Personal sexism does little harm, examples, feelings injured that is all, should be misdemeanour- nothing more- criminalize tendency instead to ramp up accusations - storm in a teacup style ie feminist essentialism once again! as incitements to riot-real lynch mob toxicity- as prevalent at Massey University Art School circa 2012- 2016, leading to INCREASED tensions and false accusations, laying University open to parental/student class action, which may arise on my cloud funded site seeking legal action for same from/for on-behalf of parents/students/especially sensitive fAILED students angry at their bigoted political treatment in a place that ought to be safe from hostile self harming propaganda as such as white/human/life global guiolt? for being alive- for gods sake fire them.

 Structural sexism


Hidden sexism of institutions; outwardly verbally polite and controllingly correct/ ever correcting others. is this an abuse of power

cars/benches couch surfing

vans, caravans, under bridges

123 official nz level  more like 1,234/ ten times nationwide

I knew one student at art school lived on the green belt

night shelter

bus station tents backyards

36 million in USA

no addresses so no statistics/ no vote so no power- so no effort made


Tells the lie of a male caring false feminism/ fifty percent of all social workers should be men

Lower class men receive half the financial incomes of lower class women so yeah equal pay here too?

no power so no