpark, visiting doctor and convenient hours with guaranteed pay.
Equal pay for equal work under the same conditions changes everything.
For if the conditions for men are more frequently more arduous, then this difference is reflected in the greater pay.
Men are paid more for a reason. Their work tends to be dirtier, more damgerous, more life destroying, at risk of maiming, or career accountability, or death and crippling diseases or sickness, other smelly industrial afflictions, risking bankruptcy, losses or other reverses, in climate colder, hotter or wetter and more uncomfortable.
Equal pay in effect lowers the perceived value of the male gender, lowers his power, lowers therefore his status to the level below its true human value to that of serfdom or even indentured slavery at the whim of the feminist matriarchy. When men see this as true they may well rise up to overthrow this misaligned disvaluing system in favour of Male rights or even an absolute male order of governance. This we must be aware of and consider.


Patriarchy as Capitalism

Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
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Power & Powerlessness;
Rape is said to be about power. And so it is very frequently; in the physical situation itself. The stronger overcomes the weaker.
But take a step back just one step of social description; up to the relative level of either 'status' or income, or class, or even the social capital (power) of its participants and we can see a different equation being played.
 Equations after all are about a type of equality expressed in abstract means or formulations. There we can readily see the rapist as the poor powerless yob yearning to express some protest over the overarching white feminist or liberal elite classes with their priveleges, status positions, incomes and power. One step back it too is about power. The political power of the powerless male.

So it was in Susan Brownmillers canonical feminist book "Against Our Will" where it is mainly black antagonists consistently speaking of 'getting back at whitey' for her racist examples. She can find few white rapist so adamant and clear sighted in their politics. But this black/white nexus of political expression she entirely omits in favour of damning all men within her preset feminist agenda. How blind.

Pedophilia Nasties.

Unfeeling unable to Relate

What Feminism Lies About

Rape Cultures False Accusers

Violence Begins with Women's Words


Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
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Dimensions 1650x 2195mm
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Equality in its extremes is Maoist and Stalinist 'sameness'; everyone is to dress the same, eat the same, live the same, earn the same, believe the same average dull thoughts,  live the same boring and tedious lifestyle. Basically by highlighting this quality of the classic French left slogan- 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité'-echoing from the Paris commune, the terror and the Guillotine, we can see its limits; it cannot be an absolute right applicable to all circumstances, for all purpose, for everyone every where-or, not completely as itself a stand-alone value. Absolutely applied it would be tyranny.
Opposing this however is the concept if liberty.
Frankly I think the slogan nonsense since it merely contradicts itself.
As absolute liberty-which is decadent license-must have its endpoint in stasis, since the absolute licence to inflict pain, 'inequality' and mounting ascendency and subjugation leads inevitably to insurrection: in today's overly feminist-socialist world and the nanny state, this would be from the right wing libetarians.
One cannot force 'equality' for this infringes liberty.
One cannot abide absolute freedom as this leads to such disparities of power that the bulk of slave classes must object.
Feminist equality is equality as defined by women.
It is neither freedom or equality of outcomes to men. Feminism has simply failed to deliver, or even consider mens rights. Mens right to 50/50 outcomes in courts over false rape accusations(so that female perjury is frequently punished with a minimum two year sentence), custody of children from failed marriages and 50/50 expectations that their sons and daughters will be taught by both men and women at every level of schooling. (In New Zealand once, 46% of all entry level school teachers  were men, now less than ten percent are; similarly at Canadian Universities amoung the student body; rampant feminist bigotry has driven young males away from Canadian University education). Men should have 50/50 representation in all low order jobs available to them. As well as 50/50 sentencing and conviction regimes as outcomes from our courts/police and sentencing bodies.
Otherwise Justice is not seen to be done but comes to represent injustice, bigotry, fashion, politics, bias, prejudice, ideology, unfairness, discrimination and a type of blind societal evil; demonstrating the courts never are just, just agents of instrumental state terror and power.



Abortion Costs Us Liberal Western Civilization
Population depredation/ statistical genocide/ suicide/ population economy 


Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
Description Photograp
Dimensions 1650x 2195mm
Price $7125(including Ship & Post)


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What Masculism Tells of Feminism
That feminism is a hollow voice/masculism is its proper answering echo/ she has proven to have spoken wrongly/ therefore the answering voice is true/accurate. and must predominate as Prevailing speech.

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The New Patriarchy and Masculist Reality.



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Phillip O'Sullivan
Title  masculist Photographs,  2014
Description Photograp
Dimensions 1650x 2195mm
Price $7125(including Ship & Post)


Northland Trees | $595 USD

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Alabaster Birds: Artists Poems

 Advanced Mystical Love Poetry Inspired by Solomon and Persian Sufi poet Rumi.
Mostly poems from 1990, with some updates and rewritings. Poet was a practicing mystic at the time, keeping the night watches, fasting, meditating for long hours, experiencing visions, voices and inspiration. Marvelous spiritual experiences like Simone Weil, T.S. Eliot, William Blake, St John of the Cross and Hildegarde of Bingen. Steeped in mystical writings from Evylyn Underhill, Cosmic Consciousness by Burke and William James's (the brother of Henry James) book The Varieties of Religious Experience, Julian Huxley who wrote The Perennial Philosophy (brother of Aldus Huxley) and further mystical volumes in the Western Mystical tradition. Also includes influences from the Eastern tradition, zen poetry and koan.
Never before published.
80 poems in all.


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